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  1. Algebra

    Give an equation that models a linear pattern and then give an equation that models a nonlinear pattern.
  2. Geometry (trig part)

    How far apart would the top of the drawbridge be when both sides are open, if the angle of elevation of the drawbridge was 20°, to the nearest hundredth? (Extra info: distance inbetween is labeled "x")
  3. Physics

    Consider a lever rod of length 7.96 m, weight 71 N and uniform density. The lever rod is pivoted on one end and is supported by a cable attached at a point 1.74 m from the other end:  The lever rod is in equilibrium at angle of
  4. chemistry

    a metal p forms 2 different chlorides x and y. if 12.7g of chloride x and 16.3g of chloride y contain 7.1g 10.7g of chlorine respectively, show that the figures agree with the law of multiple proportion
  5. physocs

    At 15 minutes past the hour, a 47.0 g mouse runs up a grandfather clock and sits himself down at the end of the minute-hand. If the minute-hand for the clock is 16.0 cm long, what is the magnitude of the torque exerted by the mouse on the minute-hand? Give
  6. chemistery

    Discuss the isomerism exhibited by alkenes
  7. Vectors Q#2

    Find the shortest distance between the point D with coordinates (-2,-2,9) and the line passing through the points with coordinates B(2,4,6) and C(4,1,5)
  8. Vectors - Maths

    In triangle ABD, AC = CD = CB. Let AB = u and BC = v. Prove that DAB is a right angle triangle. AC is the midpoint of the assumed "right angle triangle" and is equidistant from the three vertices. Angle DAB is presumed to be 90. Pls help me with this proof
  9. Vectors

    In triangle OAB, OA = 3i + 4k and OB = i + 2j - 2k. Find OP, where P is the point where the bisector of Angle AOB intersects AB. Answer is 7i/4 + 5j/4 + k/4 Don't use the matrix method as I haven't learnt it yet and please show working. Thx a lot.
  10. Need help with vector questions posted below

    Hope you didn't miss mine below :)
  11. Vectors - Maths [Second Question]

    Let a = i - j + 2k and b = i + 2j - 4k a) Find 2a - 3b This one was easy. It should be -i - 8j + 16k b) Hence find a value of m such that a, b and c are linearly dependent, where c = mi + 6j - 12k. I struggled to solve this one. Please help me by showing
  12. Vectors - Maths

    Given that a = i - j + 2k, b = i + 2j + mk and c = 3i + nj + k, are linearly dependent. Express m in terms of n in simplest fraction form. Answer: m = (2n-9)/(n+3) Can someone pls show their working and explanation? Thx a lot ~C~
  13. Algebra

    My answer *** What is the product of (–6.8)2? a. –13.6 b. 46.24*** c. –46.24 d. 13.6 2.   Simplify the expression - Square root 196 . a. 98 b. –14*** c. 14 d. 392 3.   Simplify the expression square root 100/49 . a. 10/7 b. 17*** c. 5/7 d. 20/7
  14. Math

    What would be the total amount if Sara deposited $700 at 2% compound interest for 23 years?
  15. math

    Find the area of the following plane figure. An ellipse has a major axis of 14 cm and a minor axis of 10 cm. Find its area. Area (to the nearest tenth) =
  16. math

    Find the area of the following plane figure. Use = 3.14. A circle has a radius of 8 cm. What is its area? Area (to the nearest tenth) =
  17. math

    Jon Ericson bought a home with a 11.5% adjustable rate mortgage for 20 years. He paid $10.67 monthly per thousand on his original loan. At the end of 2 years he owes the bank $50,000. Now that interest rates have gone up to 13%, the bank will renew the
  18. math

    The garage you work for as an auto mechanic measures 230 ft. by 150 ft and handles 69 cars. Using the existing garage as a model, how much space would you plan to have in your garage? Number of cars parked at any one time = 24. Required area of service
  19. math

    Find the area of the following plane figure. A circle whose circumference measures 28 centimeters. Area (to the nearest square centimeter) =
  20. math

    Solve the following problems related to automobile insurance. Jerry Adams normally pays $875 for bodily injury and property damage insurance. His insurance company increases premiums by 150% for 1 accident, 200% for 2-3 accidents, and 250% for 4 accidents.
  21. math

    Find the area of the following plane figure. Find the altitude of a triangle whose area is 100 cm2 and whose base is 20 cm. Altitude =
  22. math

    Use the formula to solve the problems. B * In The amount that results when $3,000 is compounded at 7% annually over eight years. $ a0 The interest earned in this case.
  23. math

    Work the following area application problem. You are given the job of laying carpet for a six-story building. At each floor the dimensions of the floor are 75 meters in length by 40 meters in width. A stairwell takes up a space 2.5 m by 1.5 m, and cuts
  24. math

    Compute the following costs of services problems. Hourly rate of labor = $12.00 Duration of job = 3 1/2 hours Overhead rate = 66 2/3% Price of parts = $112.50 Find total cost of job. $
  25. math

    Total cost of job = $147.51 Duration of job = 5 hours Price of parts = $32.50 Overhead rate = 55% Hourly labor rate = $
  26. math

    Labor rate = $14 per hour Hours worked = 40 Overhead rate = 125% Retail price of good furnished = $85 Sales tax rate = 6% Total bill for services and parts = $
  27. math

    Amount of chicken = 48 lb. Portion size = 8 oz. Number of patrons served =
  28. geometry

    Find the coordinates of the midpoint of a segment having the given endpoints. Q(1, -3), R(11, 5)
  29. Chemistry

    Given the following information: C(s) à C(g), H = +715 kJmol-1 Cl2(g) à 2Cl(g), H = +242 kJmol-1 C(s) + 2Cl2(g) à CCl4(g), H = -135.5 kJmol-1 Calculate the average bond dissociation enthalpy of a C-Cl bond.
  30. Math

    A bracelet is 8 inches long. The string to make it is sold by the foot. What fraction of a foot is used to make the bracelet? Anything would help! 12 inches= 1 foot
  31. Med

    What is the influence of pressure on the respiratory system?
  32. Physics

    A ball is projected horizontally from the edge of a table that is 1.14 m high, and it strikes the floor at a point 1.40 m from the base of the table. It's initial velocity is 2.9 m/s. How high is the ball above the floor when its velocity vector makes a
  33. Discrete Math

    A quiz consists of 3 multiple choice questions, each of which have 10 answer choices. You are allowed three attempts at the quiz. What is the probability that someone would end up with a perfect score for the quiz simply by guessing the answers?
  34. Math

    I can grade 5 papers in 45 minutes how many papers can I grade in 1.5 hours
  35. Chemistry

    How many calcium atoms are in a formula unit of calcium hydrogen carbonate? 1. 1 2. 2 3. 4 4. 3 5. 5
  36. Accounting - Tax

    Bob (age 40) and Susan (age 39) Cowen are married. Susan works as a retail manager and Rob is a self-employed electrician but does not maintain a home office. Their 2015 tax and other information are as follows: Salary – Susan 75,000 Federal withholding
  37. Chemistry

    Microwaves, such as those used for radar and to heat food in a microwave oven, have wavelengths greater than about 3 mm. What is the frequency of radiation of wavelength 13.82 mm?
  38. English

    “The Women's Rights Movement, 1848-1920. Web. 13 Oct. 2015. Is this considered a in text citation?
  39. English (Check)

    The title of my project says it all.. Women are most effected by the issues. The women right movement have been going on ever since the 1800’s. The natural rights for women should mean them getting equal pay, getting the same job as a man and women not
  40. Physics

    A radar station locates a sinking ship at range 16.0 km and bearing 136° clockwise from north. From the same station, a rescue plane is at horizontal range 19.6 km, 155° clockwise from north, with elevation 2.35 km.
  41. Physics

    Two people pushing a stalled car from rest generate a net force of +840N for 5.0s. What is the cars final velocity?
  42. Chemistry

    Calculate delta g and Kp for the following equilibrium reaction. Keep getting 7.2E-81 and the answer is 4.5E-81 Why?
  43. Calculus

    A wealthy patron of a small private college wishes to endow a chair in mathematics with a gift of G thousand dollars. Suppose the mathematician who occupies the chair is to receive $110 thousand dollars per year in salary and benefits. If money costs 8%
  44. Chemistry

    Problem: Calculate the pH titration of 50 mL of 0.02M H3PO4 from pH 1 to 13 with 0.4M NaOH. So I believe the balanced reaction is: H3PO4 + OH --> H2PO4 + H2O (Since Na I believe is insignificant, maybe that's wrong. If so then, H3PO4 + NaOH --> NaH2PO4 +
  45. chemistry

    What volume of 0.20M NaOH will contain 1.00g of NaOH
  46. Statistics

    Daily water intake (including water used in drinks such as coffee, tea and juice) for Canadian adults follows a normal distribution with mean 1.5 litres and standard deviation 0.31 litres. (d) Using the 68-95-99.7 Rule, approximately 95% of samples of 22
  47. statistics

    I this binomial? or No? A gumball machine contains 25 gumballs - 9 red, 6 blue, 7 green and 3 yellow. You buy five gumballs from the machine. X = number of green gumballs you get
  48. English

    I have posted two essays recently and have received no response, one was only a few hours ago but the other one was over 10 days ago....pls help with the one from two hours ago or let me know if you are unable to help. thanks
  49. English

    Though it is a history essay, my question has to do with writing and essay. The following is what I submitted for an essay and was told it was good but it lacked an introduction and thesis. My first paragraph is what I thought was a sufficient introduction
  50. English Classification Essay

    I have a lot of holes where I need to look up some research, but can you give me some feedback on the following classification essay: P.J. O'Rourke said, “We loved cars until the 70's or so, they then became appliances. What began as pleasure became a
  51. English

    The essay is supposed to be on Advertisements, then we have to narrow it. I have narrowed it to TV advertisements on cars. I was thinking of TV advertisements appeal in the following ways: accessibility, image changing and ???. accessibility would be those
  52. english

    need some ideas for a classification essay on advertisement pls I have submitted three different options to my teacher and he has declined them either saying there is overlap or they are not distinct. i am stumped! pls help
  53. business math

    If the Powershooter 1800 is marked up 58.50 what is the cost and the percent markup cost?
  54. Statistics

    A procedure in regression analysis where Predictor or Independent Variables are coded as 1 or 0 (representing categories) and can be used to produce ANOVA Tables under the General Linear Model is known as…?
  55. Chemistry

    A student begins with 9.7 mL of a 0.26 M Cu(NO3)2 solution and performs copper cycle lab. She recovers 0.075 grams of copper metal. A) What is the Theoretical Yield B) What is the Actual Yield C) What is the Percent Yield
  56. all

    I rarely do my homework. No matter how hard I try to focus and actually get things done, I just can't do it unless it's something I really want to/like to do. And even if I actually put my work right in front of me and turn off my phone, computer, tv, etc.
  57. geomertry

    You eat a new kind of fruit and suffer from hives for the first time in your life. A week later, you try the fruit and the hives recur. A month later, you have a similar experience. conclusin
  58. Chemistry

    calculate q , w , and ∆ E for melting 1.00 mol of ice at 0 ◦ C and 1.00 atm pressure
  59. Calculus

    Solve dy/dx for sin(xy)=1+x^3-y^2
  60. Chemistry H

    120 ml of a gas is in a flask at STP. If the gas is argon, what mass of gas is in the flask?
  61. Chemistry H

    For the decomposition of aluminum oxide at 35 celsius and atm, what volume of oxygen gas will be produced if 2.77 grams of the oxide react?
  62. Chemistry H

    Find the molality, mole fraction, and percent by mass of a solution prepared with 500 grams of C12h22O11 in 2000 grams of H20
  63. Chemistry H

    60.0 grams of Th-210 with a half life of 50,000 years is allowed to decay for 250,000 years. How much of the original quantity remains? In addition, Th-210 decays via beta emission. Write the equation for its transmutation.
  64. Chemistry

    What is the (a) molality, (b) freezing point, and (c) boiling point of a solution containing 2.29 g napthalene (C10H8) in 44.6 g of benzene (C6H6)?
  65. Chemistry

    I'm having trouble balancing this equation: SO3^2- --> S2O4^2- It's in a basic solution. Thanks.
  66. Chemistry

    Hydroxylapatite, Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2, has a solubility constant of Ksp = 2.34 × 10^-59. Solid hydroxylapatite is dissolved in water to form a saturated solution. What is the concentration of Ca2 in this solution if [OH–] is somehow fixed at 5.30 × 10^-6 M?
  67. Math

    How would I find the confidence level (in %) if I am given the standard deviation, size of the random sample, and confidence interval?
  68. Statistics

    How would I find the confidence level (in %) if I am given the standard deviation, size of the random sample, and confidence interval?
  69. Chemistry

    When titrating a weak base with a strong acid, what effect will washing the tip of the burette and sides of the beaker with distilled water have on the pKa and equivalence points?
  70. Chemistry

    When titrating a weak base with a strong acid, what effect will washing the tip of the burette and sides of the beaker with distilled water have on the pKa and equivalence points?
  71. Calculus

    Implicit differentiation of 5x^2-2xy+7^y
  72. College Physics

    A child's toy consists of a toy car of mass 0.100kg which is able to roll without friction on the loop-the-loop track shown. The car is accelerated from rest by pushing it with force F over a distance d, then the car slides with a constant velocity until
  73. Chem

    what is the pOH of a 0.12 M solution of pyridine (Kb=1.4x10^-9) at 25 Celsius
  74. Chemistry

    What is the hydronium ion concentration in a 0.010M solution of carbonic acid, H2CO3? For carbonic acid, Ka1=4.2x10^-7 and Ka2=4.8x10^-11.
  75. Chem

    in a 0.40 M solution of diprotic acid H2A(Ka=7.4x10^-5, Ka2=5.0x10^-10 at 25 celsius), what is the equilibrium concentration of A^2-? A)0.40m b)0.80M C)5.4x10^-3m d)1.4x10^-5M E)5.0x10^-10M
  76. Cosmology

    The majority of galaxies (by number) are: lenticulars barred spirals dwarfs giant ellipticals
  77. Cosmology

    What explains the observation that galaxy clustering is stronger at higher redshifts, which is an apparent reversal of the trend out to about z ~ 1? It is difficult to measure peculiar velocities Rich clusters have more galaxies than poor clusters Density
  78. Cosmolgy

    Which of these is the correct relationship between b, the bias factor, the fluctuations in mass (Δρ/ρ)mass and the fluctuations in light (Δρ/ρ)light? b2(Δρ/ρ)light = (Δρ/ρ)mass−1 (Δρ/ρ)light (Δρ/ρ)mass=b (Δρ/ρ)light=b(Δρ/ρ)mass
  79. Cosmology

    What can we say about the future evolution of irregular clusters? They will become less centrally concentrated and assume a roughly uniform spatial density. They are not yet in a dynamical equilibrium, but will likely reach it eventually. They will keep
  80. Cosmology

    magine you look through a really strong telescope and see a rich cluster. Your telescope is so good that you can see a single galaxy at the center of the cluster. What can you say about that galaxy and be pretty confident that you are correct? It has mass
  81. Cosmology

    Which of the following is evidence that the evolution of disk galaxies can be greatly affected by their large scale environment? Comparison of emissions from elliptical galaxies in x-ray and optical bands Hydrogen gas deficiency in spiral galaxies near
  82. Cosmology

    The Hubble sequence is useful for distinguishing galaxies on the basis of many properties. Which of these does not correlate well with Hubble type? stellar age dust content luminosity color
  83. Cosmology

    Which type of emission closely traces the star-forming regions of a galaxy? none of these coronal X-ray emission 21 cm emission molecular CO emission
  84. Cosmology

    Which of the following statements is not true of spiral arms: they tend to trail the rotation of the galaxy they are sites of star formation they are amplified by resonances between the epicyclic frequencies of stars and the angular frequency of the spiral
  85. geometry

    triangle abc is similar to def, the lengths of the sides of triangle abc is 5,8,11. what is the length of the shortest side of triangle def if its perimeter is 60?
  86. Geometry

    line segment ab is the diameter of circle O whose center has coordinates (6,8) . what are the coordinates of point b if the coordinates of point a are (4,2)
  87. Geometry

    line segment ab is the diameter of circle O whose center has coordinates (6,8) . what are the coordinates of point b if the coordinates of point a are (4,2)
  88. physics

    a 57 g of copper is at 12 degrees celsius, if 1012 J of energy is added to the copper, what is the final temperature of the copper?
  89. physics

    a 57 g of copper is at 12 degrees celsius, if 1012 J of energy is added to the copper, what is the final temperature of the copper?
  90. Chemistry

    Shown below are several options for the box notations of the ground state electron configuration of the following gas-phase species. Identify the correct electronic configuration. i. Al2− ii. Mn (a)Select the reason that best explains why the first
  91. Chemistry

    Which is the higher density of polyethylene, linear or branched? Select the choice with the best accompanying explanation. Linear polyethylene is the higher density form, as the chains are able to pack better and partially crystallize, resulting in better
  92. chemistry

    Shown below is a schematic representation of the water-ethanol phase diagram. Making reference to the phase diagram, explain in a few sentences how one could enrich a solution of 15 percent ethanol - 85 percent water to a composition of 60 percent ethanol
  93. Chemistry

    Your x-ray lab has a monochromator consisting of a single crystal of nickel cut so that the (001) plane lies in the cube face. At what angle (in degrees) should the cube face be tilted with respect to the incident beam in order to select radiation with a
  94. Chemistry

    Name the following crystallographic features below using proper crystallographic notation. Image One [2ˉ21] [1ˉ12ˉ] [1ˉ1(1/2)] [(1/2)(1/2ˉ)1ˉ] Image 2 (1ˉ02) (21ˉ0) (201) (1ˉ02ˉ)
  95. Chemistry

    An x-ray generator operated at a plate voltage of 7000 V is incapable of producing Ni Kα radiation. Calculate the minimum energy required for a ballistic electron to produce Ni Kα radiation. Express your answer in units of eV.
  96. Chemistry

    CdO is cubic with a lattice constant a=4.695 A˚ and a density ρ of 8.15 g/cm3. Determine the crystal structure of CdO. Simple Cubic Face Centered Cubic Body Centered Cubic
  97. Chemistry

    Calculate the density of atoms along [011] in molybdenum (Mo). Use only the information provided in your class Periodic Table, and express your answer in units of atoms/cm.
  98. Chemistry

    (a) Calculate the lattice constant a in palladium (Pd). Use only the information available in the class Periodic Table, and express your answer in angstroms. (b) Calculate the distance (in angstroms) between adjacent (110) planes in palladium (Pd). Hint:
  99. Chemistry

    The crystal structure of cesium chloride (CsCl) is shown in the figure below. The dark spheres represent atoms of Cl. Identify the crystal system: Cubic Tetragonal Orthorhombic Rhombohedral Hexagonal Monoclinic Triclinic Identify the Bravais lattice:
  100. Math (Please help immediately)

    Last one I need help on: The measure of one angle is 38 degrees less than the measure of its supplement. Find the measure of each angle.


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