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  1. chemistry

    i need the exat percentage of nitrogen in magnesium nitride
  2. Science

    The time interval between a lightning flash and the first sound of thunder was found to be 5 second.If the speed of sound in air is 330 ms-1,find the distance of the hash from the observer
  3. physics

    Hint: for part I use G = 6.67 times 10 to the negative 11. for part II, you don’t need to do the full calculation, you can just use your knowledge of how force of gravity depends on mass and separation distance. Compare the gravitational force on a 49 kg
  4. Geometry

    Solve the proportion. x + 7/x + 4 = 7/x − 3 for x. a) What is the larger answer? b) what is the smaller answer?
  5. Geometry

    It takes 69 inches of ribbon to make a bow and wrap the ribbon around a box, as shown. The bow takes 30 inches of ribbon. The width of the box is 11 inches. What is the height of the box? Answer in units of inches.
  6. Geometry

    From 1989 to 1990, the population of Nevada increased by 1.59 × 105, and that of Maine increased by 28000. In 1990, the population of Nevada was 1206152, and that of Maine was 1233223. If the populations of the two states continue to increase at the same
  7. Geometry

    On one side of a scale there are 6 coins, 3 weighing 2 grams each and 3 weighing x grams each. The scale is balanced if 5 coins weighing x grams each are placed on the other side of the scale. How much does each of the unknown coins weigh? Answer in units
  8. Geometry

    Assume y varies directly as x. If x = 4 when y = 36, what is the value of k?
  9. Geometry

    A page of a school year book is 8 1 2 inches by 11 inches. The left and right margin are 3 and 2 1 2 inches, respectively. The space between two pictures is 1 4 inch. To fit 3 pictures across the page, how wide should each picture be? Answer in units of
  10. Finance

    What is the elaborate process for balance transfer between card accounts?
  11. social studies

    Rules and regulations written by the executive branch and signed by President that carry out wishes of Congress are known as the executive orders?