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  1. Math

    Please Check My Answer: Find the probability that you throw a dart and land in the region labeled "G" Here is a link to the image: I can't place it in here, but if you google the question, the very first image that pops up (A square with different colors
  2. Math

    How would you solve this problem? Please include steps for me! Solve for θ in the interval 0 ≤ θ ≤ 2π: cos(θ )sin(θ ) − 1/ 2cos(θ ) = 0
  3. Math

    There are 14 NBA teams who do not make the playoffs. Of these teams, 3 of them will be randomly selected to make the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd pick. How many different ways can the 1st-3rd pick be arranged?
  4. Math

    Please Check My Answers!!! What is the type of conic section is given by the equation x^2-9y^2=900 and what is the domain and range? Answer: Type is hyperbola, Domain is all real values of x, not sure what the range is. Please explain how to find these
  5. Math

    For questions 2 and 3, use a calculator to find the values of the inverse function in radians. sin^-1(0.65) 0.71 + 2pi n and –0.71 + 2 pi n 0.71 + 2 pi n and –3.85 + 2 pi n 0.86 + 2pi n and –0.86 + 2pi n –0.61 + 2pi n and 2.54 + 2 pi n


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  1. Algebra 2

    Thanks for the great explanation steve
  2. Math

    If you google this question above, the image is the very first one that pops up. It is a square that has an orange line going down the middle and it has other shapes around it that are the colors red blue purple and green. In the middle of the line, it
  3. Math

    How did you get the second one?? Also, thank you so much for the first answer. I realized what I was doing wrong lol. I knew how to do it, I was just doing it wrong today
  4. Math

    I need help with the first part of the question, not the second part. What type of sampling method is this?
  5. Spanish

    Thank you for the answer. I didn't think you would see the question here so I posted it as a new question. i'm sorry for the double post