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  1. Algbra 1

    x varies directly with y and z x=1200,when y=20 and z=30. Find x when y=10 and z=20
  2. Language Arts

    how does alliteration add to the description of the scene
  3. MATH

    Owen deposited $900 in a savings account with simple interest. Two years later, he had earned $144 in interest. What was the interest rate?
  4. Science

    I need an acrostic poem for the word waves.
  5. Science

    Which of following is not an igneous rock. Pumice Obsidion Or limestone
  6. college algebra

    List the x value of each real zero and its multiplicity. List them in increasing order. If a listed zero does not exist, enter DNE in both fields.
  7. Math

    What is 1/7 multiplied by 2/4 divided by 2/9 added by 5/6 subtracted by 3/5?
  8. physics

    On planet Earth, a pendulum has a length of L and a period of T .On planet Mars, the pendulum has a length of 4L and period of 5T.what is the acceleration due to gravity ?
  9. physics

    A wheel has an initial velocity of 3.40rad/s and it rotates 1.25 revolutions before stopping what is the angular acceleration of the wheel how long does it take for the wheel to come to rest
  10. Physics

    A 30m bar with a mass of 20kg is being lifted by a string. The bar makes an angle of 55 degrees above horizontal (between the bar and ground). The string is attached to the ceiling vertically. What is the tension on the string? What is the normal force
  11. Physics

    A bar with a mass of 20kg with a length of 30m is being lifted by a string and makes an angle of 55 degrees. The string is attached to the ceiling vertically. What is the tension on the string? What is the normal force given by the bar on the string what
  12. physics

    A patient is getting his elbow rehabilitated. He is told to lay his elbow flat on a table and lift a a 3.5kg weight by bending his elbow( he's raising his forearm itself and the weight). The weight is 30cm from his elbow. After telling his therapist that
  13. Physics

    Jordan is trying to loosen a stuck bolt in his motor home. To loosen it ,he is using a wrench that is 60cm long. If he hangs from the wrench, what is max torque he can exert ? Jordan is 75kg
  14. physics

    A tick is standing on a turntable at distance r from the centre. The static friction coefficient between the tick and table is us. The table is spinning at a constant angular frequency of w a) what values of r is the bug most likely to slip at? small or
  15. physics

    A plane is in a steep downward plunge. To not crash, captain Q pulls as much as he can. When the plane is at the lowest point of the plane's path the plane is in a circular arc of radius 450m. Captain Q experiences an acceleration of 5.0g ( so her weight
  16. physics

    A few children are playing around the carousel at the park. You see that one of them can't hold on to the edge of the carousel ( that has a radius of 2m) when it takes less than 3.0s to do one full revolution. a) what's the acceleration that the kid can
  17. physics

    A kid places a toy on the outermost edge of a merry go round. The amusement park ride has a radius R and period T. What is the smallest value of us (static friction coefficient) between the toy and merry go round where the toy is able to stay on the ride?
  18. physics

    A firework whose mass is 7kg is launched vertically up into the air. After it reaches its the height of 160m, it blasts and splits into two pieces; pieces A and B. The two pieces fly off and travel horizontally. The blasts of the fireworks lasts 10ms.
  19. physics

    Suppose that a car wheel is spinning with angular velocity of wo. The car is then turned off and the wheel start to slow down because of friction and angular acceleration is constant. The wheel comes to rest after it has made X revolutions. What is the
  20. physics

    Ball 1 is moving to the right at speed Vo when it collides with ball 2 - is initially at rest. After the collision, ball 1 's initial KE decreases by 80% and has a velocity at an angle of 40 degress below the horizontal. what fraction of the initial KE
  21. physics

    A mountaineer is doing a vertical rappel. She is using a big boulder/stone as her anchor. The Mountain guides association advises that in this type of situation, the boulder should be bigger than a refrigerator. The boulder should be sitting on a surface
  22. Chemistry

    The pressure changes from 760mmHg to 742 mmHG. When that occurs, the volume changes from 2.8L to 3.1L. The initial tempature is 20 celcious. What is the new tempature if miles remain the same? When I did this I subtracted 760 to 742 to get 18 and
  23. physics

    A mountaineer is doing a vertical rappel. She is using a big boulder as her anchor. The Mountain guides association advises that in this type of situation, the boulder should be bigger than a refigerator and should be sitting on a surface that is
  24. physics

    Two boxes are connected by a cord running over a pulley. Box A is on a table and Box B is hanging off of the pulley. The system is released from rest and Box B drops a distance D. What is the word done by gravity on box B?
  25. physics

    Why is that a lighter object with the higher velocity produces a higher kinetic energy than a heavier object with lower velocity ?
  26. physics

    A detective is investigating a scene of an accident. He measures the length of an automobile's skid marks to find out how fast the automobile was going at the very beginning of the skid. Express In terms of V ( speed), L ( length) and any other suitable
  27. physics

    A block of mass m is pressed against a vertical wall with a force F acting at an angle theta. What are the maximum and minimum forces of F that can be applied and still have the block remain stationary?
  28. physics

    Two books are stacked on top of each other. Book 1 is on top of Book 2. Book 1 has a string attached to it. The string is connected to the wall. The wall is to the left of the stacked Books. Book 2 is pulled to the right with a force F big enough to move
  29. Math

    On the spinner below, what is P(odd) The numbers on the spinner are 13543256 Answers A. 5/8 B. 5/3 C. 1/2
  30. Math

    A set of stairs has a rise of 6 inches and a run of 9 inches. The building safety code says the stairs should rise at an angle of between 30 degrees and 35 degrees. Does this set of stairs meet the safety regulations? Justify your answer by showing
  31. Math

    A ramp has a slope of 0.25. If the rise is 4 feet, what is the horizontal distance covered by the ramp?
  32. English

    Would I need to put (Emerson) for each one of the quotes in this sentence? And is the commas placed correctly? This is for an reflection essay and I have already mentioned the title of where I got these quotes from before this sentence and I am only
  33. Chemistry

    AgNO3 + NaCl -> AgCl + NaNO3 Which statement about this reaction is FALSE? A. This is one kind of metathesis reaction, where molecules exchange atoms. B. This reaction produces a gas. C. This is a precipitation reaction. D. The equation is balanced.
  34. Climate

    Which of the following statements about climate is FALSE? A. Deserts usually occur at very low altitudes. B. Temperatures usually decrease with altitude. C. Coastal temperatures are usually cooler than inland temperatures. D. The southern hemisphere is
  35. Math

    Six of the classes at your school are going to the pool for swimming party that means 125 students need to get on buses in each bus holds 48 students how many buses with the school need?
  36. math

    The diameter and the slant height of a cone are both 24 cm. Find the radius of the largest sphere that can be placed inside the cone. (The sphere is therefore tangent to the base of the cone.) The sphere occupies a certain percentage of the cone’s
  37. Chemistry

    A sample of Chlorine occupies 8.50 L at 80.0 C and 740 mm Hg. What volume will Chlorine occupy at STP?
  38. Algebra

    Ken has recently started saving his spare change. In his piggy bank, he has $1.65 that consists of nickels and dimes. The number of nickels is one more than two times the number of dimes. Find how many of each coin he has
  39. Algebra

    Ken has recently started saving his spare change. In his piggy bank, he has $1.65 that consists of nickels and dimes. The number of nickels is one more than two times the number of dimes. Find how many of each coin he has
  40. Finance

    You have been hired as a consultant for Pristine Urban-Tech Zither, Inc. (PUTZ), manufacturers of fine zithers. The market for zithers is growing quickly. The company bought some land three years ago for $1.30 million in anticipation of using it as a toxic

    Suppose that a researcher is interested in estimating the mean systolic blood pressure, , of executives of major corporations. He plans to use the blood pressures of a random sample of executives of major corporations to estimate . Assuming that the

    A study of college football games shows that the number of holding penalties assessed has a mean of penalties per game and a standard deviation of penalties per game. What is the probability that, for a sample of college games to be played next week, the
  43. History

    What was the primary purpose of the Constitutional convention of 1787? A. Outlaw slavery In both the north and south B. Place taxes on the imports and exports C. Revise the articles of confederation D. Reduce the power of the federal government
  44. algebra

    A wire 20 cm long is cut into two pieces. The longer piece is 4 cm longer than the shorter piece.
  45. stats

    Anita's a fast food chain specializing in hotdogs and garlic fries, keeps track of the proportion of its customers who decide to eat in the restaurant so it can make decisions reguarding possible construction of the in-store play areas.the attendance of
  46. Stats

    The workers union at a certain university is quite strong. About 94% of all workers employed by the university belong to the workers union. Recently, the workers went on strike and now a local TV station plans to interview a sample of 20 workers ,chosen at
  47. Algebra

    whats the answers to the "why are mr. and mrs. number so happy
  48. Math

    The dimensions or a fish tank ( rectangular prism ) are x, 3x+2, and 2x-4. Express the volume of the fish tank as a simplified polynomial.
  49. Social studies

    Which form of government gives independent rights and policy making decisions to smaller regions of the country which cannot be overridden by the main government
  50. Algebra Help me Please

    Someone please help me with this!!! Ray and Kelsey have summer internships at an engineering firm. As part of their internship, they get to assist in the planning of a brand new roller coaster. For this assignment, you help Ray and Kelsey as they tackle
  51. 5th Grade Math

    If one side of a triangle is 54 cm and the other is 35 cm what is the third side? Two sides have to be longer than the other so I think it is 54 cm
  52. Language Arts

    Why, who makes much of a miracle? As to me I know of nothing else but miracles, Whether I walk the streets of Manhattan, Or dart my sight over the roofs of houses toward the sky, Or wade with naked feet along the beach just in the edge of the water, Or
  53. 4grade math

    What is the probability of rolling a cube?
  54. civics

    Federal courts may declare illegal any action violating the Constitution. -Will this be the principle of Rule of Law
  55. Algebra 2

    Write the equation of a trend line. {(-10, 3), (-5, 1), (-1, -4), (3, -7), (12, -12)} How do I do this problem?
  56. science

    if your doing an experiment about if sugar or salt will caused fermentation within the yeast.and you have Cup 1 with 2 cup of warm water ;2tsp of yeast and 2tsp of salt. Than cup 2 contains warm 2 cups of water:2tsp of salt and 2tsp of yeast Finally cup 3(
  57. Math

    Two railroad tracks cross each other if the measure of angle 1 is 3 times the measure of angle 2, what are the measures of angles 1,2,3, and 4? Explain and show your work
  58. science

    if your doing an experiment about if sugar or salt will caused fermentation within the yeast.and you have Cup 1 with warm water ;yeast and sugar than cup 2 contains warm water:salt and yeast Finally cup 3 you have warm water and yeast will cup 3 be the
  59. English

    I need some help with the answers to these questions, (mainly to see if I'm correct, where I'm wrong and WHY I'm wrong) 1. What is the verb mood of the sentence below? Wear your coat when you are in the school indicative mood imperative mood ***my answer
  60. Conversion

    an olympic athlete can run 110 years in 10 seconds. How fast in miles per hour can the athlete run?
  61. math

    Lydia wrote 4.5 pages on her science report in 1 hr.What was her writing rate in pages per minute?
  62. Algebra 1 Solving Systems Using Elimination

    What is the solution of the system? y = -3x 3x + 2y = 6 (2, 6) (-1, 3) (-2, 6) (1.5, -4.5)
  63. Algebra 1

    Write an equation in point-slope form for the line through the given point with the given slope 5, 2); m = 3 y + 2 = 3(x - 5) y + 2 = 3x - 5 y - 2 = 3(x + 5) y - 2 = 3(x - 5)
  64. Math

    Graph the system of inequalities presented here on your own paper, then use your graph to answer the following questions: y > 3x + 10 y is less than negative 3 over 4 times x minus 1 Part A: Describe the graph of the system, including shading and the types
  65. math

    Scientists randomly caught 30 fruit bats at an orchard. They tagged the fruit  bats and then released them. Several weeks later, they captured 20 fruit bats at the same location. They found that 4 of those fruit bats 
  66. Algebra 2 (Math)

    What is the vertex form of the equation? y = -x^2 + 12x - 4. I have no clue how to do this.
  67. science

    how is trna made and how dose it help us make proteins
  68. math

    Charlie can type faster than any of his classmates. He took a test that showed he can type 700 words in 5 minutes . How many words can he type per minute
  69. Chemistry

    The theoretical yield of a reaction is the amount of product obtained if the limiting reactant is completely converted to product. Consider the reaction: P4(s) + 6 Cl2(g) → 4 PCl3(l) If 19.47 g P4 is mixed with 6.85 g Cl2, calculate the theoretical yield
  70. math

    On a centimeter dot grid, draw all possible rectangles with a perimeter of 14 cm and sides whose lengths are whole centimeters.
  71. History

    How did Squanto help the colonists in New England
  72. History

    Which part of North America did LaSalle claim for France in1684
  73. History

    In what present day states did the Dutch establish new Netherland?
  74. History

    What were the differences between primary and secondary resources in 1684?
  75. Calc

    A beach ball is deflating at a constant rate of 10 cubic centimeters per second. When the volume of the ball is 256/3(pi) cubic centimeters, what is the rate of change of the surface area? (S=4(pi)r^2 and V=4/3(pi)r^3)
  76. Chem

    Find the exerted pressure in kpa Volume=0.05L Mass=5 Atmospheric pressure =764mm Hg Temperature=21degree Celsius Cross sectional area plunger 5.3 x10-4
  77. Algebra

    X-3y=9 2x-y=-2
  78. c programming

    a student designed a program to accept the age of an employee and then compute the employees retirement year and display the same in a statement on the screen required. a) write out the pseudo-code for the program above b) write the algorithm, c) flowchart
  79. Math

    This is a bonus question. If the modes of a problem are13 and15 and the mean and the median are 15 how do you come up with the other numbers
  80. English/language arts

    What is the complete subject in the sentence That orange deposit on the outside surface is called rust.
  81. Algebra

    A new set of car tires has a tread depth of 8 millileters. The tread depth decreases 0.12 millimeter per thousand miles driven. Write an equation that gives the tread depth as a function of the distance driven. Then predict what distance the tread depth
  82. Physics

    Two forces are applied to a car in an effort to move it, as shown in the following figure (cannot attach picture), where F1 = 416 N, 10 degrees to the left of north and F2 = 356 N, 30 degrees to the right of north. What is the sum of these two forces
  83. Civics

    Explain how federal income taxes support the economy and benefit the common good. I have to have at least one well-developed paragraph, and this question is worth 10 points which is why I need help!!
  84. Math

    Which of the following transformations will never produce a congruent figure? A. rotation B. reflection C. translation D. dilation
  85. Math

    1)Let AB be the directed line segment beginning at point A(1 , 1) and ending at point B(-4 , 6). Find the point P on the line segment that partitions the line segment into the segments AP and PB at a ratio of 5:1. A)(-3 1/6,5 1/6) B)(1/6,1 5/6)
  86. Math

    Use experimental probability to make a prediction. John made 35 free throws and missed 15. Predict the number of free throws he will make in the next 100 tries. A. 70 B. 85 C. 55 D. 45
  87. Physics

    A rope is used to pull a 5.19 kg block at constant speed 3.38 m along a horizontal floor. The force on the block from the rope is 3.23 N and directed 20.0° above the horizontal. What are (a) the work done by the rope's force, (b) the increase in thermal
  88. Physics

    A 540 g block is released from rest at height h0 above a vertical spring with spring constant k = 320 N/m and negligible mass. The block sticks to the spring and momentarily stops after compressing the spring 19.8 cm. How much work is done (a) by the block
  89. Physics

    Damon, this is my last question for today for you. Thanks for all your help. A gas is at an initial pressure of 1.24104 Pa and occupies a volume of 0.28 m3. The (slow) addition of 23,570 cal of heat to the system causes it to expand in an isobaric manner
  90. Physics

    An ideal monatomic gas goes from p1 = 180 atm and V1 = 45 m3 to p2 and V2 through an adiabatic process. If p2 = 60 atm, what is V2?
  91. Physics

    An ideal gas heat engine operates in a Carnot Cycle between temperatures of 266 and 115°C. It absorbs 4250 cal per cycle at 266°C. What is its efficiency as a percentage?
  92. Physics

    A heat engine absorbs 126 kcal of heat and exhausts 77 kcal of heat in each cycle. Calculate the efficiency (as a percentage)
  93. Physics

    How much (in Celsius degrees) is the temperature of 1.3 kg of alcohol raised by adding 4.1 kcal of heat? The following piece of information may come in handy: specific heat of alcohol is 0.58 kcal/kgC.
  94. Physics

    An aluminum calorimetry cup [mc = 0.6 kg, cc = 0.22 kcal/(kgC)] is filled with water [mw = 2.4 kg, cw = 1 kcal/(kgC)]. It is at a temperature of 30C. A sample of an unknown substance with mass mm = 2.34 kg, originally at a temperature of 210C, is added.
  95. Physics

    A weight lifter manages to lift a 147 kg weight a distance of 1.1 m. Treat her as a thermodynamic system and find how much heat (in kcal) she must put out if her internal energy decreases by 3620 J during the lift.
  96. Physics

    A weight lifter manages to lift a 147 kg weight a distance of 1.1 m. Treat her as a thermodynamic system and find how much heat (in kcal) she must put out if her internal energy decreases by 3620 J during the lift. Not sure how to answer this.
  97. Physics

    A gas cylinder of volume 26 liters contains an ideal gas at temperature 27 degrees C and pressure 1920 kPa. Some of the gas leaks until the pressure falls to 1500 kPa. How many moles of gas leaked, assuming that the temperature remains constant during this
  98. Physics

    A can of gasoline has a rectangular base with dimensions of 13.5 cm by 13 cm. If there are 3 liters of gasoline in the can, how much does the surface of the gasoline rise (in mm) in the can when the temperature is raised by 45C? The coefficient for volume
  99. Physics

    By what amount will a 178 m long concrete slab on the Mackinac Bridge contract when going from +39C to -35C? The linear expansion coefficient is 10^-5 per C.
  100. English !!!

    To find out which key will open a lock, you try several until one works. This kind of learning is called ________________________.


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