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  1. Chemistry

    What is the ionization constant for a weak acid HA that is 1.60% ionized in 0.095M solution?
  2. Chemistry

    The Ka of HClO is 3.0x 10^-8 at 25°c. What is the percent ionization of HClO in a 0.015M aqueous solution of HCLO at 25°c?
  3. Chemistry

    Calculate the ratio of the concentration of CO3-2 & HCO3- ions needed to achieve buffering at pH= 9.50. The PkA2 of H2CO3 is 10.25.
  4. Chemistry

    How many moles of NH4Cl must be added to 1.5L of 0.2 M solution of NH3 to form a buffer whose PH is 9.(Kb=1.8x10^-5)