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  1. Tech

    Okay, so I don't have Microsoft Word for mac, but my school usually uses word documents. I can access them, but I can't read comments or anything else. Please help?
  2. Social Studies

    2. Which statement best explains how life is changing in China? a) new agricultural techniques are making lakes cleaner b) the government is moving villages to make more park land c) new factories and ways of life are producing more waste ** d) more and
  3. Science

    Describe how changes in an ecosystem can affect organisms that live there
  4. MATH

    1. which ratios form a proportion a. 3/15 , 12/55 b. 8/24 , 12/35 c. 5/18 , 25/90 d. 4/11 , 16/25 4. solve the proportion using number sense: 2/8 = x/48 a. 6 b. 12 c. 16 d. 8 5. Solve the proportion using cross products. 18/20 = k/110 a. 99 b. 122 c. 3.3
  5. MATH

    Which ratios form a proportion? Use equivalent ratios to test each pair. A.) 4/9 , 2/3 B.) 6/15 , 9/12 C.) 12/16 , 15/20 D.) 18/20 , 24/30
  6. Social Studies

    What are some of the benefits and pitfalls of the ethnic, language, and religious diversity in Africa? (its a sort answer question pls help)
  7. Science

    Explain how a mutation in an individual's DNA occurs, and describe the effect it may have on the individual's traits.