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  1. Calculus

    Show that the series sum(-1)^(n-1) b_n, where b_n = 1/2 if n is odd and b_n = 1/n^2 if n is even, is divergent.
  2. math

    Craig is arranging plates for a party. He has 3 types of sandwich, 2 types of cake and 4 types of biscuit. Which shows the number of possible combinations of sandwich, cake and biscuit on a plate? A) (3*2) + (3*4) How do i work this out? B) 3*2*4 C) (3*4)
  3. math

    Hamid will be x years old 7 years from now. How old was he 7 years ago? (Your answer should include x.)
  4. English

    Include a colon and an explanation. The town reminded me of my childhood vacations: both were on the beach. Is this right?
  5. English

    why does the author repeat the word 'never-ending'? Life seemed to be never ending. Every day, i rush to the car, i rush to school. Lessons seemed to be a never-ending run.


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  1. asap math

    Thankyou for the help, you are a great man!
  2. science

    why is the angle of rays sunlight so important
  3. English

    thanks for helping
  4. Biology :)

    It's B. oxygen in the solution will naturally diffuse into the cell.
  5. English

    they wasn't any words that match.