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  1. algebra

    and for this one I got no clue: By what percent will the fraction increase if its numerator is decreased by 10% and denominator is decreased by 50%? can you just show the equation, i can solve it
  2. algrbra

    It is known that a>0 and b<0. Compare the values of the following expressions to zero: ab^2 i dont understand why i always get these wrong, i pluged in numbers that match with what it says and i solve: 1*-1^2=-1, 0 is greater than ab^2 but i got that
  3. ELA

    I'm trying to write an introduction to my paragraph can you help,does this make sense? Many may think that letting teens play violent role-playing games has little to no effect on their behavior. What many don’t know though, are negative impacts on the
  4. math 5

    Iam a seven digit number.My millions place is 5.My ten thousands place is the difference between my millions place and hundreds place.And my remaining place value is 0.What number am I.
  5. Chemistry

    A rigid container of O2 has a pressure of 3.9 atm at a temperature of 700 K. What is the pressure at 273 K?
  6. Social Studies (Check Please!)

    Inflation Primarily differs from deflation in that 1 Inflation tracks changing prices but deflation does not 2 inflation relates to rising rather than falling prices 3 Inflation happens only when the money supply is too small 4 inflation occurs much less
  7. Social Studies

    1) How does money differ from barter? A: Money is mostly important as a way to get goods and services B: Money is used to exchange goods and services C: Money has value only because people agree that it does **** D: Money has been used for thousands of
  8. Physics

    You are given two transverse waves on a string: f1(x) and f2(x) moving toward each other. At an initial time, the wave f1(x) (lying between 0 and 5 m) moves to the right at v1 = +1 m/s and f2(x) (lying between 5 and 10 m) is moving to the left at v2 =
  9. physics

    A sledge weighing 30 kg is pulled with a rope that makes 60° with the horizontal. The tension on the rope is constant and it is 37N. The sledge is moved horizontally for 13 m. There is no friction and cos(60°)=0.5 a) What is the work done by the tension
  10. algebra 2

    simplify the product using the distributive property. (5h+2)(3h-3)
  11. math

    How much interest will be paid in 1 year for a loan of at
  12. math

    Kayla designed a rectangular patio that was 3 times as long as it was wide and had a perimeter of 160 feet. What was the area of the patio?
  13. math

    Jo bought an item for 45¢, and paid with a $1.00 bill. How many different ways could she get her 55¢ change with combinations of only nickels, dimes and quarters?
  14. Algebra

    What are variables ?
  15. Algebra

    What property justifies this equation : 565 + 263 = 263 + 565 Identity property Comunitive property of addition Associative property of addition Distributive property
  16. Algebra(please and thanks you ) :)

    What is 0.375 as a fraction in lowest terms ?
  17. Algebra

    Mr.clarks cell phone bill went from $44.00 in april to $55.00 in may. What was the percent of increase in hiss bill?
  18. Algebra

    A jacket priced at $65 is on sale at %20 off the original price. The sale price is then marked down another %30 off. What is the price of the jacket?
  19. geometry

    The cylindrical storage tank has a height of 12 feet.Which of the following expressions could be used to find the volume of the tank in cubic feet?
  20. HELLO!?

    i have posted several questions? and NON have gotten help? :( WHY is everyone else getting help and NOT me? HELLOO???
  21. chemistry

    The mercury (I) ion is unusual. Look up the charge of the ion. Suggest a possible explanation for its charge. Further Explain how the electron configuration plays a role in its unusually abilities.
  22. chemistry

    when atoms collide, what determines whether they will react by transfering electrons or by sharing electrons
  23. Diatomic Molecules?!

    Why do diatomic molecules form?!! :((
  24. maths

    prove that the exterior angle of polygon is 360
  25. maths

    how to prove the area of the trapezium is 1/2(a+b)h
  26. algebra

    true or false?The surface area of an open rectangular box is the same as the surface area of a closed rectangular box.
  27. algebra

    Find the variation constant and an equation of variation where y varies directly as x and y=16 when x=8 The variation constant is k=? The equation of variation is y=?
  28. algebra

    multiply: (w+p)(w^2-wp+p^2)
  29. algebra

    I need to solve the following equation for the variable x. 4/x-2+1/x+2=7x/x^2-4
  30. algebra

    Please help me! Im lost on where to start. 1.)Solve: 3/2z+4z=1 2.)Solve the following equation: x-2/x+2=x+2/x+4
  31. Psychology

    What are some of the characteristics of a Type A personality?How could aving a Type A personality affect a person's reaction to stress?What would you view as some advantages and disadvantages of a Type A personality?
  32. Algebra 2

    Factor completely: (0.36y^2-0.0001)

    What is the slope for y=3/4x+1?
  34. spanish I

    how do you pronounce De donde eres in spanish?

    identify the equation of the line through (-2, 1) and parallel to y = 3x + 1

    identify the equation of the line through (-7, 10) and horizontal
  37. math

    identify the equation of the line through (-7, 10) and horizontal
  38. math

    identify the equation of the line through (-2, 1) and parallel to y = 3x + 1
  39. Algebra

    Solve by the elimination method: 7r-9s=-35 9r+7s=85
  40. math could you please help i don't understand

    in a competition 5 figure skaters will skate in a randomely assigned order. why can't you evaluate the product 5*5*5*5*5 to find the number of possible orders in which the skaters can skate
  41. rhymes word

    how cant i do the rhymes word for jan-fan-and- glad