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  1. math

    One of the guest rooms in my house has two walls that are 15'6" by 8 ft, and two that are 12'3" by 8 ft. When buying paint for the walls, I estimated the wall area to be about 450 sq. ft. Find my percent area. First I need to find the total area of the
  2. Math

    Given the regular decagon what is the measure of each numbered angle? There is a one in the first triangle, a three in the second, and a two in the sixth triangle in the decagon. Here are the answer choices m1=72, m2=18, m3=36 m1=18, m2=36, m3=72 m1=36,
  3. math

    This was a question asked yesterday that I am stuck on also -- could you explain how to solve this using this "log" on the calculator please? I'm working on a problem where I was given a table and had to find the exponential equation of best fit. The table
  4. math

    I'm trying to factor a problem and cannot seem to get it to work out --- 12a^3 + 10a^2 - 8a I first factored out the gcf of 2 to get 2a(6a^2 + 5a - 4) From there I keep coming up with answers that are incorrect when I check them -- any suggestions please?
  5. math

    After a dog or cat is given a preventive flea medicine, the medicine begins to break down in the animal’s bloodstream. With each passing hour, there is less active medicine in the blood. a. Complete the table and then draw a graph to show the amount of


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  1. math

    Yes, I see it now - I wasn't equating the 15'5" to 15 1/2' and the 12'3" to 12.25' - I was doing it in a much harder way - thank you!
  2. math

    I guess I don't understand where you are getting the 2 * 8?
  3. science

    This was on a test -- I looked it up when I got home and saw that atm was pressure and couldn't figure it out either -- I thought maybe I had to somehow convert the atm to celsius and then fahrenheit
  4. Math

  5. math

    Yes, the years are my x and the time in seconds is my y - The question is, is there a y-intercept - so technically, there WOULD be a y-intercept since the line would cross the y-axis??