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  1. Math

    Find the derivative of the following function using First Principles. f(x)= x^2+5^x
  2. Life Orientation

    What are human farming methosds??
  3. Life orientation

    What are inhumane farming methods
  4. History

    Which explain how outside factors influenced the conflict in Vietnam in the years after World War II? (Select all that apply.) A. A socialist student uprising in france in the late 1940s forced the french government to grant vietnam full independence and
  5. History

    Which best describes how the Korean War shaped the attitudes of the American public? American involvement in the Korean action created organized opposition that laid the foundations of the 1960s protest movements. Public outrage over the human cost of the


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  1. Math

  2. chem

  3. chem

  4. SS plz help thx i appreciate it

    Helpppppppppp i need help :-| :-(
  5. History