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  1. math

    what is 7-y-y=-1 equal to?
  2. Math

  3. LA

    what are two ways tock and humbug are differentin act 2 of the phantom tollbooth
  4. algebra

    graph y=/x/-2
  5. algebra 2

    Let f(x)=5x^3-2x and g(x)=3x^3.Preform the operation given and state the domain. A. F(x)+ g(x) B. F(x) - g(x) C. F(x) • g(x) D. F(x) / g(x) E. f(g(x)) F. g (f(x)
  6. Math

    The country hall charges a rental fee of $1000 and at least $3000 for food. Olivi is planning a class reunion. If she had chosen a buffet that costs $38.56 per person what is the minimum possible number of people who must attend to support the expense?
  7. geography

    the c0orn belt of the united states stretches from Ohio to Nebraska.
  8. math

    7x + 5 8x + 9 find the value of x so that both the sum of the equations equal 180 when added together.
  9. Algebra

    I lined up all of my pet snakes. The two pythons are 6 feet each. I also have three corn snakes that are all the same length. Altogether, my snakes total 21 feet. A. How long is one of the corn snakes? B.Write an equation that models this situation. Thank
  10. math

    write an algebraic or numeric expression for the following:Take away 30 from j
  11. Algebra

    I have 6 bags with the same number of cookies. Altogether I have 36 cookies.The equation to find out how many cookies are in each bag is 4*c=36. Why is this wrong?
  12. Chemistry

    Radium-223 has a half-life of 11.4 days. Approximately how long would it take for the activity of a sample of 223Ra to decrease to 2.00 % of its initial value?
  13. Art

    what value is most likely encouraged when citizens look at the rising eagle on the unit state dollar bill? Wisdom Patriotism Endurance Creativity I think either wisdom or patriotism
  14. Chemistry

    what volume of 1.00M ca(oh)2 is needed to neutralize 250.0mL of 0.100M HCL?
  15. Chemistry

    What volume of 1.00M ca(oh)2 is needed to neutralize 250.0mL of 0.100M HCL?
  16. Physics

    you strike a huge spring at a speed of 30m/s while strapped in a steel cage. When you hit the spring with combined mass of 320kg it is compressed 9.0m. A) What is the spring constant of the spring? B) How long are you in contact with the spring before it
  17. Physics

    So you chose to use a solid sphere and you give it a speed of 5.9m/s on a flat horizontal surface which is the speed it has when it reaches a 22degree incline. A) How far along the incline will it go?
  18. science

    convert your answer from 3 to meters per second.
  19. Language Arts

    Choose the meaning that best matches the word in capitals: The president of the large company felt as if he had reached the PINNACLE of his career. A. lowest point B. pointed or towering formation C. highest point of achievement** D. rise toward success or
  20. math

    The property taxes on a business office were $3000. What was the tax rate if the business office was valued at $200,000?
  21. Math

    First year students at a particular college must take one English class, one class in mathematics, a first year seminar, and and elective. There are 2 English class to choose from, 3 mathematicss classes, 5 electives, and everyone takes the same first year
  22. english

    in line 16of "The Nymph's reply to the shepherd" in what ways does the speaker's word choice reveal a striking balance of opposite to illustrate the theme of the harmful effects of time?
  23. AP Chemistry

    An ore contains Fe3O4 and no other iron. The iron in a 39.3-gram sample of the ore is all converted by a series of chemical reactions to Fe2O3. The mass of Fe2O3 is measured to be 10.6 g. What was the mass of Fe3O4 in the sample of ore? Answer in units of
  24. Math 7

    A photo studio offers different sized prints of the same subject. The original print measures 8 inches by 10 inches. A printer enlarges the orginal the orginal by a scale factor of 1.5, and then enlarges the second image by a scale factor of 3. What are
  25. Math

    Each human hand has 27 bones. There are 6 more bones in the fingers than in the wrist. There are 3 fewer bones in the palm than in the wrist. How many bones are in each part of the wrist?
  26. History

    I am having a hard time with this question and where to look for the answer. How might the cultures of Latin America be different if the spanish and portugese never arrived? Also what kind of culture do you think would dominate today?thanks
  27. calculus

    The operating cost, C, in dollars per hour, for an airplane cruising at a height of h metres and an air speed of 200km/h is given by: C = 4000 + h/15 + 15000000/h for the domain 1000 ≤ h ≤ 20000. Determine the height at which the operating cost is at a
  28. Earth Space Science

    the horizontal distance between a crest to the next trough of an ocean wave is 5 meters. what is the wavelength of the ocean wave? A)2 meters B)5 meters C)10 meters D)20 meters I think its 10 meters but im not so sure, I would like to make sure.
  29. Science

    which of these statements provides evidence to the fact that oceans influence climate by transporting water from one place to another? A)warm ocean water off the east coast of Florida affects the climate of Europe. B)warm ocean water off the east coast of
  30. Science

    Salinity of the ocean A)is generally very low B)changes with climate C)decreases with increase in temperature D)increases where a river meets the ocean I think its A but I'm not sure I just want to make sure.
  31. English

    Hello, can you check with me to see if this answer is correct to this question. What does scrooge mean by these lines in a Christmas carol Act two scene four? Spirit this is a fearful place, in leaving it, I shall not leave its, lesson, Trust me let us go.
  32. Statistics

    A student guesses blindly on a 20-question multiple choice test. If each question has 4 answer choices (only one of which is correct), what is the probability that the student will answer exactly 10 questions correctly?
  33. physics

    A horizontal force of 150 N is used to push a 45.0-kg packing crate a distance of 5.75 m on a rough horizontal surface. If the crate moves at constant speed, find each of the following. (a) the work done by the 150-N force (b) the coefficient of kinetic
  34. algebra

    A school has a classroom with a length eight feet less than twice the width. If a group of parents purchased 400 square feet of carpet for the room, what is the approximate length of the room? L=2W-8 L*W=400 (2W-8)W=400 2w^2-8w=400
  35. 7th grade math

    The sum of an integer and the next greater integer is at the most 13. Write an inequality to find the lesser integer and solve for the lesser integer. My answer n+n+1
  36. College Algebra

    Allison drove home at 65 mph, but her brother Austin, who left at the same time, could drive at only 41 mph. When Allison arrived, Austin still had 144 miles to go. How far did Allison drive?
  37. Math

    A true crab has 4 fewer than twice the number of legs that a hermit crab has. The hermit crab has 6 legs. How many legs does the true crab have? I put for the equation 4c =6 *2 I am confused
  38. Math

    An annual pass covering entrance fees to more than 2000 national parks cost $80. If the total income from the annual passes is $12,800 in one month. Write the equation and solve it. For my equation I put 12800p=80
  39. Math

    1400= 2/5x X= 7000 I took 1400 times 5
  40. Math

    Which expression represents the difference of (3y+2)-(y-1)? I put 2y+ 3 for my answer.
  41. Chemistry

    find the mass in grams of 1.40x10^23 molecules of n2
  42. Chemistry

    What is the mass of 1.00 mol of sodium hydrogen carbonate?
  43. Chemistry

    What is the percent by mass of hydrogen in aspirin C2H8O4?
  44. chemistry

    I just need a definitive answer because I've searched everywhere and it's made me second guess my original answer. How many valence electrons does copper have? I thought it was one but now I'm unsure. I know it's electron configuration is [Ar]4s1 3d10, so
  45. chemistry

    Experimentally the ionization energy of hydrogen is 1312.2 kJ / mol. What would be the wavelength (nm) of a photon with enough energy to ionize one atom of hydrogen? They give the equation E=hcR but those are all known constant values and none include mols
  46. History

    What are some aspects of the modern American political party system that began during the Jackson era? A.beginnings of political action committees and fundraising B.widespread campaigns for the popular vote, including fliers, slogans, and songs C.of
  47. chemistry

    Hemoglobin is the oxygen carrying molecule of red bloods and contains 4 atoms of iron per molecule of hemoglobin. A sample of hemoglobin weighing 13.4 g contains 45.6 mg iron. What is the molecular mass of hemoglobin? I'm unsure of where to begin with this
  48. physics

    A circular curve of highway is designed for traffic moving at 93 km/h. Assume the traffic consists of cars without negative lift. (a) If the radius of the curve is 110 m, what is the correct angle of banking of the road? (b) If the curve were not banked,
  49. religion

    who do members of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps work for?I need help,been stuck on this question for,like,15 minutes,I've been searching the internet for 20 minutes.
  50. chemistry

    25. Which of the two reactions, A or B is a neutralization reaction? Explain why. A. HBr + H2O = Br- = H3O+ B. HClO + NaOH = NaClO + H2O 26. A. Look at the reaction again. when this reaction is reversed. Br- + H3O+ = HBr = H2O what substance is the acid,
  51. chemistry

    Please identify the acid and the base in this equation. HClO + NaOH = NaClO + H2O Thank you!
  52. Chem

    41. How much heat energy must you use to raise the temperature of 100 grams of water from 60C to 70C. Show your calculations. 42. You have a pot of 100C liquid water. If you add heat to the water, will the temperature start to raise at once? why or why
  53. Chemistry: Please Help!!

    39. Explain why sweating cools you down in terms of molecular kinetic energy. 40. You take a pizza out of the oven and let it cool briefly. When you bite into it, the crust is not too hot but the cheese burns your mouth. Explain why this happens in terms
  54. Chemistry: Please Help!!

    37. Lake Michigan is a very large, very deep body of water, located in a region of the United States that gets quite cold in winter. On the coldest day of last year, what was the temperature at the bottom of the lake. Explain your answer in terms of
  55. Chemistry

    B. Could non-polar nitrogen molecules and polar water molecules form bonds with one another? if so, what kind? C. Given your answer to B above, do you think that there is a great deal of N2 dissolved in the oceans, a small amount, or none at all?
  56. math

    3/4 of a gallon is 6/7 of the amount originally in the container. how much was in container originally
  57. social studies

    where did major general William Rufus Shafter stay while he controlled the war? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
  58. Math

    In triangle ABC, m
  59. Math

    Write a rule in function notation to describe transformation that is a reflection across the x-axis. A. Ry-x(X,Y) B. Rx-0(X,Y) C. Rx-y(X,Y) D. Ry-0(X,Y)
  60. Geometry

    The vertices of a triangle are P(-3,8), Q(-6, -4), and R (1, 1). Name the vertices of R (smaller letters)y-0 (triangle PQR). A. P'(-3, 8), Q'(-6,-4), R'(1,1) B. P'(-3,-8), Q'(-6,4), R'(1,-1) C. P'(3,-8), Q'(6,4), R'(-1,-1) D. P' (3,8), Q'(6,-4), R'(-1,1)
  61. Algebra

    6/z-3=8/5 help please.
  62. Math

    Line LM is the mid-segment of rectangle ABCD. AB=x+8, LM = 4x+3, and DC=243. What is the value of x?
  63. Math

    Line LM is the mid-segment of rectangle ABCD. AB=72 and DC=104. What is LM? A.176 b. 88 c.98 d.32
  64. Math

    In the rhombus, angle 1=15x, angle 2=x+y, and angle 3=30z. Find the value of each variable.
  65. Math

    Line DF bisects angle EDG. Find the value of x. Line EF has 9x+114. Line FO has 15x. angle FDG has 32 degrees.
  66. Geometry

    What is an equation in point-slope form for the line perpendicular to y=2x+13 that contains (8,-4)?
  67. Social Studies 10

    "Was the conflict over the Red River Settlement inevitable? Provide reasons for your answer."
  68. Math

    Can you please check my answers? Thank you! 18 out of 25 people love chocolate what percentage of people do not love chocolate? I got 28% 15% of the Chemistry class did not pass their chapter 7 test if the class has 38 students how many students did not
  69. math

    How do I simplify -(5x+5)-4+8x
  70. math

    How do I simplify -9-(12-3x)
  71. us history

    Which of the following is true of the Spanish-American War? A. Racial tensions were suspended for the duration of the war. B. About one in ten American soldiers were black. C. Black soldiers referred to black Cubans as "Smoked Spaniards." D. The black
  72. English 11A

    i need to write a story for English and i have to use seven comma rules along with my 20 vocabulary words. abomination blanched conjure contentious contiguous corroborate dally defamation enthrall evasive imperceptible inaudible inquisition licentious
  73. Physics

    Electrons on a radio broadcasting tower are forced to oscillate up and down an antenna 535,000 times each second. Show that the wavelength of the radio waves that are produced is 561 m.
  74. Physics, help!

    A heat engine absorbs 126 kcal of heat and exhausts 77 kcal of heat in each cycle. Calculate the efficiency (as a percentage) An ideal gas heat engine operates in a Carnot Cycle between temperatures of 266 and 115°C. It absorbs 4250 cal per cycle at
  75. Help me! Physics

    A block of aluminum with a mass of 2.6 kg is at 13C and comes in contact with a hot block of copper with a mass of 10.2 kg at 93C. What is the equilibrium temperature in Celsius degrees? caluminum = 0.22 kcal/kgC ccopper = 0.093 kcal/kgC
  76. Math

    The Commplement of angle v 52 more than angle v. find the measure of angle v.
  77. Physics-Momentum

    Baseball 0.14 kg moving at 35 m/s. Momentum of the ball? this should be easy b/c i know p=m*v but i get 4.9 kgm/s and it's wrong.....
  78. Please I'm begging someone help me with biology

    I need help with listing two ways that single - celled fungi are different from bac-terial cells??? I'm so clueless I'm begging anyone to help me thanks
  79. Please I'm begging someone help me with biology

    I need help with listing two ways that single - celled fungi are different from bac-terial cells??? I'm so clueless I'm begging anyone to help me thanks
  80. math 6th grade proportions

    Sorry if I may be bugging you,but this homework is veryy hard for me!Karen gets 6 out of every 8 questions on a test correct.If she gets 27 questions correct,how many questions are on the test?
  81. math 6th grade proportions

    Hello,Umm I need Alot of help on this problem:Emma runs for 18 minutes out of the 45 minutes she spends exercising each morning.One morning she spends 70 minutes exercising.If her rates stay the same how many minutes will she spent running>PLEASE HELP
  82. math

    Laura has 4 CDS in her room. They are 1/5 of her whole collection. How many CDs are in Laura's whole collection?
  83. Physics ASAP

    A block of weight 20 N is pushed with a force of 30 N through a horizontal distance of 5 m using a stick which is at an angle of 37° from the horizontal as shown. The coefficient of kinetic friction µk between the table and the block is 0.25. For your
  84. math

    write a number and a fraction greater than 1 that name the part filled
  85. history

    8. The Puritan _______ became the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
  86. Geology

    Which of the three rock families occurs most in new York state?
  87. Geology

    What observable characteristic is present with banding of metamorphic rocks that is not present in the layering of clastic sedimentary rocks?
  88. Physics

    A cylindrical carnival ride is spinning with a frequency of 0.5 Hz in a circle of radius 3 m which allows a 60 kg person to “stick” to the side of the ride as it spins. T = 2s v = 9.42 m/s A) Find the normal force exerted on the person. B) What
  89. Physics Please Help ASAP

    Suppose the space shuttle is in orbit 390 km from the Earth's surface, and circles the Earth about once every 92.4 minutes. Find the centripetal acceleration of the space shuttle in its orbit. Express your answer in terms of g, the gravitational
  90. Physics ASAP

    Suppose the space shuttle is in orbit 390 km from the Earth's surface, and circles the Earth about once every 92.4 minutes. Find the centripetal acceleration of the space shuttle in its orbit. Express your answer in terms of g, the gravitational
  91. Physics ASAP

    Use the following numbers for this question. MEarth 5.98e+24 kg MJupiter 1.9e+27 kg MSun 2e+30 kg Earth-Sun distance 150000000000 m Jupiter-Sun distance 778000000000 m rE 6380000 m rJ 69000000 m G = 6.67e-11 Nm2kg-2 the acceleration due to gravity at the
  92. Trig

    Give: a=alpha B=beta csc a= 2 pi/2
  93. trig

    How do you find the exact value of sin 5pi/8?
  94. Physics

    a quaterback throws a ball to a stationary reciver wo is 15.2m down the feild. the football is thrown at an initial angle of 42 dagrees. acceleration is 9.81m/s^2. what is the initial speed that quaterback must throw the ball to hit the reciver?
  95. physics

    Consider again the problem of a car traveling along a banked turn. Sometimes roads have a "reversed" banking angle. That is, the road is tilted "away" from the center of curvature of the road. If the coefficient of static friction between the tires and the
  96. physics

    A compact disc spins at 2.7 revolutions per second. An ant is walking on the CD and finds that it just begins to slide off the CD when it reaches a point 2.8 cm from the CD's center.
  97. physical science

    what is the density of a peice of wood that has a mass of 25.0 grams and a volume of 29.4cm cubes?
  98. math

    would you use perimeter or area to find the quanity of track needed for a tabletop railroad
  99. Physics

    A snake is sunning itself on a rock. (a) If the snake is 0.5 m long, what is the approximate amount of radiation it absorbs from the Sun in 11 min? (Assume the snake has a cylindrical shape and ignore both ends, a radius of 0.03 m, and a mass of 2.1 kg.
  100. Physics

    The intensity of sunlight at the the top of the Earth's atmosphere is about 1350 W/m2. (The intensity at the surface of the Earth is somewhat smaller due to absorption and reflection by the atmosphere.) What is the total power emitted by the Sun?


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