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  1. maths

    how many lines of symmetry does a rectangle have?
  2. maths

    if cosine A=0•8 find sine B
  3. Math

    tan 39°=40/AP, So AP =40/tan. in triangle AQP, angle Q= 60/sin 91°=AP/SinQ. Then bearing of Qfrom P = 30° 180°-(91 angle Q).
  4. Maths

    The first three terms of GP are x+1,(x^2-1) and (x^2-1)(2x-4).Calculate the value of x. Suggested solution;ar^2/ar,so r=2x-4 and a=x+1. Substitute in second term(ar)=(x^2-1). Factorise, so x=3
  5. Maths

    If n(AuBuC)=12 and n(AuB)=8,find n(A'nB'nC). Solution n(A'nB'nC)=12 -8 =4
  6. Maths

    The sixth term of GP is 16 and the third term is 2.Find the first term and common ratio. 6th term =16 3rd term=2 So ar^5=16 and ar^2=2, then divide. So r^3=8, and r^3 =2^3. Therefore r =2 and a=1/2