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  1. Maths

    Two ships sail from port P. One sails 14km due south while the other sails 17km on a bearing of 120 degrees. Calculate to one decimal place the distance between the ships.
  2. Maths

    A square is transformed into a recatangle of perimeter 30 cm, by increasing one side by 3 cm and reducing the adjacent side by 2 cm. Find the length of the square's side.
  3. Maths

    Find a if a is between 0 degrees and 180 degrees, and: a. Sin a = cos a b. sin^2 = 3/4 c. tan^2 = 1/3 I have no clue on where to start any help would be much appreciated.
  4. Maths

    An aeroplane is flying horizontally directly towards the city at an altitude of 400 metres. At a given time the pilot views the city lights of Melbourne at an angle of depression of 1.5 degrees. Two minutes later the angle of depression of the city lights
  5. Maths

    The training of a football team involves running up and down a sandhill 25 times. If the hill is 30 m high and inclined at an angle of 35 degrees to the horizontal, how far does the team run during the training? Answer to the nearest 0.1 km.


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  1. physics

    Eat !@#$%^&

    thnks man you helped me big time
  3. calculus

  4. Maths

    yeah ive just recently learnt about the unit circle and all that other stuff but thanks
  5. Maths

    Yes I can. Thank you