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  1. Math

    Shanti bought lemons at 7 foe Rs.6 and sold them at 6 for Rs.7. (1).find her profit percentage (2).how many lemons would she have to sell to earn a profit of Rs.65?
  2. maths

    A quardilateral with 1 of 30,2 of 60,3 of 90,4 of 120
  3. language arts

    I need a sentence using the word motorcycle and nonagon, please.
  4. Language Arts

    How can acrophobia be used in a sentence?
  5. math

    A scale shows that four bananas weigh 2 lbs. Each banana weighs the same amount. If Molly wants to buy a total of 5 pounds of bananas, how many more bananas does she need to add to the scale? How many TOTAL bananas will she purchase?


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  1. 10 th physics

    H=u^2/2g =20×20/2×10 =20m/s
  2. math

    BC/AB=cos 20/40=cos 1/2=cos Then cos=60
  3. Maths

  4. World Geography

    shut the front door
  5. Language Arts

    I need the word in the sentence, not the meaning.