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    The bases of trapezoid ABCD are \overline{AB} and \overline{CD}. Let P be the intersection of diagonals \overline{AC} and \overline{BD}. If the areas of triangles ABP and CDP are 8 and 18, respectively, then find the area of trapezoid ABCD.

    Let M be the midpoint of side \overline{AB} of \triangle ABC. Angle bisector \overline{AD} of \angle CAB and the perpendicular bisector of side \overline{AB} meet at X. If AB = 40 and MX = 9, then how far is X from line {AC}?

    Point X is on side \overline{AC} of \triangle ABC such that \angle AXB =\angle ABX, and \angle ABC - \angle ACB = 39 degrees. Find \angle XBC in degrees.
  4. MATH

    Each triangle has three exterior angle measures (not necessarily distinct). Find all possible values of the sum of these measures in degrees. If you find multiple values, then list your answers in increasing order, separated by commas.