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  1. Math

    How can I factor these [2a³c-2a³b+2ab³-2b³c+2bc³-2ac³]
  2. math

    The sum of 16 and Janelle's age is 53
  3. mathematics

    if f(x) = 16^x/(16^x + 4) find f(1/2017) + f(2/2017) +f(3/2017) + ...+ f(2016/2017)
  4. us history

    In response to which acts did colonial opposition become violent? stamp act sugar act townshend act tea act
  5. Renaissance and Protestant Reformation

    Could somebody please tell me at least 15 noteworthy events from the Renaissance and the protestant Reformation or maybe good links that I could look at? -Sam


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  1. algebra

    Need help
  2. History

    Anon, why do you lie?
  3. World History

    Yes, it's d. I took the test.
  4. World History

    Trash panda, are you a primavera student in Mr. Ivers class?
  5. world history

    I believe it's a and b. I assume you are taking the final exam on primavera?