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  1. Social Studies

    Which of the following describes James Oglethorpe and the trustees wanted to start the colony of Georgia? Wealthy Philanthropists Served as head of trustees of Georgia All of the above
  2. Geography

    The CEO of a major online retail corporation is searching for a site in Georgia to build a retail warehouse. In a fully developed paragraph, provide a recommendation for which region in Georgia this warehouse should be built. Be sure to include details
  3. Math

    Please check my answers :). 1. Complete two column proof. Given: x/6+2=15 Prove: x=78 x/6+2=15 A:__Given____ x/6=13 B:__Addition property of Equality____ x=78 C:__Multiplication property of Equality_____
  4. Geometry HELPP

    in the rhombus, m<1=160. what are m<2 and m<3? Can someone explain this to me??
  5. math

    Find the vertices of the ellipse. (x + 7)^2 + (y + 5)^2/(1/4) = 1


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  1. Social Studies

  2. Social Studies

    I think its D
  3. Science

    you guys are wrong its A
  4. Pre-Algebra

    I need to do an equation that has the same sequence as the problem, but has different numbers in the equation. Can you please put an example, as the example shown?
  5. Science

    connexus ca is from California duh. don't you people read