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  1. Algebra

    Use integer values of x from –3 to 3 to graph the equation y = –|–x|.
  2. Adv Algebra and Financial Apllications

    The yearly attendance at a local movie theatre is 56,000 and grows continuously at a rate of 4.2% each year. What is the approximate attendance at the movie theatre in nine years? A: 57,789 B: 77,789 C: 81,096 D: 81,724
  3. Physics

    A rock perched on the edge of a cliff falls off.  It starts from rest, and falls freely for 1.48 seconds before reaching the ground at the base of the cliff.   What is the speed of the stone just before it hits the ground?
  4. Physics

    A diver jumps off of a diving board.  She leaves the board with a velocity of 3.70 m/sec in the upward direction.  How far will she rise above the diving board before she reverses her motion and starts to fall downward?
  5. Physics

    A skydiver is falling to earth.  When he is traveling at 51.3 m/sec, he opens his parachute, and after 3.00 seconds he reaches the speed of 4.30 m/sec.  The remaining 60 seconds before landing is spent traveling downward at the speed of 4.30 m/sec. 


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  1. College Algebra

    you invested a total of $30,000 at 3% and 41/2% simple interest . during one year the two accounts earned $1200. how much did you invest in each account
  2. Math

    5 \6+6- 353.h+ 3 .36 nj2363 3 ;kl32 .hj3 2.;' 5431043245421 3 +3+2263322 236.2 6633.32365 421 062412401201212020202.021
  3. Math Fraction

  4. Chemistry URGENT

    Phil- so is the answer for #1 3.0162? What about the answer for#2, is 37.07% correct?
  5. math

    23114 + 25576 = 48690/366 (leap year) = 133.40