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  1. Fraction

    How much pizza does eight of the friends get if they have one large pizza that they share equally.
  2. Science

    What is the acceleration of a kg object if force of 3 n is applied to it?
  3. physics

    A plane 65 m above the ground is flying directly toward a target at 50 m/s . Part A At what distance from the target should the pilot drop the weight?
  4. Algebra 2B

    Come up with a new linear function that has a slope that falls in the range −< < 1 0 m . Choose two different initial values. For this new linear function, what happens to the function’s values after many iterations? Are the function’s values getting
  5. Calc-Math

    y^2+xy-3x=-5 dy/dt=-4 x=3 y=1 find dx/dt. i tried doing 2y(dy/dt)+ydx/dt-3=0 but i am not getting the right answer. Please tell me where i am going wrong.
  6. Physics

    A child sitting 1.80 m from the center of a merry-go-round moves with a speed of 1.45 m/s . Calculate the centripetal acceleration of the child.Calculate the net horizontal force exerted on the child. (mass = 28.5 kg )
  7. Math. Pls. Help!

    What factors should you consider when determining the best graph or display to represent a given set of data? In your answer, choose a set of data relevant to your life and explain the best way to display it.
  8. trig

    Find the exact values requested. No decimal approximations. Given that cot θ = 4 for an acute angle θ, A. Find sinθ. B. Find cos(2θ).
  9. trig plz help

    Solve, finding all solutions in the interval [0, 2π). tan(3x) = -1
  10. math 108 trig

    1.Solve, finding all solutions in [0, 2π). cosx sin2x + sinx cosx - sinx = 0 2.Solve, finding all solutions in [0, 2π). 3sec x = 2tan^2x
  11. Math

    A square has a side length of 18 feet . This square is dilated by a scale of 1/2 to create a new square . What is the side length of the new square
  12. Physics

    How long does it take an automobile traveling 62.9 km/h to become even with a car that is traveling in another lane at 48.9 km/h if the cars’ front bumpers are initially 130 m apart? Answer in units of s.
  13. intermediate algebra

    the radiator in Johns car contains 16 L of antifreeze. How much of this mixture should be drained and replaced with pure antifreeze so there will be a mixture of 50% antifreeze.
  14. reading and writing

    In which sentence does the italicized word have a negative connotation? A. Although she had worked hard in high school, Ruth found the college courses challenging. B. Jenna's green eyes and dark eyelashes gave her an exotic look. C. Jack, who is the most
  15. mathematics concepts

    Fraction symbols can usually be safely introduced A. at the beginning of third grade. B. near the end of first grade. C. near the end of third grade. D. at the beginning of second grade. my answer is c.
  16. math concept

    Sarah understands that if there are 11 ones, the first 10 move over to the tens column as one unit (i.e., one group of 10). What concept does this understanding represent? A. Renaming B. Regrouping C. Borrowing D. Place value my answer is a
  17. mathematics concepts

    Joseph is making different shapes with a rubber band and a geoboard. Which of the following would be a geometric concept that Joseph is informally exploring? A. Estimation B. Patterns C. Volume D. Probability my answer is b.
  18. cconcept development

    When a teacher chooses learning objectives for a child, which question should be asked? A. What should Kelly learn next? B. Where's Kelly in the learning process? C. Do the plan and materials fit my lesson? D. Has Kelly learned what was taught? a.
  19. concept development

    A basic rule in evaluating learning activities is to be sure A. the child has no prior knowledge. B. a variety of science process skills are used. C. the strategies are limited. D. the textbook provides step-by-step photos. my answer is b.
  20. concept development

    Which of the following process skills is generally more important for use with older children? A. Observing B. Communicating C. Classifying D. Predicting my answer I think is c.
  21. Math

    A rectangle wheat field is 10^5 m long as 10^5 m wide. What is the area?
  22. Chemistry

    An original samplemof an unknown potassium chloride/potassium cholate mixture weighed 1.042g before heating and 0.943g after heating. How many grams of oxygen were released?
  23. chemistry

    A 0.97 m aqueous solution of an ionic compound with the formula MX has a freezing point of -2.5 ∘C .
  24. English 3

    "When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of
  25. physics

    A marble rolls off the edge of a table that is 0.82 m high. The marble is moving at a speed of 0.11 m/s at the moment that it leaves the edge of the table. How far from the table does the marble land?
  26. math

    Explain and show hot to convert 0.765 to fraction
  27. math proportions

    What is 1000/x = 25/64
  28. math

    There are 40 students. 16 students missed class. What % of students attended class
  29. science

    I measure my head fist 28m , 65cm now i'm stuck trying to figure out how to measure my head in mm and km. I need help please.
  30. Physics

    How is the Sky Screamer at Six Flags an example of Newton's First Law?
  31. psychology

    Why do negative emotions make it hard to learn or work toward a goal?
  32. medical coding

    this 32-year old female was burned by hot grease in her kitchen 1 week ago. She is seen in the hospital-based wound clinic for large dressing changes on both upper extremities following second-degree burns to both arms. This is accomplished without
  33. Statistics

    A survey of 1,000 adult Americans included the following question: "If the military draft were reinstated, would you favor or oppose drafting women as well as men?" Forty-three percent responded that they would favor drafting women if the draft were
  34. math

    Please Help!!!!! If i spent 3 hours in homework and of that time 1/3 on math and 1/5 on science, what method could i use to solve this problem????????? Please Help Thanks!!!!
  35. Math

    A motorist traveling 55 mph is being pursued by a highway patrol car traveling 65 mph. If the patrol car is four miles behind the motorist, how long will it take the patrol car to overtake the motorist?
  36. Chemistry - Please Help!

    XeO3 + I- ----> Xe + I2 (acidic solution) CN)2 -----> CN- + OCN- (basic solution) MnO2 + SO32- ---> Mn2+ + S2O62- (acidic solution) H2SeO3 + H2S -----> S + Se (acidic solution) Cl2 ---> Cl- + ClO3- (basic solution) ClNO2 -----> NO3- + Cl- (acidic solution)
  37. Chemistry

    Balance the following equation for a basic solution. MnO4-+C2O4-2= Mno2 + CO3-2
  38. math

    Kittens weigh about 100 grams when born and gain 7 to 15 grams per day. If a kitten weighed 100 grams at birth and gained 8 grams per day, in how many days will the kitten triple its weight?
  39. chemistry

    J. J. Berzelius collected the following data for three reactions: Reaction 1 – 11.56 grams of lead sulfide, PbS, were formed when 10.0 grams of lead reacted with 1.56 grams of sulfur Reaction 2 – 11.56 grams of lead sulfide were formed when 10.0 grams
  40. chemistry

    When cane sugar reacts with oxygen in living systems, carbon dioxide and water are produced. What weight of carbon dioxide can be produced from the reaction of 15.0 grams of cane sugar with 15.0 grams of oxygen? (Hint: balance the equation) ___C12H22O11(s)
  41. chemistry

    how many H2O molecules can be formed from 200 H2 molecules and 200 O2 molecules?
  42. chemistry

    Manganese(III) fluoride, MnF3, can be prepared by the following reaction: 2MnI2(s) + 13F2(g) → 2MnF3(s) + 4IF5(l) If the percentage yield of MnF3 is always approximately 51%, how many grams of MnF3 can be expected if 40.0 grams of each reactant is used
  43. Chemistry

    Ethanol (C2H5OH) is synthesized for industrial use by the following reaction, carried out at very high pressure. C2H4(g) + H2O(g) → C2H5OH(l) What is the maximum amount, in kg, of ethanol that can be produced when 1.65 kg of ethylene (C2H4) and 0.0610 kg
  44. Physical Chemistry

    Integrate the expression β = 1/V (δV / δT) at constant pressure, assuming that β is independent of temperature. By doing so, obtain an expression for V as a function of T and β at constant P.
  45. Chemistry

    Calculate the enthalpy change when 45 g of ice at -40.0 oC is heated to completely melt to liquid water at 0.0oC. (The heat of fusion for water is 333 J/g.)
  46. math

    Write a recursive formula for the sequence: 12,-1,-14,-27...
  47. physics

    The coefficients of friction between a 250 lb football sled and the grass are Mu(s)=0.6 and Mu(k)=0.4. For grass and cleats, Mu(s)=0.9. One 280 lb tryout exerts a horizontal push of 140 lb on the sled. What is the acceleration of the sled?
  48. Vista High school

    solve the following inequality. write your solutionin interval notation x^3-x
  49. algebra

    If you have 75 cents and you have 27 nickels and dimes how many nickels do you have.
  50. Math

    if a number is subtracted from the numerator of 3/5 and the same number is added to the denomminator of 3/5, the result is equivalent to 1. find the number
  51. math

    what times 60 equals 5076
  52. math

    rewrite the equation so that y is a function of x.then use the result to find y when x= -2,-1,0,1 -2y-3x-16=0
  53. math

    rewrite the equation so that y is a function of x.then use the result to find y when x= -2,-1,0,1 -6x-1=-4y+2
  54. math

    rewrite the equation so that y is a function of x.then use the result to find y when x= -2,-1,0,1 6x-2y=10
  55. math

  56. math

  57. math

  58. Physics

    A car traveling at 20 m/s applies the brakes. The coefficients of static and kinetic friction between the tires and the road are 0.80 and 0.50 respectively. (A) Determine the stopping distance if the car is able to stop as quickly as possible without
  59. Math

    What equivalent fraction would you use to subtract 1/3 from 5/9?
  60. Chemistry

    What is the temperature of 0.45mol of gas at a pressure of 1.0at and a volume of 10.1L ? if anyone can tell me what i need to do to solve this problem it would be helpful
  61. physics

    The radius of a merry-go-round is 7 meters, and it takes 12 seconds to make a complete revolution. What is the speed of an atom on the outer rim?
  62. Math

    How do you solve a(x+1)= b solving for x
  63. Math

    How do you solve a(x+1)= b solving for x
  64. biology

    What is meant by the statement, "Living things do not exist in isolation"?
  65. Chemistry

    If your body develops a charge of -17 (microcoulombs), how many excess electrons has it acquired, and what is their collective mass?
  66. math

    what is the gross profit percent on a item bought for 3.50 at wholesale price and then sold at 5.00 for retail price
  67. frictionless ramp

    Suppose a 19.3 kg curling stone was on a frictionless ramp. If the ramp is 4.76 m tall and 19.5 m long (along the incline), how much mass must hang from the pulley in order that the stone not accelerate up or down the ramp?
  68. Physics Help

    A force sensor is used to measure a force applied to a 9.1 kg box on a hard, horizontal surface. It records that the box starts to move when the force is equal to 26.9 N. This force makes the box start to move with an acceleration of 0.2 m/s2. Find mu sub
  69. algebra 1

    Choose the product. -7p3(4p2 + 3p - 1) -28p5 - 21p4 + 7p3 28p6 + 21p3 - 7p 21p3 + 8p2 + 3p4 - 8p -21p5 + 8p4 - 3p3
  70. Chemistry

    Calculate the uncertainty in the position (in A) of an electron moving at a speed of (6.5 +/- 0.1)* 10^5m/s. The mass of an electron is 9.109x10^-31 kg. Thanks!
  71. algebra

    If a train goes 25 mph how many hours. Does it need to go in 125 miles
  72. history

    How did George Kennan’s containment doctrine change during the Truman, Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations? Which president was the most successful in containing Communism?
  73. history

    Describe President Reagan’s foreign policy goals and summarize several of the major, specific actions he took to meet those goals.
  74. history

    How was the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s a continuation of the Reconstruction-era struggle for blacks to achieve equality?
  75. chemistry

    Benzene has the empirical formula CH and an experimental molar mass of 78 g/mol. What is its molecular formula? Explain how you got your answer.
  76. history

    How did George Kennan’s containment doctrine change during the Truman, Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations? Which president was the most successful in containing Communism
  77. physics

    A charge of 2.1 nC and a charge of 4.7 nC are separated by 57.90 cm. Find the equilibrium position for a -4.7 nC charge. ____ cm from the 2.1 nC charge. what is the answer? and how did you get it? thaanks
  78. chemistry

    will SrSO4 precipitate when .1g of Na2SO4 are added to 1L of a .01M solution of Sr

    the roof is a right rectangular prism and the floor is a rectangle. (its the outside of a warehouse). for the roof- the base has 51 x 51. The rectangular for the floor is 120 (l) x 20 (h) x 90 (w). need to find the volume and surface area. (counting the
  80. math for elementary teachers

    Suppose that carpeting cost $12.36 per square yard at a carpet store. what will be the cost to carpet a conference room if the rooms dimensions are 110 ft by 42 ft. (the conference room should seat 380 people using 6' diameter tables each seating 10
  81. Chemistry

    A string has a length of 84 cm. The string is stretched taut, and both ends are restricted to be nonmoving. Touching the string at which of the following points will not produce a standing wave when the string is plucked?
  82. science

    If the magnitude of the electric field in air exceeds roughly 3 X10^6 N/C, the air breaks down and a spark forms. For a two-disk capacitor of radius 52 cm with a gap of 1 mm, what is the maximum charge (plus and minus) that can be placed on the disks
  83. history

    How was Fort William Henry massacre used by the British and the American colonists to justify brutality against the Indians? HELPPPP PLEASE
  84. history

    Discuss the importance of landscape in crafting battle strategy for both the French and the English. HELP PLEASE!
  85. philosophy

    what makes an idea dangerous?
  86. business/accounting

    Christy Burch and Myung Lim, partners, compared their current income statement with their income statement of a year ago. They noted that sales were 12.0% higher than a year ago. They also noted that the total expenses were 20.0% higher than a year ago.
  87. Liberal Arts

    Part 1: You finally made it…graduation day has arrived! Your parents are so proud that they are throwing you a HUGE party. They have rented a big tent for your graduation party just in case it rains. The inside of the tent (represented by the blue area)
  88. trigonometry

    A river is 2000 ft wide and flowing at 6 mph from north to south. A woman in a canoe starts on the eastern shore and heads west at her normal paddling speed of 2 mph. In what direction (measured clockwise from north) must she aim her canoe? How long will
  89. trigonometry

    A river is 2000 ft wide and flowing at 6 mph from north to south. A woman in a canoe starts on the eastern shore and heads west at her normal paddling speed of 2 mph. In what direction (measured clockwise from north) must she aim her canoe? How long will
  90. trig

    A river is 2000 ft wide and flowing at 6 mph from north to south. A woman in a canoe starts on the eastern shore and heads west at her normal paddling speed of 2 mph. In what direction (measured clockwise from north) must she aim her canoe? How long will
  91. english

    How does the text use clothing and garments (or the lack thereof) to portray Edna’s rebellion against Victorian norms? Use examples from the book to support your answer.
  92. introduction to floral design amd flowers

    Im trying to find out if my answers to the exam is right
  93. basics and tools of floral design

    The fabric label doesn’t say if the linen was preshrunk. You test the fabric for shrinkage and determine it needs to be shrunk. How do you do this? A. Wash the material in cold water and dry on high in dryer. B. Immerse the material in hot water and drip
  94. chemistry

    calculate the hydronium ion concentration in an aqueous solution that contains 2.50x10^-6M in hydroxide solution
  95. math boxes 3.3

    make up a set of at least twelve numbers that hav the following landmarks maximum:8 range:6 mode:6 median:5
  96. physics

    A 30 kg child steps to a dock from a 60 kg boat,giving the boat an acceleration of 2m/s^2. Neglecting water Resistance, the acceleration experienced by the child is?
  97. Essential Mathematics 1

    Can somebody please help me evaluate: 13 1/3 + 6 2/9 ? (=
  98. Essential Mathematics 1

    Can somebody please help me Evaluate: 3 1/9 * 2 1/4 ? (=
  99. Essential Mathematics 1

    10 2 2/3 / 4
  100. PHYSICS

    The door and the seals on an aircraft are subject to a tremendous amount of force during flight. At an altitude of 10,000 m (about 33,000 ft), the air pressure outside the airplane is only 2.7 x 104 N/m2, while the inside is still at normal atmospheric


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