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  1. math

    The combined length of 5 boards, each 10 ft longer than the width of the doorway?
  2. algebra

    2/3(12x-21)-2x=4xdivided by 10
  3. math

    The table shows the average production data for three products over the last month. The difference between the costs and the sale price is the company profit for one unit. If a new production method allows the labor costs of Product C to be reduced to
  4. math

    Jack typed 80 words per minute when he enrolled in a typing course. His typing speed increased by 3% two weeks into the course. At the end of the course, Jack was able to type his entire 1,680 word document in 20 minutes. What was the percent of increase
  5. Math

    My friend has $80 to spend on a fence for her rectangular garden. She wants to use cedar fencing which costs $8/foot on one side, and cheaper metal fencing which costs $2/foot for the other three sides. What are the dimensions of the garden with the


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  1. physics done = 100*1.5 = 15o Joules = 10*10*1.5 = 150 Joules c.power = 150 / 60 = 2.5 W
  2. social studies

    Thank you. :)

    B+ decrease increase C(s)