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  1. physics

    how do you find time when all you're given are two different speeds the height and the angle?
  2. physics

    A toy rocket is traveling to the right at 15.0 m/s when it undergoes a constant acceleration 3.00 m/s^2 to the left how long does it take before the rocket stops moving to the right? what distance does the rocket travel before it stops moving to the right?
  3. chemistry

    A gaseous mixture in a 25.00 L container is made of 16.0 g N2 and 14.0 g Ar and has a total pressure of 1.00 atm. 1.Calculate the partial pressure of the N2 in the mixture. the ans is 0.620 atm 2.Calculate the temperature of the gas mixture. can someone
  4. chemistry

    cold water mass of calimeter+ water: 68.66g mass of calimeter: 19.19g mass of water: 49.47g final temperature of water: 39.1C initial temperature of water: 25.5C delta(T) of water: 13.6C hot water mass of calimeter+ water: 79.55g mass of calimeter: 20.61g
  5. physics

    A 62.7-kg person jumps from rest off a 2.98-m-high tower straight down into the water. Neglect air resistance. She comes to rest 1.09 m under the surface of the water. Determine the magnitude of the average force that the water exerts on the diver. This


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  1. chemistry

    I did all my questions but there is this last one i don't get. Calculate the number of moles of zinc that must have reacted( assume that Zn is limiting and the yield of H2 gas is 100%) how do you do this? could you help me with this last one please?
  2. chemistry

    how would you calculate the temperature of H2 in kelvin? and the moles that H2 produced? do you know a formula for that? could you please explain it to me thanks for all your help so far i've understood everything thanks to you.
  3. chemistry

    i know and i found a formula to do so. But i was wondering if you could tell me the formula to find the pressure exerted by H2 gas in kPa and also the one to find the kelvin temperature.