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  1. Math

    I need help solving systems using elimination 3 * -3y equals - 3 2x minus y equals -5 how do I do this do not know algebra
  2. Chemistry

    What volume in liter will be occupied by 162.3 g of carbon monoxide at 273k and 760 torr?
  3. Math

    On a map scale is shown is 1 inch equals 5 miles. If an island is 2.5 in.² on the map what is the actual area of the island
  4. Physics

    A ball is thrown straight up at 13.0 m/s near the edge of a 30.0-meter high cliff. The ball lands at the bottom of the cliff. a) What is the acceleration of the ball just after it is thrown (magnitude and direction)? b) What is the acceleration of the ball
  5. Math

    How you can quickly calculate the mean of the following test scores without adding the numbers. 76,73,78,75


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  1. Statistics

    A retail shop accepts only cash or checks. Suppose that 46 % of its customers carry cash, 37 % carry checks, and 74 % carry cash or checks (or both). What is the probability that a randomly chosen customer at the shop is carrying both cash and checks?
  2. literature

    a is not right the answer is D theme
  3. Chemistry

    Please explain in detail where is 3 and 12 come from since you said n=163•3/12 Thank you
  4. geometry

    Draw a trapezoid with a 1" side and a 2" side with 45• angles
  5. Math