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  1. riddle

    Did you hear about . . . the words are something like away five ten music were who tigers a two cash got the store dough etc .
  2. Physics - work done

    A variable force F acts through a displacement d. The magnitude of the force is proportional to the displacement, so F=kd, where k is constant. a) Sketch a graph of this force against position up to position x. b) According to the equation, what is the
  3. Physics - gravitational potential energy

    When developing the equation for gravitational potential energy, why is it necessary to assume that the mass is rising at a constant speed?
  4. Physics

    If the force of friction is constant, prove that the stopping distance of a car on a level road varies directly with the square of the initial speed.
  5. Physics - Inelastic

    Imagine that you have a very powerful water pistol. Describe in detail the experiment that you could perform, including the measurements that you would make, to determine the velocity of the water as it leaves the pistol.


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  1. math

    how many digits r there in 8 tens + 13 ones
  2. Math

    Draw a picture that represents 3*50=150
  3. 4th grade math

    help me please
  4. Physics - Inelastic Collision ( check + help)

    How is it possible that mass which is 0.155kg is not taken into consideration? You solve it as a 2D collision and thereafter you obtain the two equations, two variables and you solve you will get V' Thereafter you find if it is elastic or not by equating
  5. Physics - Power Law Data Analysis

    Can I make my x value as 3sqrtx, I will get the same straight line? Is that possible, if I use log and the 3sqrtx i get different values of b, which one is more accurate?