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  1. Algebra

    How do I figure how many of each coin I have if I have $1.60 - some are quarters and some are dimes and I have 10 coins total.
  2. math

    of the first 20 customers at a restaurant one night 12 ordered a bowl of chicken noodle soup. at this rate how many bowls of chicken soup will be ordered if there are a total of 150 customers
  3. simple algebra

    Re arrange this to isolate A H=K+log(A/C) Thank you
  4. Math

    T 1971 1982 1992. 2003 P. 4. 5. 6. 7 Find slope of each line segment connecting consecutive data points from the table M1= M2= M3= Does the polynomial 0.09t-175 give a good estimate for the world population in year t?
  5. Math

    Gabrielle can run at a constant speed of 58.2 seconds per 400 meters. At this rate, how long will it take her to run 900 meters?
  6. Physics

    A golfer putts a ball to a point 22.0 ft. east of his position. The ball passed south of the hole. In order to sink the ball into the hole from his new location, the golfer will have to putt the ball 7.0 ft. on a bearing of 302T. How many feet away from
  7. Climate Change

    Assume the initial price of carbon is higher in the EU ETS. Do NZ ETS net buyers of emissions permits gain or lose? Do EU ETS net sellers of emissions permits gains or lose? Briefly explain in less than 60 words
  8. Algebra

    A piece of yarn is cut into two parts. If one of the resulting pieces is M inches long, represent the length of the other piece.
  9. English

    Write an essay in which you explain the aesthetic principles expressed in visual arts and describe how they changed from the Baroque period through the early 20th century I have NO idea where to begin!!
  10. Social studies

    How does the constitution both empower and limit the federal government
  11. college chemistry

    The equilibrium constant for the reaction Sr(s) + Mg2+(aq) Sr2+(aq) +Mg(s) is 3.69 x 10^17 at 25 C. Calculate Ecell for a cell made up of Sr/Sr2+ and Mg/Mg2+ half cells.
  12. math

    tiffany is sending a package that may not exceed pounds. the package contains books that weigh a total of 9 3/8 pounds. the other item to be sent weighs 3/5 the weight of the books. how much does the package weigh
  13. math

    364 divided by 6 the answer has to be in a fraction
  14. Math

    What does it take to win a tug of war
  15. Math

    What does it take to win a tug of war
  16. Math

    What is 1/10 of 2(10)+4(1)+6(1/10)+7(1/100)+8(1/1000)
  17. Math

    Put these numbers from least to greatest 80/100 9/10 and 7/10
  18. Literature

    Which of the following best describes the shift in the speaker's tone toward Naett? a. from affectionate to proud b. from worshipful to gloating c. from emotional to detached d. from sentimental to concerned
  19. Maths

    30 grams of a breakfast cereal provides 16.2mg of vitamin C. This is 24% of the recommended daily intake. What daily intake of vitamin C is recommended?
  20. Math

    URGENT Candice and Dino operate computer repair services. For a service call, candice charges 40 and dino charges 50, in addition, they each charge an hourly rate. Candice for 35/hr and Dino for 30/hr . One day their charges of two service calls were the
  21. math- study question for final

    You are given a sample of 106 body temperatures having a mean of 98.2 F and a standard deviation of 0.62 F. You are asked to test the hypothesis that the population mean body temperature is 98.6 F using a 0.05 significance level. What value should you use
  22. math

    Just want to double check please... Susie has two children, Mary and Jake. Given that Susie has Alzheimer’s and there’s a 25% chance that she passed the Alzheimer’s gene onto her offspring, what is the probability of BOTH Mary and Jake developing
  23. Math

    How do you write this as an algebraic equation with two variables? Four times the number of cars less twice the number of trucks is 33? Thanks!
  24. Accounting

    The company rents office space and on December 1 had paid 7200 to the landlord for 12 months' rent in advance.
  25. home economics

    what are the five branches of home economics?
  26. English

    What are the correct words for the following sentence? "Already angry, the customer became even more ________ when he received only this _______ response. "No returns." Here are the words- ~curt ~retort ~demoralize ~dilemma ~sabotage ~subsequent
  27. Physics

    Calculate the work done by a 300N Force moving a 20kg object a distance of 50m
  28. math

    whats 4/12 =1/3 divisor
  29. Math

    How much weight does a 747 aircraft lose due to jet fuel consumption during a 4 hour flight?
  30. MATH

    Rewrite equation w=exp(2y+8z-3x) as the product of three terms. note that writing exp(a) is the same as writing e^a
  31. MATH

  32. MATH

  33. Math problem solving

    At the hardware store , you buy hammers for $ 30 a dozen. And sell them for $ 3.50 each. What is the percent mark up for the hammers?
  34. math

    you deposit $200 in an account earning 3.5% simple interest. How long will it take for the balance of the account to $221?
  35. Maths

    Bob has 15 more cards than Alan. Colun gives Bib 25 cards. Bob now has 3 times as many as Alan. How nany has Alan got?
  36. technology

    You want to discard your old computer and want to securely erase the data from your hard drive. What can you use to do this and what is the process called?
  37. science

    if a force of 3000 N can move a crate at an acceleration of 4.0 M/S what is the mass of the crate
  38. Physics

    A crate is initially at rest and then slides down a long inclin that is 30 degrees above the horizontal. If the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.40, the speed of the crate after 5s is ?
  39. Physics

    A pellet (20g) is launched horizontally off a cliff (20m high) from a spring-loaded gun. The spring has constant k= 1800 N/m and is compressed 0.10m before launch. How much energy is stored in the spring before launch? If all that energy is transferred to
  40. chemistry

    Using the following equation 2C2H2 + 5O2 -> 4CO2 + 2H2O what volume of oxygen would be needed to react with 89.6L of C2H2 at a temp of 273 and a pressure of 101.3 kpa. I can't seem to figure out my first step. Using PV=NRT should I do initial and final
  41. Algebra

    What is the slope of the line that passes through the pair of points (3,8) and (9,5)? A. -2 B. 2 C. 1/2 D. -1/2 What is the slope of the line that passes through the pair of points (-7/2, -3) and (-5, 5/2)? A. 6/22 B. -6/22 C. 22/6 D. -22/6 Write and
  42. algebra

    the seventh term of a arithmetic sequence is 72 and the tenth term of the sequence is 90. if the sequence is defined by a formula f(n), then find f(2). How would you do this?
  43. Science

    Give two reasons why so little is known about organisms from the Precambrian time, even though it was the longest period and early earth's history?
  44. Physics-Conservation of Momentum

    3. A train loaded with steel, moving at 90km/h, collides head on with a stationary train of mass 6000kg. if the trains couple after collision and move forward with a velocity of 80km/h, find the mass of the train loaded with steel. My work so far: PTO=PTF
  45. Physics

    2. Saturn has a radius of about 9.0 earth radii, and a mass 95 times the Earth’s mass. Estimate the gravitational field on the surface of Saturn compared to that on the Earth. Show your work. Answer: g= GM/r² G= 6.67 * 10^-11 Nm²/kg² ME= 5.98 * 10^24
  46. Algebra!!

    1. What is the slope of the line that passes through the points (-2, 5) and (1, 4)? A. -3 B. -2 C. -1/3 D. 1/3 2. A line has a slope -5/3. Through which two points could this line pass? A. (12, 13) and (17, 10) B. (16, 15) and (13, 10) C. (0, 7) and (3,
  47. Algebra

    1. What is the slope of the line that passes through the points (-2, 5) and (1, 4)? A. -3 B. -2 C. -1/3 D. 1/3 2. A line has a slope -5/3. Through which two points could this line pass? A. (12, 13) and (17, 10) B. (16, 15) and (13, 10) C. (0, 7) and (3,
  48. Algebra

    1. What are the next two terms of the following sequence? 1, 5, 9... A. 27, 211 B. 10,11 C.12,15 D.13,17 2. Which of the following are examples of arithmetic sequences? Choose all that apply. A. -2,2,6,10 B. 1,3,9,27 C. 5,10,20,40 D. 5,1,-3,-7 3. What is
  49. geometry

    Raul is laying a cement concrete walkway in his backyard. He decides to put a turn of 30° from the horizontal in the walkway to go around a tree and flowerbed. Once he gets past the tree, he wants to continue the walkway in the same direction as before.
  50. Algebra

    Tim's scores the first five times he plays a video game are listed below. 4,526 4,599 4,672 4,745 4,818 Tim's scores follow a pattern. Which expression can be used to determine his score after he played the video game n times. A.) 73n + 4,453 B.) 73(n +
  51. Language Arts

    Which of the following correctly revises the the sentence so that it is entirely in active voice? A. It has been decided by the school at the regular teacher should not evaluate the class; instead, the assessment should be performed by a visiting scholar.
  52. Math

    Shiela spent $120 on a coat. She spent 2/3 of her remaining money on a dress. She's left with 1/5 of her money. How much he money did she have to begin with?
  53. algebra

    the sum of 2 consecutive integers is at most the difference between nine times the smaller and 5 times 5 the larger
  54. Chemistry

    Using the concentration of CH3COOH (0.8326M) and the equilibrium concentration of H3O+ (3.2x10-3), complete the reaction table for vinegar. Then calculate the acidity constant. Reaction table is given Ch3COOH + H2O --CH3COO- + H3O+ Initial. Change
  55. Algebra

    A triangle has an area of 65ft. Its height is 3 ft more than its base. Find the measure of the base
  56. math

    is X cubed symmetric about the x-axis, Y axis, the origin, or none?
  57. Health

    In order to loose weight you have to ___? A. Burn less calories than you consume B. Burn more calories than you consume C.Eat more D.Eat less
  58. statistics

    suppose that from 8 students, we want to take a committee of students? How many committees of 3 can be selected? How many of 4?
  59. Physics

    You are asked to consult for the city's research hospital, where a group of doctors is investigating the bombardment of cancer tumors with high-energy ions. The ions are fired directly toward the center of the tumor at speeds of 5.6 ×106m/s. To cover the
  60. Social Studies

    How did the movement of people affect historical events?
  61. english 3

    which choice contains broad pronoun reference?
  62. chemistry

    HCOOH + CaCO3 will give what (what are the products)
  63. English four

    Identify the gerund phrase and identify the noun function of the gerund. Brett earn his income by repairing cars
  64. How Children Learn

    1. Which of the following is an essential ingredient of academic self-esteem? A. Individual assignments requiring problem solving (me) B. Acceptance by teachers and teacher aides C. Meeting deficiency and growth needs D. A school without grades 2. What
  65. geometry and measurement

    Lila wants to build a fence around her pool. The pool is 25 feet long by 15 feet wide. The fence is to be 10 feet from the edge of the pool. how many feet of fencing will she need?
  66. Calc

    The marginal cost of manufacturing x yards of a certain fabric is C′(x)=3−0.01x+0.000006x2 (in dollars per yard). Find the increase in cost if the production level is raised from 3500 to 8500 yards. Increase in cost =
  67. chemistry

    How many grams of oxygen gas must react to give 2.70g of ZnO? 2Zn(s)+O2(g)→2ZnO(s)
  68. Physics

    A stone is catapulted at time t = 0, with an initial velocity of magnitude 18.6 m/s and at an angle of 41.6° above the horizontal. What are the magnitudes of the (a) horizontal and (b) vertical components of its displacement from the catapult site at t =
  69. global history

    to what extent are studies in the arts important to the success of a renaissance man?
  70. physics

    A crane operator intends to lift a 300 kg piece of equipment using an upward force of 4000 N, will he be able to lift the equipment.
  71. Integral

    Calculate the integral of (1/(u^(5/4)))+5.5√u du
  72. Chemistry

    56mL of a stock solution of hydrobromic acid, HBr, is added to 85mL of water, yielding a solution having a pH of 1.0. What was the molarity of the stock solution? I know Molarity = moles of solute/ liters of solution
  73. Physics

    Cart A has a mass of 10kg and is moving towards cart B at a speed of 15 m/s. If cart B is moving towards cart A with a speed of 5 m/s, what mass must Cart B have to stop both carts upon collision?
  74. Calculus

    A manufacture has been selling 1300 television sets a week at $420 each. A market survey indicates that for each $16 rebate offered to a buyer, the number of sets sold will increase by 160 per week. a) Find the price p(x) of each television as a function
  75. Calculus

    A model for the food-price index (the price of a representative "basket" of foods) between 1984 and 1994 is given by the function I(t)=0.00009045t5+0.001438t4−0.06561t3+0.4598t2−.6270t+99.33 Where t is measured in years since midyear 1984, so
  76. Calculus

    The manager of a large apartment complex knows from experience that 80 units will be occupied if the rent is 460 dollars per month. A market survey suggests that, on the average, one additional unit will remain vacant for each 10 dollar increase in rent.
  77. math

    The outside diameter of a pipe is 5 and 7/32 inches. The walls of the pipe are 5/32 inches thick. find the inside diameter
  78. math

    You have 160 boxes of cookies. In each case you can pack 8 boxes of cookies. How many cases would be filled from these boxes of cookies? I'm not sure if i do 160*8 or what i believe its 20 instead of 1280
  79. math

    The temperature dropped from 6 Celsius to -5 Celsius. How many degrees did the temperature drop?
  80. Child education

    As Ms. Ramirez planned for her group time, she considered the best way to begin. Which one of the following would NOT be an effective way for her to begin group time? A. Asking individual children if they brought something to share B. Leading children in
  81. Chemistry

    Calculate the number of grams of propane (C3H8) consumed if 17.7 g of water is produced according to the reaction: C3H8(g)+5O2(g)=3CO2(g)+4H2O(g)
  82. chemistry

    A freezing point depression experiment was conducted using cyclohexane as the solvent. The freezing point of pure cyclohexane is 6.60°C and the freezing point depression constant is 20.00°C/m. The freezing point of a solution containing 0.135 g of an
  83. Math

    A math teacher wishes to use groups of 5 and/or 7 students for a class assignment. When she tries to make assignments she notices that it cannot be done with the number of students in her class. However, if the number of students were any larger, the
  84. math

    how can you rename a mixed number to help you subtract
  85. math

    Jamal made a list of fractions and asked Will to find the fraction written in simplest form. Which fraction should Will choose? 1/8, 3/89, 9/18, 6/10?
  86. english

    In the following sentence identify the appositive or appositive phrase and the noun or pronoun renamed by the appositive. Mr. Murray, the Scoutmaster, likes to hike. Appositive: Noun or pronoun renamed:
  87. math

    what is 8/100, 3/5, 7/10 least to greatest
  88. Geometry

    The sides of a triangle have lengths of 9, 11, and 16 units. What is the perimeter of a similar triangle with its longest side 24 units in length?
  89. Math

    Ava, Keirra, and Victoria ate exactly 3/4 of their candy bars. Ava ate 3 pieces, Kierra ate 6 pieces and Victoria ate 9 pieces. How is this possible?
  90. math

    Tyler is thinking of a number that is divisible by 2 and 3. By which of the following numbers must Tyler's number also be divisible? 6? 8? 9? 12?
  91. math

    I am a number between 60 and a 100. My ones digit is 2 less than my tens digit. I am a prime number. What am I? Explain.
  92. math

    The factors of a number include 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 32, and 48. Which could be the number?
  93. math

    Manny makes dinner using 1 box of pasta and 1 jar of sauce. If pasta is sold in pckages of 6 boxes and sauce is sold in packages of 3 jars, what is the least number of dinners that Manny can make without any supplies left over?
  94. Child Development

    Please Check my answers 1. A type of communication that isn't only about the present and that promotes higher level thinking such as planning and reminiscing is called A. child-child conversation. B. chanting. C. early production. D. decontextualized talk.
  95. Child Development

    1) The recording method that's most useful in discovering the causes or results of a child's behavior is A. rating scale. B. time sampling. C. event sampling. D. checklist. 2) One way a teacher can help a child stand up for her rights is A. making other
  96. Chemistry

    A 100.0 mL sample of a 0.200 molar aqueous solution of K2CrO4 was added to 100.0 mL of a 0.100 molar aqueous solution of BaCl2. The mixture was stirred and the precipitate was collected, dried carefully, and weighed. How many grams of precipitate should be
  97. Calc

    Three students have ordered a 14 inch diameter pizza. They slice it with 2 parallel cuts, giving them 3 pieces with equal area. The two cuts are equidistant from the center of the pizza. Find the horizontal distance between one cut and the center of the
  98. chem

    How many mL of a 0.123 M aqueous solution of aluminum bromide, AlBr3, must be taken to obtain 7.77 grams of the salt?
  99. college algebra

    Suppose that the Russian population is declining by 0.48% each year, and continues to decline at this rate every year. a.) what is the overall 'growth' factor (really a decline factor) for 40 years of population decline? As a percentage of the current
  100. math- bc calc

    a building is 36 ft tall. A pulley is attached to the top of the building. A rope is looped through the pulley. One end of the rope is attached to the lantern that hangs vertically parallel to the side of the building. The rope passes up vertically from


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