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  1. science

    How much energy is required to lift a 40.00 kg bag of sand 1.02 m
  2. Math

    Evaluate the expression for the given value of the variable. Show your work. [-4b-8]+[-1-b^2]+2b^3;b=-2 Solve the equation. Check for extraneous solutions. 9[9-8x]=2x+3. Show your work. I really need help with both of these problems.
  3. math

    Two ships leave a port at 9 a.m. One travels at a bearing of N 53° W at 12 miles per hour, and the other travels at a bearing of S 67° W at 19 miles per hour. Approximate how far apart they are at noon that day. (Round your answer to one decimal place.)
  4. Pre calc

    Someone please help me prove these A) cos^4x-sin^4x=cos2x B)tanx=sin^2x/1+cos^2x Please and Thank you
  5. Math

    A bicycle tire has a stone stuck in it. The radius of the tire is 46cm. Every time the wheel turns, the stone hits the ground. a.) How far will the bicycle travel between the stone hitting the ground the first and second time? b.) How many times will the


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  1. Physics

    i dont know
  2. world history

    why will they be banned? petty lol.
  3. Pre calc

    Ok I know that the equation for cos(2x)=1-2sin^2(x) How would you plug that in? It will not work
  4. math 5th

    I don't have a answer but I have the same question for my homework and i am stuck on it.
  5. Math SOMEONE PLS HELP!!!!

    I have the same question as you on my math Home work I need help too!