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  1. physics

    A boy pulls a bag of baseball bats across a ball field toward the parking lot. The bag of bats has a mass of 6.8 kg, and the boy exerts a horizontal force of 20 N on the bag. As a result, the bag accelerates from rest to a speed of 1.12 m/s in a distance
  2. biology

    if there is no colonies on the wild type or lysate or ADP-6only plates, did you obtain an approximate 10x-fold change in colony numbers between the different dilutions? did you expect this? pls help
  3. physics

    At a playground, a 20-kg child sits on a spinning merry-go-round, as shown from above in (Figure 1) . The merry-go-round completes one revolution every 6.2 s, and the child sits at a radius of r=1.8m. a. What is the force of static friction acting on the
  4. physics newton

    During an episode of turbulence in an airplane you feel 180 N heavier than usual. Part A If your mass is 86 kg, what are the magnitude and direction of the airplane’s acceleration?
  5. Math

    Solve for t 1/A = 1/m + 1/t


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  1. physics

    I’m stupid
  2. Math

    Ah, so it's A, 9?
  3. Literature-Help me Ms. Sue

    2. Sojourner's vision of God is an example of a/an A. myth. B. exterior narrative. C. epiphany. D. simile. Student Answer: A Answer: Incorrect Reference: 4. When does the Narrative of Sojourner Truth take place? A. During the Civil War B. Right after the
  4. Math

    a. 4/(4+8)= 4/12 = 1/3 => 33,3% b. 4/(4+7)= 4/11 => 36,4%
  5. Physics

    0 if you add 0 to c you get the same vector.