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  1. math

    Q 31 The sum of the weights of an iron piece and of a copper piece is 1280 gm. The volume of the copper piece is twice that of the iron piece. If the weight of 1 cubic centimeter of iron is 7.8 gm and that of copper is 8.9 gm. Find the volume of each piece
  2. maths

    there are 3 types of items in a box pencil ,scale and eraser. if the no. of pencil is double the no. of eraser and the no.of scale is square of no. of pencil. find the count of each if the total is 45
  3. maths

    Ramu is now half old as as his father . twenty years ago Ramu's father was six times ramu's age. what are their ages
  4. maths

    a man travelled a distance of 22km in one hour partly in a car at a speed of 30 km/hour and partly on a motorcycle at 18km/hour. find the distance travelled by him in the car
  5. Math

    The 6th and the 13th term of a GP are 24 and 3 by 16 respectively find the sequence
  6. maths

    the ratio of john's age to Mike's age is 7:4. In 10 years time Mike will be as old as John was 5 years ago. How old is John now?
  7. maths

    For what natural number of x and y the equation 2x+5y-7=0 has unique solutions? If the values are taken from collection of real numbers do you think the equation has unique solution
  8. Math

    at a bookfair there was an equal number of chinese books and english book. at the end of the day 84 chinese and 156 english books were sold. the ratio of english books to chinese books became many books were there altogether at beginning of the day
  9. math

    Roughly sketch the region enclosed by the curves y = sin x, y = cos x and the x - axis between x = 0 and x = p/ 2 . Also find the area of this region.
  10. Prealgebra

    A teacher was comparing results on two sets of test scores for a group of eleven students. The mean score on the second test was seven points higher than that of the first test. The median grade on both the tests was the same. Determine two sets of test
  11. physics

    A block of mass 1.4kg is placed on a rough surface. the coefficient of friction between the surfaces is 0.58. A constance force of magnitude 10N, making an angle of 37 degrees with the horizontal is acting on the block. the block is given an initial
  12. physics

    An empty plastic box of mass 9 kg is found to accelerate up at the rate of g/3 m/sec2 when placed deep inside water. Mass of the sand that should be put inside the box so that it may accelerate down at the rate of g/4 m/sec2 is
  13. trignometry

    if alpha and beta are 2 different values of θ lying between 0 and 2π which satisfy the equation 6cosθ+8 sinθ=9 find the value of sin alpha + beta.i want the answer by quadratic method. can u help solving sum by that method
  14. trig

    if alpha and beta are 2 different values of θ lying between 0 and 2π which satisfy the equation 6cosθ+8 sinθ=9 find the value of sin alpha + beta
  15. Finance

    Ambrin Corp. expects to receive $2,000 per year for 10 years and $3,500 per year for the next 10 years. What is the present value of this 20 year cash flow. Use a 11% discount rate.
  16. Finance for decision makers

    Joe Nautilus has $120,000 and wants to retire. What return must his money earn so he may receive annual benefits of $20,000 for the next 14 years. a) 12% b)Between 12% and 13% c) 14% d) Greater than 15%
  17. Finance for decision makers

    In determining the future value of an annuity, the final payment is not compounded at all. a) True b) False
  18. finance for decision makers

    After 20 years, 100 shares of stock originally purchased for $1000 was sold for $5,000. What was the yield on the investment? Choose the closest answer. a) 19% b) 5% c) 12.7% d) 8%
  19. math

    Why can not a line segment have more than one midpoint Because the definition of a line segment is a segment with two endpoints. If there are only two endpoints then there can only be one middle, hence one midpoint.