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  1. Math

    If the area of triangle wxy is 22 square inches what is the area of wxyz
  2. brain warm ups

    In the word stair puzzle what is to have a meal all i know is that the letter ends with letter r and respond to is letters begin with letter r and ends with w
  3. math

    Explain how to use a protractor to measure an angle?
  4. social studies

    how were the explorations of francisco pizarro and hernando cortes similar? how were they differnt discribe the lands the french explored in the new world you ahve read about countries that explored and claimed lands in the americans what changes occurred
  5. history

    what did magellan do in 1498 and i need a whole timeline of magellans lifetime from birth to death
  6. math

    average of rainfall reno-0.19mm sahara-0.17mm mojave 0.1mm tempe-0.24 question in december the average total rainfall in all of the deserts together is 0.89 mm. explain how to use the figures from the tables to write a comparison of the total desert
  7. math

    sorry people i have to post this what happened to my psp 2000? what should i do? okay my little cousin threw my psp at the wall then the battery fell out then i put it back in then it wont turn on. what do i do
  8. homework

    Airline work: Topic: Philippines 1. Does Philippine Airlines check your ticket before take off or when your in the sky? (there is a posiblitiy that they could do both or none at all) 2.Did Philippine Airlines change there seat and improve there seats to
  9. math

    insert parentheses to make each statement true. 25 ÷ 5 -4=25 7x4-4 ÷ 2 = 26 3+5 x 2-10=6 insert parentheses in the expression 6+10x2 so that a. the expression equals 32 b. the expression equals(12+1) x 2
  10. math

    explain it: which is a true statement , 5x4+1=25 or 3+7x2=17? explain your answer
  11. council

    what is a good speech of secretary and vice presidents: this is what secretary it does attend council meetings take pictures at school functions distribute and collect surveys at school funtions and from classrooms participate in council activities vice
  12. physics

    if a piece of aluminum with mass 3.99g and a temperature of 100C are dropped into 10cm^3 of water at 21C, what will be the final temperature of the system? The specific heat of aluminium is .900J/gC... ok so i know that i set both equal to each other, but
  13. physics-thermal energy

    a volumetric pyrex glass is calibrated at 20C. It is filled to the 100ml mark with 35C acetone. What is the volume of the acetone when it is cooled to 20C(b=1.5x10^-4C-1)
  14. math

    Do you know any sites that have circumcenter, orthocenter or centroid word problems?? i really need the practise.. please help!
  15. math

    -a circle with center at the point O(0,0) also has the point P(-2,3) on it. The equation of this circle is? and a second question: -A circle has a center of square root 5. The equation of this circle is? Please help me.
  16. math

    in her chemistry class, Lauren must produce 300ml of an 80% acid solution. Her teacher gives her two concentrations of acid solution, a 50% and a 100%. determine how much of each concentration that she must use.
  17. science

    I am doing a paper on the maritime ringlet butterfly. I've been through quite a bit of sites but I can't seem to get a hold of satistics on the estimation of how many maritime ringlet butterflies remain, or even any sort of stats at all. I also can't seem