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  1. Advanced functions

    Given the formula: f(x)=x^2+ax+b and the vertex point (3,9) prove that this is the vertex of a minimum parabola using instantaneous rate of change.
  2. Law

    The uniform commercial code applies to contact issues related to Is it the sales of goods?
  3. Biology

    What four substances are recycled during photosynthesis and respiration? I’d come up with an answer but I’m confused... Part b: What is one component in photosynthesis that is not recycled and must be constantly available? Thank you.
  4. History

    Read the Summary The French Revolution was in actuality two revolutions (1). The first overthrew the stronghold of the Roman Empire as absolute rulers of the nation (2). The years in between the two revolutions were marked by fighting between Catholics and
  5. Math

    Anton is four years older than Liza. The product of his age three years from now and Liza's age two years ago is 90 years.Find their present ages
  6. Chemistry

    In 88S38 element, calculate the number of protons and number of nuetrons?
  7. math

    A rocket is shot into the air and follows a parabolic path given by h = -4.9t^2 + 58.8t + 8.6 where h is the height of the rocket above the ground in meters and t is the elapsed time in seconds. Determine how long the rocket will be above 150 m.
  8. Math

    A netball team scored 60 42 48 and 46 goals in their first four matches.What is the mean number of goals for the first for matches?What score will the team need to shoot in the next match so that they maintain the same mean score. the team shoots only 39
  9. Math

    which one of the following gives the distance between the numbers 11 and -8? -19, -3, 19, 3 How do you figure out these problems??
  10. math

    23 of all your books are fiction. 16 of those are historical fiction. What fraction of all your books are historical fiction? Options: 1/9, 1/18, 1/3, 1/2
  11. math

    The marker costs 13 as much as the pen. The pen costs 13 as much as the book. The book costs 13 as much as the game. The price of the marker is what fraction of the price of the game?
  12. math

    One day at 2:00 AM, the temperature was -9 F in Nome, Alaska. At 9:00 AM the temperature was 26 F. What was the average change in temperature in hours? Need help
  13. Math

    A total of 210 people attended the opening night of a school musical. Student tickets cost 3.00 each while general admission tickets cost 7.50 each. If total sales were $1296, how many general admission tickets were sold? Need help setting up the equations
  14. Math

    Nine boxes contain cans of different weights. How could you redivide the cans so each box weighs the same? There is 1 box with cans and the box weights ⅓, 1 box weights ⅔, 2 boxes weights 1⅓, 2 boxes weights 2⅔, and 3 boxes weights 3 pounds.
  15. Math

    You paint 1/2 wall in 1/4 hour. At that rate, how long will it take you to paint one wall? How do you figure out these problems, I seem to have a hard time.
  16. Math-Physics

    What is the total force on the bottom of a 400-cm-diameter by 1.5-m-deep round wading pool due to the weight of the air and the weight of the water? (Note the pressure contribution from the atmosphere is 1.0 x 10^5 N/m^2, the density of water is 1 g/cm^3,
  17. Physics

    If the gravitational force between the electron (9.11 ✕ 10-31 kg) and the proton (1.67 ✕ 10-27 kg) in a hydrogen atom is 1.06 ✕ 10-47 N, how far apart are the two particles?
  18. Physics

    The gravitational force of attraction between two students sitting at their desks in physics class is 2.34 ✕ 10^-8 N. If one student has a mass of 45.0 kg and the other student has a mass of 61.6 kg, how far apart are the students sitting?
  19. Math

    This year, The Rockport Times had 774 subscribers. That is 70% fewer than they had last year, before the paper was bought out. How many subscribers did the paper have last year? I am not strong at percent equations, could someone please give me a deep
  20. Math

    3. Explain how you can tell if an equation has no infinite solution, write an example and solve. I don't understand how you can tell, help?
  21. Math

    Finished an equation and got an answer of 8 = -6 Is this no solution for the final answer?
  22. Physics

    A 64 kg skier is on a 18 degree slope. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the skis and snow is .04. A) What is the weight of the skier? B) what is the normal force of the slope on the skier? C) why is the “parallel” force on the skier? D) what
  23. History

    What was Article V (5) about in the Articles of Confederation?
  24. Math

    How can an exponent be negative? Use an example. Having trouble with this prompt, I don’t know how to explain what it is asking for.
  25. Math

    Does m^8/m^4 (Exponent) equal m^2? I think it does.
  26. Math

    At midnight the temperature was 9 C. If the temperature rose 4 C per hour, what was the temperature at 9:00 AM? I said 36 C but it was incorrect, help?
  27. Math

    One day at 1:00 P.M, the temperature was 7 F in Kodiak, Alaska. At 9:00 P.M. the temperature was -17 F. What was the average change in temperature per hour?
  28. College Algebra

    How much water must be evaporated from 32 ounces of a 7% salt solution to make a 8% salt​ solution? (Answer is in ounces)
  29. Math

    Is the square of a rational number always greater than the number ?
  30. geometry

    The bases of trapezoid $ABCD$ are $\overline{AB}$ and $\overline{CD}$. We are given that $CD = 8$, $AD = BC = 7$, and $BD = 9$. Find the area of the trapezoid.
  31. physics

    a plane flying due north at 100 m/s is blown by a. 50 m/s strong wind due east. b. what is the plane's resultant velocity?
  32. Calculus

    The shoreline of a lake is a circle with diameter 3 km. Peter stands at point E and wants to reach the diametrically opposite point W. He intends to jog along the north shore to a point P and then swim the straight line distance to W. If he swims at a rate
  33. Math

    The number of boys in a class is 10 less than twice the number of girls. Find the total number of the students in the class, if the number of boys is 5 more than the number of girls.
  34. Math

    A barber and his apprentice earn $4900 in a week. The barber earns $200 more per day than his apprentice. How much does the apprentice earn in one day?
  35. Math

    Amira and Malika are counting their school books. Amira has four times 7 less than the number of Malik's books. If Amira has 29 books how many books does Malika have?
  36. Physics

    an earth satellite has an elliptical orbit with an eccentricity value, e=0.40 and on orbital period of 10 hours and 54.0 minutes. Find the height above the surface at its closest approach point.
  37. Algebra

    The area of an isosceles right triangle is 18cm square. Find the lengths of the legs.
  38. physics

    A car with a mass of 980 kg and a speed of v1 = 17.0 m/s approaches an intersection, as shown in the figure(Figure 1) . A 1300 kg minivan traveling at v2 is heading for the same intersection. The car and minivan collide and stick together. The direction of
  39. physics homework

    To make a bounce pass, a player throws a 0.60-kg basketball toward the floor. The ball hits the floor with a speed of 5.2 m/s at an angle of 60 ∘ to the vertical. Part A If the ball rebounds with the same speed and angle, what was the magnitude of the
  40. physics

    A 55-kg person walks due north with a speed of 1.1 m/s, and her 7.0-kg dog runs directly toward her, moving due south, with a speed of 1.8 m/s.
  41. Math

    The drawing of a road a pound ,shown below has a scale of 1 inch to 5km Dimension is 3 inch wide and 5 in long What is the total distance in km of the actual road A 16 B 40 C 80 D160
  42. physics pls help

    The resilin in the body of a flea has a force constant of about 28 kg, and when the flea cocks its jumping legs, the resilin associated with each leg is stretched by approximately 0.10 mm. Part A Given that the flea has a mass of 0.56 mg, and that two legs
  43. physics question

    A skateboarder at a skate park rides along the path shown in (Figure 1) .a=2.7 m and b=1.0m Part A If the speed of the skateboarder at point A is v=1.6m/s, what is her speed at point B? Assume that friction is negligible.
  44. physics

    A 2.0 kg mass is sliding on a flat surface, with an initial speed of 20 m/s, and a coefficient of friction of 0.2. what is the magnitude of its acceleration? I know the answer is 2.0 m/s^2, but can someone show me how ?
  45. Chemistry

    Consider the following decomposition reaction of ammonium carbonate ((NH4)2CO3): (NH4)2CO3 (s)  2 NH3 (g) + CO2 (g) + H2O (g) In one experiment at 25.0°C, a sample of pure (NH4)2CO3 is placed in an evacuated 2.00 L vessel. At equilibrium, the total

    Two springs, with force constants k1=175N/m and k2=270N/m, are connected in series, as shown in (Figure 1) . Part A: When a mass m=0.50kg is attached to the springs, what is the amount of stretch, x? k1 I k2 I m ? ] x
  47. physics

    Two springs, with force constants k1=175N/m and k2=270N/m, are connected in series When a mass m=0.50kg is attached to the springs, what is the amount of stretch, x?
  48. physics

    During an episode of turbulence in an airplane you feel 180 N heavier than usual. Part A If your mass is 86 kg, what are the magnitude and direction of the airplane’s acceleration? 2sf
  49. Physics

    The figure is just mass A on top of mass B. There are no forces or anything shown. Block A, of mass 3.2 kg, is on block B, of mass 7 kg, as shown in the above figure. The lower block is on a frictionless surface while the coefficient of static friction is
  50. Math

    The manager of a store orders canoes that cost $400 and sells them for 828. what percentage is the mark-up?
  51. Science

    Do light and sound travel at the same speed through solids, liquids, and gasses? What are the effects of light and sound traveling through different objects?
  52. physics

    In a friendly game of handball, you hit the ball essentially at ground level and send it toward the wall with a speed of 17 m/s at an angle of 39 ∘ above the horizontal. How long does it take for the ball to reach the wall if it is 3.8 m away? How high
  53. physics

    A soccer ball is kicked with a speed of 16.7 m/s at an angle of 45.0 ∘ above the horizontal.If the ball lands at the same level from which it was kicked, for what amount of time was it in the air?
  54. American Government PLEASE CHECK MY ANSWER!!

    7. Which of the following six organizing principles are evident in Articles I – III of the U.S. Constitution? Select all that apply. A. Limited government.*** B. Separation of powers. C. Judicial review.*** D. Checks and balances. 8. Which of the
  55. American Government PLEASE CHECK MY ANSWER!!

    6. The constitutional prohibition against laws respecting an establishment of religion must at least mean that, in this country, it is no part of the business of government to compose official prayers for any group of the American people to recite as part
  56. Math

    Four members of the Kaplan family will take a river trip down the Colorado River in Colorado State Park. The rafting company charges $10 per person for a half-day river trip, or $100 flat rate for a half-day river trip. The raft can hold up to 10 people.
  57. Physics

    The initial velocity, the final velocity, and the time are given. Using one of the equations of kinematics, you can calculate the displacement directly. An airplane starts from rest and reaches a takeoff velocity of 60.0 m/s due north in 4.0 s. How far has
  58. Math

    can you please help me work on this problem? I have a few and I want to know how to figure it out: The ratio of boys to girls in a class is 5 to 6. How many boys at in the class if there is a total of 121 students. I guessed 55 boys and 66 girls?
  59. Math

    Which of the following is NOT a correct ratio for 12 stars and 15 hearts? a. 12 to 15 b. 4:5 c. 12/15 d. 3 to five
  60. Math

    Benson is 2 years less than twice Jackson age and all together equal 19
  61. Math

    The salary of an employee in 1985 is $1200,in 1987 it will be $1350. Express salary as a linear function of time and estimate his salary in 1988.
  62. Math

    It is required to seat 5 men and 4 women in a row so that the women occupy the Even place. How many arrangements are possible?
  63. Math

    A family has 3 children. Their first child was a girl. What I'd the probability that the two children are of different gender?
  64. MATH

    the line 'l' has gradient 3 and cuts the x-axis at 4 then its equation?
  65. Math

    If the demand function of the monopolist is {p=200-0.5x} and its cost function is {C=100+5x+7x^2}. Value of 'x' , price and the amount of profit for which profit maximizes are:
  66. Math

    The probability that a person stopping at petrol pump will get his tyres checked is 0.12, the probability that he will get his oil checked is 0.29 and the probability that he will get both checked is 0.07. A) what is the probability that a person stopping
  67. Physics

    A child of mass 30 kg stands beside a circular platform of mass 95 kg and radius 2.4 m spinning at 2.3 rad/s. Treat the platform as a disk. The child steps on the rim. a) What is the new angular speed? b) She then walks to the center and stay there. What
  68. Physics

    A circular disk of mass 0.4 kg and radius 36 cm, initially not rotating, slips down a thin spindle onto a turntable (disk) of mass 1.7 kg and the same radius, rotating freely at 3.4 a) Find the new angular velocity of the combination; b) The change in the
  69. math

    an arithmetic series is such that the ninth term is zero and the sum of first 25 terms is 50.the first term of the series?
  70. math

    the 54th term and 4th term of an A.P are -61 and 64 respectively.Find the common difference and 23rd tem
  71. Physics

    A block of mass 2.5 kg hangs vertically from a frictionless pulley of mass 6.5 kg and radius 16 cm. Treat the pulley as a disk. Find: a) the acceleration of the block b) the tension in the rope I don't even know where to begin,
  72. Physics

    A torque of 50 N*m acts on a wheel of moment of inertia 25 kg*m^2 for 4 s and then is removed. b)How many revolutions does it make in 15 s if it starts at rest? I found the angular acceleration, 2 rad/s^2, but I don't know how to find the amount of
  73. Math

    If thrice of "A's" age 6 years ago be subtracted from twice his present age the result would be equal to his present age. Find "A's" present age.
  74. Math

    Ten years ago the age of the father was four times of his son. Ten years hence the age of the father will be twice that of his son. The present ages of father & son are?
  75. Math

    A number is as much greater than 21 and is less than 71. The number is?
  76. College Math

    Suzan sees a bag of marbles, she grabs a handful at random. She has seen a bag containing three red marbles, three green ones, four white ones, and three purple ones. She grabs seven of them. Find the probability of the following event, expressing it as a
  77. Calculus

    Let F(x)=f(x^4) and G(x)=(f(x))^4. You also know that a^3=15, f(a)=2, f′(a)=4, f′(a^4)=12. Find F′(a) and G′(a). I don't even know where to begin.
  78. math

    a company sells one of its product at Rs.12 per unit a year.its cost function is given by [c(x)=0.01x^2+8^x+7],where x represents the number of units.the number of units and the maximum profit for which profit function maximizes are:
  79. math

    A man travels 600km partly by train and partly by car.If he covers 120km by train and rest by car ; it takes him 8 hours.But if he travels 200km by train and and by car ; he takes 20 minutes longer.Find the speed of the train and that of the car.
  80. math

    2 men and 5 boys can do a piece of work in 4 days, while 4 men and 4 boys can do it in 3 days.How long it would take one man alone to do it and how many days ity would take one boy to do it alone?
  81. math

    if the length of a rectangle is one-third the perimeter of the rectangle,then the width of the rectangle is what fraction of the perimeter?
  82. math

    5 oranges when removed from a basket containing three more than seven times as many oranges,leave how many oranges in the basket?
  83. math

    a computer cost $40,000 to purchase.Renting the same computer requires making $5000 , non-refundable deposits and monthly payments of $2500.After how many months will the cost to rent the computer equal the cost to purchase it?
  84. pre algebra

    The ball game took in $1,920 one Saturday. The number of $12 adult tickets was 15 more than twice the number of $5 child tickets. How many of each were sold?
  85. pre algebra

    Julie went to the post office and bought both $0.49 stamps and $0.34 postcards for her office's bills. She spent $62.60. The number of stamps was 20 more than twice the number of postcards. How many of each did she buy?
  86. statistics

    the arithematic mean of two numbers is 15 and geometric meanis 12.Find the two numbers and find harmonic mean of these numbers.
  87. statistics

    A crane is designed in such a way that it can lift a maximum load of 2750kg.Is the crane overload if the container is filled with 50 bags of cement 40kg each and 5 machine of average 100kg?
  88. statistics

    a person drove on a highway first 5km at a speed of 60km/h ,the second 5km at a speed of 85km/h , third 5km at a speed of 92km/h and last 5km of his journey,the speed was 8okm/h.Use suitable average to find average speed of the journey of 20km.
  89. Physics

    A particle of mass m1 = 2.5 kg moving along the x axis collides with a particle of mass m2 = 4.9 kg initially at rest. The incoming particle is deflected in the direction 22 degrees above the x axis, whereas the target particle moves off at 15 m/s at 37
  90. Algebra

    Manuel plans to install a fence around the perimeter of his yard. His yard is shaped like a square and has an area of 40,000 square feet. The company that he hires charges $2.50 per foot for the fencing and $50.00 for the installation fee. Write a
  91. Math

    What is the expression of Aisha has four more than three times as many candies as rachell.
  92. Health

    An individuals self-esteem stays the same throughout their life: A - true B - false ** Self-actualization means that you focus on yourself all the time A - true B - false ** Which of the following is a skill you can practice to improve your self-esteem? A
  93. Math

    Henry is 3 times as old as Jake. Three years ago, he was 4 times as old as Jake. How old is each boy now?
  94. English

    I'm having trouble making out what this section means: "...and as soon as her daughter was in a condition, sent her to a monastery in France, the abbess of which had been her particular friend. And thus ended an intrigue which, considering the time it
  95. English

    Is this sentence grammatically correct? "Many times, women are blinded and silenced by fear, the fear of being different and thinking differently, especially in a culture that oppresses women."
  96. stats

    The weights (in pounds) of a sample of 36 individuals were recorded and the following statistics were calculated. mean = 160 range = 60 mode = 165 variance = 324 median = 170 The coefficient of variation equals: a.0.1125% b.11.25% c.203.12% d.0.20312% Do I
  97. stats

    The mean of Exam 1 is 80%. The variance is 25. How many students of my IS310 class of 200 students have scores between 70% and 90%, assuming that the distribution is bell-shaped? a.180 b.185 c.190 d.195 I'm not sure how to set up this problem.
  98. stats

    Jason, a freshman at a local college, just completed 15 credit hours. His grade report is presented below. Course: Calculus, Biology, English, Music, P.E. Credit Hours 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Grades C, A, D, B, A The local university uses a 4 point grading system,
  99. Math

    If a= -2, b= -5 and c= -6 than a - b + c = I don't know how to complete this problem?
  100. earth and science

    what continent lies between 20 and 60 degress north lattitude and between 160 and 50 degrees west longtitude


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