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  1. Math

    The melt in your mouth chocolate factory is a rectangular building. The dostance across the front of the store is 294 feet. The distance from the front to the back is one third of this distance. If the owners paint a sign all the way around the outside of
  2. Algebra 1

    Solve by completing the square: A rectangular patio has a length of (x + 6) m, a width of (x + 8) m, and a total area of 400 m2. Find the dimensions to the nearest tenth. Please help me with this math problem. Thanks so much.
  3. Algebra 1

    A ball is thrown from the top of a 50-ft building with an upward velocity of 24 ft/s. When will it reach its maximum height? How far above the ground will it be? Use the equation h(t)= -16t2 + 24t + 50 Please help me with this problem, thanks.
  4. Math

    Joanne buys a rectangular rug with an area of 35/4 square meters. The length of the rug is 7/2 meters. What is the width, in meters, of the rug?
  5. math

    At 9:30a.m, Sean started filling a swimming pool. At 11:30a.m, he had filled 1,800gallons. At what time will the pool be full?
  6. math

    a children play area is 90 m long and 44 m wide a fence will enclose it how much fencing will it need
  7. Chemistry

    20cm3 of 0.1m sulphuric acid was required to react with 50.0cm3 of a solution of sodium hydroxide
  8. Matg

    A recreation room needs to be recarpet the dimensions of the room are 72ft ×30ft,which carpet company would you use carpet master6ft×1ft roll for $1 flooring king 6ft×6 ft for $4 floors deluxe 8 ft × 3. ft for $2 or carpets and more 6 ft × 3 ft roll
  9. math

    There are 12 eggs in a carton.25% of the eggs are many eggs in the carton are cracked
  10. math

    Keith's rectangular painting has a perimeter of 36 inches. The length of the painting is 8inches. What is the width
  11. Math

    I am an old number with zero in my tens space. I have a square number less than 9 in my tens of thousands space and half of that in the thousands space. My hundreds digit is 4 more than my tens digit and my ones digit is less than 3.
  12. pelling

    list of long a spelling words for a second grade student
  13. science

    Name 5 Main Chacteristics In Precambrian Time I looked in the book but I couldn't find anything
  14. us history

    Based on this account, what would historians be most likely to disagree on regarding the story of the Tuscarora? the history of the Iroquois nation the duration of the Tuscarora War the exact cause of the Tuscarora War the location of the Tuscarora tribal
  15. language arts

    is chapter 5 in johnny tremain a major event.
  16. science

    3. Which is a model of feeding relationships? (1 point) protein building food map food web sugar molecules
  17. science

    3. The relationship in which one species benefits and the other is unharmed is known as _____. (1 point) a niche commensalism mutualism parasitism 4. Population size is limited by all of the following except _____. (1 point) biotic factors abiotic factors
  18. social studies

    1.The new structure of the government will lead to tyranny. (5 points) Federalists Anti-Federalists
  19. English

    2. The speaker in the poem, “Mother To Son,” says the following: “Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.” This is an example of which literary element? (1 point) rhyme* simile metaphor alliteration i say a could sombody check and see if this is
  20. lanuage art

    3. Choose the correct vocabulary word for the following sentence: “We know the stranger came from a distance because of the _______ he spoke.” (1 point) criteria figurative language dialect
  21. math

  22. CHM

    Need help please Which of the following equations has the coefficients 2,1,1,2 when it is balanced? Fe2O3 + HClO4 → Fe(ClO4)3 + H2O Ca(OH)2 + H3PO4 → Ca3(PO4)2 + H2O KOH + H2SO4 → K2SO4 + H2O Ba(OH)2 + P4O10 → Ba3(PO4)2 + H2O Al2O3 + H2SeO4 →
  23. language arts

    Identify the term that correctly identifies the italicized word(s) in each sentence. 7. Listening to the mix CD my brother made for me, I began to hope he would make me another. (1 point) adverbial phrase gerund phrase infinitive phrase participial phrase
  24. math 2

    how do you solve the fowllowing question 6+(2x-7) fraction 2 over 3 =31
  25. math 2

    how do you solve the fowlling question
  26. math

    If AC = 20, AE = 25, and AB = 5, what is the length of AD?
  27. Physics

    A charge of 6.0 mC is to be split into two parts that are then separated by 3.00 mm. What is the maximum possible magnitude of the electrostatic force between those two parts?
  28. math

    Prove by mathematical induction that : E (3r-5)= 3n^2-7n /2 r=1

    0.560g of potassium hydroxide is added to 25.0 cm^3 of 1.00 mol dm^-3 of hydrochloric acid.Find the limiting reagent & please show the working.THANKS IN ADVANCE.
  30. english

    Please tell me where I could get the summary of "Eyes on the prize, promised land 1967-1968. Its homeork where can I get it. Thanks!
  31. math

    how do I write 2 tens, 2 hundreds and 4 tenths as a decimal?
  32. english

    what are some websites that can answer my questions and also if you this please help me. The question is "What can you suggest to community as a way to act locally while they think or worry about global descisions? Thank YoU!
  33. Math

    I have a work sheet on probabilities. IMPOSSIBLE (0) UNLIKELY (1/4) EQUALLY LIKELY (1/2) LIKELY (3/4) CERTAIN (1) I have to write at least two things under each listed, and I don't know how to do this
  34. 3rd grade

    the best estimate to measure a desk. i put ruler and meter
  35. Language

    What is the complete predicate in this sentence---My best friend moved into a two story house. What is the simple predicate in this sentence---Steve's home and Anna's home are both in the same building.
  36. English

    In the book Dr. Dolittle is it written in 1st person, 2nd person, or 3rd person omniscent or limited?