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  1. Math

    Five students equally share 1/2 of a pizza. How much of a whole pizza did each student eat
  2. Physics

    A young girl with mass 39.5 kg is sliding on a horizontal, frictionless surface with an initial momentum that is due east and that has magnitude 85.5 kg⋅m/s . Starting at 0 s , a net force with magnitude F=( 8.35 N/s )t and direction due west is applied
  3. physics

    Calculate the mass of brass if the heat to rise it's temperature of 10k is 38000j and it's specific heat capacity Of water is 380j/kg
  4. physics

    A ballet student with her arms and a leg extended spins with an initial rotational speed of 1.2 rev/s . As she draws her arms and leg in toward her body, her rotational inertia becomes 0.80 kg⋅m2 and her rotational velocity is 3.9 rev/s .Determine her
  5. physics

    An extremely dense neutron star with mass equal to that of the Sun has a radius of about 10 km −about the size of Manhattan Island. These stars are thought to rotate once about their axis every 0.03 to 4 s, depending on their size and mass. Suppose that


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  1. Art

    I know your not really Jacksepticeye...
  2. ap physics

    what is the rotational acceleration?
  3. English Riddle

  4. Algebra

    Ok.. so I'd do 12 x 2, 4 x 2 or 12 + 4 x 2?
  5. math

    It is the answer as 4-8= -4-(-2)=-4+2=-2, 17-(-2)=19