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  1. Math

    Showing results for box had 6 sides,length 10 inches,width 10 inches,what is the total area needs covered by gift wrap?
  2. algebra

    The circle has a circumference of 50.24. Using 3.14 to approximate pi​, find the value of x.       A circle with a radius labeled x plus 3. x + 3
  3. math

  4. Math

    Clara earns an hourly rate of $20 per hour and 5% commission. Rose earns an hourly rate of $16 per hour and 10% commission. They each work a 40-hour week. In one particular week, Clara and Rose both sold the same value of goods and both received the same
  5. Math

    SO! how do I solve this problem in inches? A triangle with sides that measures 2 1/2 ft., 20 in., and 1/2 yd. Answer in inches


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  1. math

    A cone has a slant height of 8cm and a surface area of 50cm2. Find:(a) That Base radius of the height. (B) The perpendicular height of the cone. (C) The vertical Angles of the cone, to the nearest degree
  2. math

    Yuri has a rope 12 meters long. He cuts into pieces that are 2 meters long. What fraction of the rope is one piece?
  3. math

    Thank you
  4. math

    Is it 50
  5. math

    Maria reads 40 pages of her novel in 4 hours. At that rate, how many pages would she read in 5 hours?