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  1. Trig

    For parametric equations x=a cos t And y=b sin t Describe how the values of a and b determine which comic section will be traced.
  2. Conics

    What type of conic is represented by the polar equation? r= 1 / 4-6cos theta Ellipse Hyperbola Parabola Circle Help! Homework help needed
  3. Language arts

    1.Which of the following should be included in your research presentation? Select all that apply (2 answers) ***A.a broad topic **B.details and examples from a variety of sources C.a works cited list from an atlas outline 2.which of the
  4. science

    How are white and yellow produced by the opponent process?
  5. algebra

    Here are yesterday's high temperatures (in Fahrenheit) in 13 U.S. cities. 50 , 56 , 56 , 58 , 60 , 61 , 63 , 66 , 67 , 71 , 71 , 80 , 83 Notice that the temperatures are ordered from least to greatest. Give the five-number summary and the interquartile
  6. Precalculus

    Suppose H(X)=(6x-5)^3 Find two functions f and g such that (f•g)(x)=H(x) Neither function can be the parent/ identity function
  7. Physics, Calculus

    if an aircraft flying at 250km/h at bearing N 45East for 1 hour meets a wind from the NW at 50km/h, then how long will it take to fly the full 550km maintaining its N45E bearing to the ground with this wind blowing?
  8. Math

    There are 36 books on a bookcase.there are 9 nonfiction,12 fiction,and 15 science fiction. What is the probability of choosing a nonfiction book of choosing a fiction book of choosing a science fiction book?
  9. Math

    2 2/4 divide by 1 1/4
  10. chemistry

    A 8.408 gram sample of an organic compound containing C, H and O is analyzed by combustion analysis and 12.53 grams of CO2 and 3.849 grams of H2O are produced. In a separate experiment, the molar mass is found to be 118.1 g/mol. Determine the empirical
  11. Chemistry

    What is the Net Ionic Equation for Nitric Acid and Potassium Carbonate?
  12. Chemistry

    What is the concentration in each of the following solutions? A) 240 mL of 0.200 M KNO3 is added to 160 mL of water. B) 2.25g of NaCl is dissolved in 250 ml of water.
  13. Chemistry

    The quantity of Cl- in a water supply is determined by titrating the sample with Ag+. What mass of chloride ion is present in a 10,0g sample of the water if 20.2 ml of 0.100 M Ag+ is required to react with all the chloride in the sample?
  14. Chemistry

    7. A student conducts an experiment on a different hydrate. The empty crucible is heated to a constant mass of 24.330. A sample of the unidentified hydrate is placed in the crucible, and the total mass is 31.571 g. The crucible and hydrate are heated to
  15. maths

    Gunpowder contains 75%nitre and10% sulphur.find the amount of gunpowder which carries 9 kg nitre . what amount of gunpowder would contain 2.5kg sulphur
  16. Maths

  17. physics

    what is the maximum torque on a rectangular coil 5 cm x 12 cm and with 600 turns when carrying a current of 0.0700A in a uniform field with magnitude 0.300T?
  18. Chemistry

    5 grams of H2 reacts with 16 g of O2, which in excess? 2H2(g)+O2(g)=2H2O(g)
  19. math

    If the store purchases an item at a wholesale cost of $3.50 per item, and it is sold at a retail value of $5.00 per item. What is the gross profit percentage of the item?
  20. Geometry

    A wheel 2ft wide rolls a distance of .015 miles in .005 hours. What is the wheels speed in rpm's?
  21. Geometry

    The diagonals of rectangle ABCD intersect at point E. If AE=2x+5, and BD=5x+2, what is AC?
  22. Chemistry

    Nicotine is a basic substance and its dissociation constant is about 1.0 x 10-6. To prepare a solution water with 0.01 mol L-1, calculate the PH
  23. Chemistry

    An amount of 25ml of a 0.8 Molar solution of pure KNO3 and placed in a volumetric flask. Is added water until the thin volume reaches exactly 500ml. which the final concentration?
  24. Chemistry

    An aluminum sheet used for food preservation weighs about 0.05 g/cm-2 How many electrons are in a 1 cm2 of this sheet?
  25. Math help Steve?

    1) Given that p(-3), p(-1), and p(5)=0, which expression could be p(x)? A)x^3-x^2-17x-15 B)x^3+x^2-17x+15 C)x^3-3x^2-13x+15 D)x^3-9x^2+23x-15 Hi Steve, I got what you said, but how would I solve this equation then?
  26. Math

    Hello again! I would appreciate help very much on this. Thank you! 1) For which values of x is y equal to 16 in the equation y=|3x+4|? A) -60 and 36 B) -36 and 60 C) -20/3 and 4 D) 20/3 and 4
  27. Math

    1. Which function represents an initial population that increases 22% per year where A represents the initial value and X represents time in years? A. Y=A(0.22)^x B. Y=A(0.68)^x C. Y=A(1.22)^x D. Y=A(1.68)^x I do not get how to solve this problem. Any help
  28. Math

    1) Malene rented a compact car for 10 days and drove it 620 miles for a total cost of 412$. Patrick rented a compact car at the same rental car company for 6 days and drove it 850 miles. His total cost was 295. Which system of equations could be used to
  29. Math (check answers)

    1) Given that p(-3), p(-1), and p(5)=0, which expression could be p(x)? A)x^3-x^2-17x-15 B)x^3+x^2-17x+15 C)x^3-3x^2-13x+15** D)x^3-9x^2+23x-15 2) Coaches in a football conference had the option to vote for or against a rule change. The table below shows
  30. Math

    1)If the roots of a quadratic equation are -2 and 3, the equation can be written as A) (x+2)(x+3) B) (x-2)(x+3)** C) (x+2)(x-2) D) (x-2)(x-3) Is the answer B? If someone could help me that would be great.
  31. Physics

    A constant retarding torque of 12 N*m stops a rolling 0.80 m diameter wheel in a distance of 15 m. How much work does the torque do?
  32. Physics

    Three blocks are connected on the table as shown below. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the block of mass m2 and the table is 0.345. The objects have masses of m1 = 3.25 kg, m2 = 1.25 kg, and m3 = 2.50 kg, and the pulleys are frictionless. The
  33. algebra

    Mary wants to hang a mirror in her room. The mirror and frame must have an area of 7 square feet. The mirror is 2 feet wide and 3 feet long. Which quadratic equation can be used to determine the thickness of the frame, x? (4 points)
  34. History

    What were the major changes in sciences view of the nature of the universe and humanity's place in it between 1850 and 1914? How did these developments contribute to the age of anxiety? How are these changes reflected in philosophy, psychoanalysis, and
  35. AP Calc

    The US Post Office has a limit on the size of packages it will accept for mailing. The length plus the girth must be 84 inches or less. Find the dimensions of the rectangular package with a square end, which will maximize the volume of the package.
  36. MATH

    Mimi's Market sold 24 heads of lettuce one morning. That afternoon 2/7 of the remaining heads of lettuce were sold. The number of heads left was now 1/2 of the number the market had at the beginning of the day. How many heads of lettuce were there at the
  37. math/set theory

    120 quilts were entered into a quilt show. (Traditionally, all quilts were hand stitched but now many are stitched on machines. Appliques are additional pieces of cloth that are sewn on top of the quilt.) In this show, 86 were machine stitched. 44 had
  38. Social Studies

    What are some lifestyles for the following countries: -Kazakhstan -Kyrgyzstan -Latvia -Liechtenstein
  39. Physics

    A ball rolling with initial velocity of 40m/s(W) undergoes an acceleration of 5.0m/s^2(N) for a period of 6.0seconds. (A) what is the final velocity of the ball? (B) what is the displacement of the ball in the 6.0 sec
  40. Physics

    A ball rolling with initial velocity of 40m/s(W) undergoes an acceleration of 5.0m/s^2(N) for a period of 6.0seconds. (A) what is the final velocity of the ball? (B) what is the displacement of the ball in the 6.0 sec
  41. Maths

    Mathew is attending a very loud concert by the discarded. To avoid permanent ear damage he decides to move farther from the stage. Sound intensity is given by the formula I=k/d*d where k is the constant and d is the distance in metres from the listener to
  42. math

    Fred has 15 cows John has twice as many cows as Fred had when Fred had as many cows as John has now how many cows has John?
  43. Organic Chemistry

    What ketone or aldehyde would be reduced to produce each alcohol, respectively: a. 3,3-Dimethyl butan-2-ol b. 3-Methyl butan-1-ol c. Benzyl alcohol
  44. ch

    A 0.160-g sample of unknown metal (X) reacts with hydrochloric acid to produce 66.5 mL? Help please
  45. Math

    Evaluate the expression for the given value. x = 3; y = -5; z = -2 x(yz)^2 - 3(xyz)^0 + 2x^2yz^2 = 3(-5 * -2)^2 - 3(3 * -5 * -2)^0 + 2(3)^2(-5 * -2)^2 = 3 * 100 - 3 * 30 + 2 * 9 300 - 90 + 18 = 228
  46. Math

    Evaluate the expression for the given value. x = -2; y = 3; z = -1 -2x^2y - 3xy^2z - xz =
  47. Chemistry

    In a double-stranded DNA molecule, the percentage of Guanine can never be more than ___%. Why?
  48. Chemistry

    Which of the following statements must be True? Check all that apply. The number of Adenines in single-stranded DNA equals the number of Thymines. The number of Guanines in single-stranded DNA equals the number of Adenines. The number of Thymines in
  49. Math

    Solve the following: -6x + 3 <= 25
  50. Math

    Solve the following. 2(x + 1) - 4 <= 1/4(12x - 24)
  51. Math

    Evaluate when x = 2, y = -5, z = 3. x^2 - y = 3 3z - 4(y + 1) - y^2 = 0 x - yz = -13
  52. Math

    Simplify or solve as appropriate. Enter ns if there's no solution or all if the solution is all real numbers. 2 - 3(x + 5)) = 10 X = -7.6 7z + 6 - 2(z + 3) 5 * z 1/2x - 5 = 3/4x + 7 X = -48
  53. Math

    Using the linear equation y = -3x + 5, complete the table of values (T-Chart) and choose the correct graph. X = -2 Y = _ X = -1 Y = _ X = 0 Y = _ X = 1 Y = _ X = 2 Y = _
  54. Math

    Using the linear equation y = 5, answer each of the following. Choose all points that would be on this line. (0,5), (5,5), (2,5), (5,2), (-3,5), or (5,-3)
  55. Math

    Find the x-intercept and the y-intercept of the linear equation 3x + 4y = 12. Write each intercept as an ordered pair.
  56. Please check if these math questions are correct

    8 = p - 5 Answer: p = 13 21 + y = 35 Answer: y = 14 6x = 54 Answer: x = 9
  57. Math

    Solve -4x is less then equal to -16. I got x is less then equal to 4. Is this correct I'm kind of confused with this question.
  58. Math

    Solve for X. X/8 = -4/9
  59. Math

    Evaluate the following expressions when x = -2, y = 6, and z = -4 y^2 + 3z 5y - 3(x^2 + 1) + z
  60. Math

    When driving to the beach, you drive 240 miles on 9 gallons of gas. When you arrive at the beach you fill up your gas tank. While there you drive 130 miles and use 5.8 gallons of gas. Round answers to 2 decimal places. What was your gas mileage driving to
  61. Math

    Choose True or False for each of the following. 87% is equivalent to 0.87 True or False 1.29 is equivalent to 129% True or False 0.5% is equivalent t0 0.05 True or False 5.6 is equivalent to 56% True or False
  62. Math

    Convert each of the following. Round your answer to two decimal places if necessary. 0.68 miles = 43084.80 inches 10259 feet = 3419 yards
  63. Math

    If a boat travels at 5 miles per hour, how many feet per second does it travel? Round your answer to two decimal places if necessary. 26400 feet per second
  64. Math

    Three friends go to their favorite seafood restaurant for dinner. They decide to order a crab cake appetizer. When it arrives there are only 2 crab cakes. What fraction of a crab cake will each friend get to eat? 3/2 Write the fraction as a decimal rounded
  65. Math

    Your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe makes 4 dozen cookies. Among the other ingredients, the recipe calls for > 1 cup of butter > 2 tsp vanilla extract > 3 cups of flour > 1/2 tsp salt You are asked to make 6 dozen cookies for a party.
  66. Math

    Perform the indicated operation and simplify. 1. 1/4 + 1/3 = 2/3 2. 4/7 - 5/6 = 1/6 3. 3/5 * -4/7 = -12/35 4. 10/11 divided by 2/3 = 15/11
  67. Math

    Is 10.512 * 10^3 written in proper scientific notation? If not rewrite the number in proper scientific notation.
  68. Math

    You have a table in your living room with a round top that has a diameter of 2 1/2 feet. You would like to put a piece of glass over the top of the table to protect the surface. What is the area of the table top? (Use 3.14 for the value of pi). Write your
  69. Math

    You pull into a gas station where the sign says the gas costs $3.679. To fill up your tank you need 20 1/2 gallons of gas. You plan to use your credit card to pay. Rounded to the nearest cent, what will the charge be on your credit card? $75
  70. Math

    Perform the indicated operation. Write your answer as a simplified fraction. 1. 1/3 + 0.25 = 7/12 2. 0.3125 - 1/4 = 1/16 3. -7/10 + 0.2 = -9/10
  71. Math

    Convert the following decimals to a simplified mixed number. 1. 0.33 = 1/3 2. 1.875 = 1 7/8
  72. Math

    You and your friend ordered a 12 inch pizza to split for lunch. How many square inches of pizza do you each get to eat? Round answer to 2 decimal places. 37.68 square inches
  73. Math

    You live 35 1/3 miles from your grandmother's house. You're workplace is 7 2/5 miles from your grandmother's house. If you drive by your grandmother's home on the way to work one morning, what is the total number of miles you drove that morning? Write your
  74. Math

    Multiply each of the following. Write your answer as a simplified fraction. 1. 4/7 * 5 = 20/7 2. 15/28 * 7/9 = 105/252 3. -3 1/5 * 7/8 = -56/20
  75. Math

    Add each of the following. Write answer as a simplified improper fraction. 1. 3/25 + 8/35 = 61/175 2. 5 1/4 + 3 5/12 = 26/3 3. -4 1/2 + 2 2/3 = -19/6
  76. Math

    Convert the following fractions to decimals. Round to 2 decimal places if necessary. 1. 1/4 2. -3 7/16 3. 25/13
  77. Math

    Simplify each of the following. 1. 42/48 2. -15/35 3. 119/210
  78. Math

    Write as an improper fraction. 1. 7 3/5 2. -12 1/2 3. 41 4/6
  79. Math

    Write as a mixed number. 1. 13/11 2. -33/6
  80. 6th grade social studies

    What series of events led to the end of Egypts power in the Nile River Valley?
  81. History

    How did having few industries affect southerners. Can someone please help me with this question
  82. chemistry

    How many moles of H2O are needed to react with 15.0g of CaO forming Ca (OH)2? CaO + H2O --> Ca (OH)2
  83. Math (Please help ASAP?)

    I have this weird question that has to do with linear equations (I think), and this is what it says. Let f(x) = 4x - 5 A. Find f(3) B. Find x when f(x) = -21 Can somebody help me understand this??
  84. Math

    The parabola, B, represents a shuriken's maximum throwing distance, which was 60 meters of the enemy ninja, A, from a height of 7 meters. Figure out the trait of the enemy ninja that can be observed from the ellipse formed by the shuriken, and figure out
  85. Chemistry

    N-type silicon (Si) has been produced by doping with phosphorus (P). The charge-carrier population based on electrical conductivity measurments is determined to be 3.091*10^17 carriers/cm3 at room temperature. 1. Calculate the doping level of P (how much P
  86. Chemistry

    A glass of composition 85% SiO2 - 15% K2O is to be surface strengthened by ion exchange. To this end, two identical specimens approximately the size and shape of credit cards are soaked for the same amount of time at 850∘C. Sample A is soaked in NaCl
  87. Chemistry

    Consider the heterogeneous equilibrium process shown below. C(s) + CO2(g) 2 CO(g) At 700.°C, the total pressure of the system is found to be 3.87 atm. If the equilibrium constant KP is 1.52, calculate the equilibrium partial pressures of CO2 and CO.
  88. Algebra

    What is x when 6(x+4)+4(x+5)=74
  89. Algebra

    What is x when 6(x+4)+4(x+5)=74
  90. Algebra

    Subtract. [2x/(x^2-y^2)]-[7/(y-x)] Thank you! :)
  91. math

    Lin-Yee is helping to set up a health clinic in Inuvik by collecting and shipping medical supplies from Calgary. She has found these shipping rates online: • regular rate: $2.10/lb • ship 101 to 500 lb, get a 20% discount • ship over 500 lb, get a
  92. math

    A male moose is 2.6 m tall and 3.2 m long, with antlers that are 1.2 m across. An artist wants to carve scale models of the moose. She uses a scale factor of 1/30. a) What are the dimensions of the carvings to the nearest centimetre? b) How many carvings
  93. math

    The butcher shop sells a 3 lb package of chicken legs for $9.57. The supermarket sells chicken legs for $7.68/kg. Determine the price per kilogram that each store charges. Which store has the lower price per kilogram?
  94. Pre-Calculus

    A jet leaves an airport on a bearing of N 77* W and travels for 243 mi. It then turns and continues on a bearing of S 13* W for 104 mi. Find how far the jet is from the airport to 3 decimal places.
  95. math

    how do i put 3.00x10 to the 8th into a calculator
  96. Algebra

    how do you use a table to find a solution to 4m - 5 = 11
  97. compound interest

    If I invest $30000 at 10% compound interest for eighteen years how much will i get
  98. geometry

    A cone is created from a paper circle with a 90° sector cut from it. The paper along the remaining circumference of the circle is the base of the cone. Find the radius of the base of the cone. Round to the nearest hundredth.
  99. Calculus

    Sketch the graph of f(x)=(x^2 + 2)/x^2 - 4. Fund the vertical and horizontal asymptotes, the critical points, the points of inflection and the concavity.
  100. Calculus

    Sketch the graph of f(x)=x+2/x-4. Find the vertical and horizontal asymptotes, critical points, concave up/down, and inflection points.


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