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  1. History

    The Space Race during the Cold War a) became a matter of national pride for only the Soviet Union b) became a source of fierce competition between European powers c) was used by U.S. politicians to distract attention from other policy successes d) had
  2. History

    South Vietnam's Diem was a solid supporter of human and civil rights. True****** False I can't remember for sure. Thanks in advance!!!
  3. History

    John perkins mostly dealt with energy infraction desalination plants nuclear weapons weapon trade**********
  4. History

    John Perkins spent most of his EHM career with what firm BOEING MAIN CENTER Halliburton*** BASF
  5. Mathematics

    How many letters in the word MATHEMATICS have more than one line symmetry


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  1. geography

    Very important, because considering that jobs that depend on transportation, and much more. but then the economy is much more good for us, because we have the rich lands that makes us have a good economy.
  2. Math

  3. Math.

    yeah its ok lol i got it
  4. Math.

    Oh ok thank you Steve
  5. Science helpppp

    3 is b