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  1. algebra

    A car was stopped at a red light. When the light turns green, the car reaches a speed of 41 miles per hour in 1 seconds. What is the acceleration, to 1 decimal place?
  2. Chemistry

    What is the concentration of an unknown sulfuric acid solution if 0.2M Sodium hydroxide is titration to neutralize the acid? The initial volume of the Sodium hydroxide is .50ml and the final volume is 30.75 ml. There is 35mL of acid.
  3. Chemistry

    What is the concentration of a solution of sodium hydroxide if I mix 15.0g of sodium hydroxide with enough water to make 500.0ml of solution?
  4. Chemistry

    Can you show me how to calculate this equation? What is the concentration of phosphoric acid solution of 30.0ml of a 0.2M of Potassium hydroxide is used to neutralize. The volume of acid is 20.0ml.
  5. Chemistry

    1. how many grams of KOH will neutralize (react with) 0.15 mol HNO3 2. how many liters of 1 M HCl will neutralize 10 ML of 9.2 M NaOH


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  1. ELA 10

    SO like does anyone have the answers
  2. Algebra

    I'm sort of confused...It's multiple choice though... A.) 7ft B.) 24ft C.) 29 ft D.) 19 ft
  3. Algebra

    Is the answer 19?
  4. Machine

    6 pulley system
  5. History

    there was only 3 people on all of those google searches that I could find