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  1. note to those with unanswered physics questions

    I have only been able to answer a few tonight. Preference is and will be given to questions in which evidence of work or thought is shown by the person posting the question.
  2. Briittany algebra question

    You should have posted this as a new question, not as a comment to someone else's thread. > Just combine "x" terms and combine constants on separate sides of the equation -x = 2 x = -2 x = -2
  3. calculus

    We are not going to do that work for you, but will be glad to help you. The unit sphere is the sphere with radius 1 centered in the origin. They give you the coordinates of a vector. Compute the dot product of the vector and the local surface area normal
  4. calc check

    If that is the y value of the center of mass, I don't know why the factor (1/2) is there I also don't agree with your calculation of the x value, which should be 1/(ln 2). I agree with you that the area is ln 2 find the center of mass of the region bounded
  5. math

    The "x intercept" is where y = 0, which is where the curve crosses the x axis. Solve y = x^2+ 2x- 8 = 0 You can write that as y = (x+4) (x-2) = 0 There are two places where y = 0. The factored equation tells you where they are. how would I find the
  6. math

    This is a "trial and error" type question. Algebra alone won't help you. First see what you could do buying 19 cow brains ($95) with $5 left. That could get you ten sheep brains ($1) and two pig brains ($4). The total would be only 31 total. Not enough. So
  7. Physics

    Equate the increase in potential energy at the higher elevation, M g H, to the decrease in kinetic energy. Make sure you include the kinetic energy of rotation, which is (1/2) I w^2. For a sphere of radius R, V = R w and I =(2/5) I R^2 Therefore
  8. Math

    Are you trying to solve for x, n or p? solve for n Show me how to work this problem. 2n = 4xp - 6 what is the problem? what grade r u in i am in 6 grade To get n all by itself, you need to divide by 2. But if you divide by 2 on the left, you have to divide
  9. Physics

    The stored potential energy in the trampoline at maximum compression, (1/2) k X^2, equals the gravitational potential energy at maximum height, M g H. (Kinetic energy is zero in both cases) X = 0.5 m g = 9.8 m/s^2 H = 2.5 m k = the spring constant. Solve
  10. math algebra

    Do you want the equation of a line through that point (1,2) with slope m = 4? Use the equation (y-y*) = m(x - x*) where x* and y* are the coordinates of the point the line has to pass through. (1,2)m=4
  11. Integral

    That's the same as the integral of sin^2 x dx. Use integration by parts. Let sin x = u and sin x dx = dv v = -cos x du = cos x dx The integral is u v - integral of v du = -sinx cosx + integral of cos^2 dx which can be rewritten integral of sin^2 x = -sinx
  12. math

    Derivatives are usually not taught in 5th grade. That is what your question is about: Rates of change. Complete the following statements with the correct words Note: Correct spelling is important. If s(t) is a distance (or height or position) function,
  13. Math (Calculus 121)

    The derivative tells you the slope at any point. df/dx = 8 x^3 - 12 x When x = 3, the slope is m = 8*27 - 36 = 180 and the equation of the tangent line is (y - 228) = 180*(x - 3) y = 180 x - 540 + 228 = 180 x - 312 wow, that was absolutely correct (i just
  14. math

    I believe Lance meant to write x = -5/18 I am wondering why you have two minus signs before the number 13. Two minuses make a plus, but usually they are not written that way. combine like terms -18x=5 solve for x x=5/18 what does x equal in...
  15. MATH

    24/(x+1) + 12/(4-x) = 14 Multiply both sides by (4-x)(x+1) 24(4-x) + 12(x+1) = 14(4-x)(x+1) 96 - 12x + 12 = -14(x^2 -3x -4) = -14x^2 +42 x +56 Combine terms and solve for x. sorry guys, here's another.I'm not the greatest at math but i do know some... The
  16. polynomials

    No to both questions. A polynomial is a sum of at least one integer power of x (or other unknown), each multiplied by a constant. '9' is simply a constant. 2^x is a power of 2, not a power of x. Is 9 a polynomial? Is 2^x a polynomial?
  17. Math

    (1 & 2) The first three points do not fall on a straight line, and there is no value of k that will make that happen. (4) To find the quadratic y = a x^2 + bx + c that passes through the first three points, solve simultaneously 1 = c 3 = 4a + 2b + c 6 = 16
  18. math,algebra

    They may want you to add the fractions and give the answer in forms of a fraction. in that case, you need to convert to common denominators before addineg. In that case 1/3 + 1/5 + 1/10 = (10 + 6 + 3) /30 = 19/30 5/6 - 3/5 = (25 - 18)/30 = 7/30 You answer
  19. Business Calculus

    The indefinite integral, or which call the "antiderivative", of f'(x)=6x-8x^3 is f(x) = 3x^2 - 2x^4 + C where C is any constant. Plug in x = 2 to that to see what C is. 3 = 3*4 - 2*16 + C Determine the antiderivative of the following function given the
  20. chemistry

    First of all, you need to know how many g of Mg actually reacted in the first reaction. You can determine this by determining the limiting reactant. The reaction is Mg + F2 -> MgF2 16.2 g of Mg is 16.2/24.32 = 0.666 moles 25.3 g of F2 is 25.3/38.0 = 0.666

    Bartolomeu Dias first rounded the Cape of Good Hope in 1488. Ten years later, Vasco da Gama also sailed around the Cape and continued to eastern Africa and India, claiming it for Portugal. Barthelomew Diaz
  22. Chemistry

    Some is released if the temperature is increased. Some O2 is always entering and leaving solution at the same time. You end up with an equilibrium between the two processes.