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  1. physics

    A ball thrown with a speed of 100m/s,attains a height of 150m (g is 9.8m/s2.Calculate (i) time of flight (ii)angle of projection
  2. physics

    Show that the atm.pressure of 1.013x10^5Pa will support (a)10.3m of water (b)760mmHg of Hg.If the density of water is 10^3kg/m3 and density of mercury is 13.6x10^3kg/m3.
  3. math

    The cost of providing a plate of lunch to a certain group of people is partly constant and partly inversely proportional to the number of people. If it costs #30 per plate to feed 40 people,find the cost per plate to feed 50 people.
  4. math

    Solve using factorization method: x2+7x+10=0
  5. math

    Solve the following equation √x-1 + √5x+1 =2√x+6
  6. math

    A woman spent 1/4 of her salary on rent. 1/3 of the remaining on food and 2/5 of the rest on transport. If she has 5000 naira left, what is her monthly salary?