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  1. France

    What happened during the 1948 War?
  2. France

    When did France grant independence to Syria?
  3. Chemistry

    For the combustion of acetylene: 2C2H2(g) + 5O2(g) → 4CO2(g) + 2H2O(g) ΔH = -2511 kJ What is the enthalpy change when 2.80 g of C2H2 (g) reacts with excess oxygen.
  4. Math geometry

    The surface area of a cube is 96in2.what is the volume of the cube?
  5. Chemistry

    If one wanted to a make a 500.0 mL of 4.5 x 10-6M solution of this red dye, how many grams would they need to weigh out? The molar mass of the dye is 492 g/mol. SHOW WORK.


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  1. English poem

    To expand and disagree slightly, the phosphorescence captures the image of the reflection of the lights of the headlights of the icy road, rather than the colours of the cars, which would probably not be readily apparent nor glowing at night.
  2. chemistry

    Increase by factor of 4
  3. 6th grade Math

  4. sat essay

    In my lifetime, I have seen many ways an obstacle or disadvantage can be turned into a good thing. Sometimes when something bad happens, it can be prepared you for the future obstacles to come. For example, if a person gets a serious burn they would panic
  5. History

    d.)The States raised and provided the soldiers in the army and navy, and Congress appointed all the officers.