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  1. statistics

    According to Chebyshev's theorem, what proportion of a distribution will be within k = 4 standard deviations of the mean? Show all work as to how to find this.
  2. statistics

    In the formula Σ (x – µ)^2/n for the variance, in what cases would we divide by n-1 instead of n?
  3. Math

    What are the general formula for the sequence 1,4,9,16
  4. Physics

    Types of thermometer
  5. statistics

    You have been asked to do a survey of student satisfaction with MyMathLab courses at South University. Describe how you would obtain a sample of these types: stratified and simple random


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  1. Math

    What are the steps to finding the answer to the question: A square field has an area of 22,500 square feet. To the nearest foot, what is the diagonal distance across the field?
  2. Life orientation

    Seven factors in which harmful substances could contaminate food
  3. statistics

    I am unsure. This is how the question was worded.
  4. floral

  5. Math

    5.5 inches 7.5 inches perimeter is 13 inches