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  1. precalculus

    how do you put this in an diamond problem ... could you please tell me how to do it...2x^2-7x-30
  2. pre calculus

    im having an brain freeze....i cant remember how to factor..f(x)=2x^2-7x-30..please explain so i can do it on my own
  3. ap world history

    are there substantial similarites between the orgins and the devolpment of the silk road and trans-saharan trade?
  4. ap world history

    why did buddhism and christianity spread when ans as it did in 300 bce to 1000 ce?
  5. ap world history

    how did geography affect the trade patterns of africa and of asia during the time period of 300 bce and 1000 ce?


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  1. 11th grade

    no u cross multiple 12*5=60 x*3=3x 3x=60 x=20
  2. pre calculus

    okay if u want to put it in an diamond do u do that
  3. 11th grade

    i mean counts
  4. 11th grade

    u r really being mean i just need help understanding the question that's all and im on the computer not typing an essay so i don't think puncuation couts nor grammar
  5. ap world history

    thank i just needed help to understand