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  1. algebra

    A rectangle and a square have equal areas. If the rectangle is 6 ft by 8 ft, how long is a side of the square?
  2. Math

    Pamela is 10 years younger then Jiri. The sum of their ages is 68. What is Jiri's age?
  3. Statistics

    I'm trying to figure out which type of factorial ANOVA test to use for this data. The data is from a hypothetical study looking at whether males or females are more likely to ask questions during a seminar where people give various presentations. The
  4. Math?

    There are clues and a fraction you have to figure out which: My denominator is 5 more than twice my numerator. I am equivalent to 1/3. What is my fraction??
  5. Math Mysteries....

    I need some help on some of these, finding which fraction it would be with clues. I answered some, but some I need help on: 1. My numerator is 6 less than my denominator I am equivalent to 3/4. My answer to number 1: 6/12 2. My denominator is 5 more than


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  1. Math

    13 pieces 27 centumeters
  2. African Oral Poetry

    imagery in David Diops poem Africa
  3. Math

    Least no.of trips. 5 Total distance covered by them 1200 meters
  4. Math

    3 trips 360 meters
  5. Math

    54 cm's & 6 nos