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  1. Calculus

    An innovative rural public health program is reducing infant mortality in a certain West African country. Pretend the program in Senegal has been reducing infant mortality at a rate 8.7 % per year. How long will it take for infant mortality to be reduced
  2. calculus

    Pretend the world's population in 1988 was 4.9 billion and that the projection for 2017, assuming exponential growth, is 7 billion. What annual rate of growth is assumed in this prediction?
  3. math

    If V = 9 volts and I = 0.5 amps, what is the value of R? _____ohms Part 2: Rewrite the equation for I.
  4. math

    Rewrite each equation to isolate the indicated variable. y = 9x + 2 for x df = g - 10 for d
  5. math

    Write the desired equivalent equation, and identify properties used to do so. Then solve. Ohm's law of electricity states that V = IR, where V = voltage, I = current, and R = resistance. Rewrite the equation for R.


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  1. math

    it is 249 not 294
  2. Art

    thank you i got 100 these awnsers are right for connexus and sorry for my spelling
  3. art

    thank you Audrey you are 100% right for connexus 100 thanks so much but im still failing art got 100% though. might get underground from my phone.
  4. Chemistry

  5. Social Studies

    C A C C A is correct if your from connexus