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  1. Algebra

    An emergency plumber chargers $65 as a call-out fee plus an additional $75 per hour. He arrives at a house at 9:30 and works to repair a water tank. If the total repair bill is $196.25, at what time was the repair completed? In order to solve this problem,
  2. Algebra

    Rebecca has left three bags containing the same number of marbles, plus two marbles left over. She places them on one side of a balance. Chris, who has more marbles than Rebecca, adds marbles to the other side of the balance. He finds that with 29 marbles,
  3. Math

    Trudi Can Either Walk TO School, Or She Can Take The Bus. The Probability Of Her Taking The Bus On Any Given Day Is 0.77. Assuming That Her Choice Of Transport On Any Given Day Is Independent Of Her Choice Of Transport On Another Day, Find Out The
  4. math

    4 ( -x + 4 ) =12
  5. Math

    -6n - 2n = 16
  6. Math

    6a + 5a = - 11 Solve.
  7. Math

    Stu Got On The Train At 7:20 A.m. He Got off At 10:15 A.m. How Long Was He On The Train ?
  8. Math

    The Movie Started At 7:25 P.m. It Let out At 9:20 P.m. How Long Did The Movie Last ?
  9. Math

    8 Hours + 25 Minutes
  10. Math

    ( 21x5 ) X 3 =
  11. Math

    63 cm ____ 6 m/ >,
  12. Math

    198 g = _____ Kg
  13. Math

    5.6 Cm = ______ m
  14. Math

    104 Km = ______ m
  15. Math

    2000 mg = ______ g
  16. Math

    2000 mg = ______ g
  17. Math

    If There Are 3 Runners On The Track And Runner 1 Has Done 3 1/2 Laps, Runner 2 Has Done 4 3/4 Laps And Runner 3 Has Done 2 1/8 Laps, How Many Laps Have All 3 runners Done Combined?
  18. Math

    SCR, Short Constructed Response, What Does S.S.S Stand For ?
  19. Math

    When You Add Fractions You Just Add Numerators And Denominators. true Or False
  20. Math

    All Even Numbers Are To The Right Of Zero On A Numberline. True Or False
  21. Math

    When Multiplying Rational Numbers You Count The Numbers Of Decimal Place Values In The Fact. True Or False
  22. Math

    When Adding A Negative Number On A Numberline You Move Left On the Number Line. True Or False
  23. Math

    3 4/5 = 5*3+4/5. True Or False
  24. Math

    When Multiplying Fraction You Must Find A Common Denominator. True Or False
  25. Math

    - 1/4 Is Greater Than -8
  26. Math

    Always Line Up Decimal Points When Adding Rational Numbers. True Or False
  27. Math

    The Additive Inverse Of 7 Is -7. True Or False
  28. Math

    When Subtracting A Negative Number You Move Left On the Number Line. True Or False
  29. Math

    Mr.Algieri Needs 4 1/2 Yds Of Dirt For A Planting Job. The Gravel Yard Sells A Yard Of Dirt For $ 27.95. How Much Will It Cost Mf. Algieri For The Dirt? If Mr. Algieri Has $ 125.00 To Pay For The Materials, Does He Have Enough Money?
  30. Math

    4 * (-6)
  31. Math

  32. Math

  33. Math

    There Is 3/4 Of Class 218 Going To Art And 1/8 Going To Gym. The Rest Of The Class Is Going To Computer Class. What Fraction Of The Class Is Going To Computers ?
  34. Math

    If the two boys ate the following amounts bryan 5/16, kevin 1/6, how much did the third person marco eat ?
  35. Math

    Three Friends went to the sub shop for lunch. They ordered the 3Ft sub made with 1/4 Ham, 1/5 roast beef, 3/8 turkey. The rest of the sub is made up of lettuce, tomato, and onions. What fraction of the sub is made up of lettuce, tomato, and onions ?
  36. Math

    The bakery has a full tray of brownies. One customer comes in and buys 1/4 of the tray. The next customer buys 1/5 of what remained in the tray. How much did they buy and how much remains in the tray?
  37. math

    The Football field needs to be cut for the bog game on saturday. If the lawn service cuts 1/3 of the field on tuesday, and 1/8 of the field on thursday, what portion of the field remains to be cut on friday?