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  1. chemistry

    arrange the following elements in order of increasing atomic mass; Cu, C, K, H, F, Cl, Xe, Cr, Pb, Na
  2. Calculus

    The rate of change of the population of a small town is dP/dt=kP, where P is the population, t is time in years and k is the growth rate. If P=20000 when t=3 and P=30000 when t=5, what is the population when t=10? Round your answer to the nearest integer.
  3. Spanish

    Describe one similarity and one difference between the musical styles cumbia and vallenato. If somebody could give me some links or anything that would be useful, thanks! :)
  4. Art History

    Which of the following best characterizes the new kingdom? A. Political strength and cultural change in Egypt. B. It represents the period when Egyptian culture began to decline. C. It was a period during which the arts thrived despite the political
  5. Algebra

    A driver drove at a speed of 42 mph for m hours how far did the driver go
  6. chemistry

    1. The first order rate constant for the reaction, SO2Cl2(g) → SO2(g) + Cl2(g), is 2.20 x 10-5 s-1 at 593 K. What percent of a sample of SO2Cl2 would be decomposed by heating at 593 K for (a) 1 hr, (b) 3 hr. How long will it take for half of the SO2Cl2
  7. Economics

    What would happen to the price of cheeseburgers if the price of cheese went up? What would happen to the supply curve, demand curve, equilibrium price, and equilibrium quantity?
  8. Biology

    Which of the following is the muscle action that results in exhalation and causes the air pressure inside the lungs to be higher than outside the chest a) Contraction of internal intercostals b) Relaxation of the diaphragm c) Contraction of the diaphragm
  9. science

    Pluto has a shape that is nearly round, and it orbits the Sun. It has five known moons. Why is it called a dwarf planet and not a planet?
  10. Algebra

    After a 90% reduction, you purchase a DVD player on sale for $50. What was the original price of the DVD player?
  11. math

    Which of the following is not one of the three ways to express a ratio? A.3/4, b. 3:4, c.3 of 4, d.3 to 4
  12. math- geometry

    A dilation with a scale factor of 4 maps figure A onto A'. By what scale factor would another dilation map figure A' back to figure A? is it 1/4?
  13. math

    88 is the product of Rick's score and 8
  14. math

    four more than the product of 19 and Vanessa's age
  15. Trigonometry

    Solve the equation for solutions in the interval 0
  16. Math

    patterns. Looking to find the pattern for 32, __, 648__. Trying to find the rule
  17. highlands

    there were 149 angelfish and goldfish in an aquarium. there were twice as many guppies as angelfish. after selling 35 goldfish there are half as many goldfish as angelfish. how many fish are left in the aquarium
  18. Statistics

    a bag of colored marbles holds 71 yellow marbles and 70 white marbles. ten marbles are randomly selected, one at a time, without replacement. what is the probability that more than half are yellow?
  19. Chemistry

    Would there be any effect on the amount of precipitate of CaCO3 if tap water contained Ca 2+ were used? Explain.
  20. Chemistry 142

    suppose a runner completes a 10k (10km) road race in 42 minutes and 23 seconds. What is the average speed miles per hour?
  21. MATH

  22. Help!!! Main ideas reading skills

    In American society, romantic love is considered the main reason for people to marry. On the other hand, in some societies, romantic love is considered a form of obsession or madness. In fact, even in many societies where "true love" is not considered a
  23. Psychology

    Examples of Social exchange theory and equity theory using celebrity couples
  24. Math/Trig

    From an observation tower that overlooks a runway, the angles of depression of point A, on one side of the runway, and point B, on the opposite side of the runway are 6 degrees and 13 degrees respectively. The points and the tower are in the same vertical
  25. math

    5 3/10- 2 4/5 =
  26. PHI208

    Robinson argues that integrity should be regarded as:
  27. Trigonometry

    The angle elevation from a point A to the top of the Washington Monument is 32 degrees. From point B, which is not the same line but 55 feet closer to the monument, the angle elevation to the top is 38 degrees. Find the height of the Washington Monument.
  28. HSM 220 Budget Matrix

    I am so confused on this assignment in HSM/220(Budget Matrix-Appendix B) and wondering if I am even close to being correct on showing where to place the X's for a Functional Budget,Line-item Budget & Total Program Budget) before I submit this assignment.
  29. science

    How would increasing the proportion of land (sand) to water affect the amount of water vapor released?
  30. SCI 207

    How would increasing the proportion of land (sand) to water affect the amount of water vapor released?
  31. Math

    Mr. Fairfax ordered 3 large pizzas for a class party. Group A ate 6/6 ( that should look like a fraction) of the first pizza, and Group B ate 8/6 of the second pizza. Did Group A or B eat more pizza? Then later Group C ate all remaining slices of pizza.
  32. Introduction to Chemistry

    Hydrogen gas has a pressure of 765mm Hg, a volume of 355mL,and a temperature of 22 degrees C. What is the new volume of this gas if the pressure is 5.1atm,and at a temperature of 48degrees C?
  33. Physics

    A rope of length L = 5.2 m with a total mass of m = 0.275 kg is tied to a hook rigidly mounted into a wall. A pulse of height 1.9 cm is sent down the rope. The tension in the rope is F = 29 N. (B) What is the height of the pulse that returns?
  34. Cultural Ant.

    What is the meaning of Theoretical approach. Form my homework question my teacher asks me to explain the theoretical approach the author adopts for her investigation. However, I have no idea what a theoretical approach is :(
  35. physic

    How much energy is required to change a 40 g ice cube from ice at -25°C to steam at 105°C?
  36. Physic

    How much energy is required to change a 40 g ice cube from ice at -25°C to steam at 105°C? Answer in J.
  37. Physic

    Water flowing through a garden hose of diameter 2.77 cm fills a 25.0-L bucket in 1.40 min. (a) What is the speed of the water leaving the end of the hose? Answer in m/s (b) A nozzle is now attached to the end of the hose. If the nozzle diameter is
  38. Physics

    Water flowing through a garden hose of diameter 2.77 cm fills a 25.0-L bucket in 1.40 min. (a) What is the speed of the water leaving the end of the hose? Answer in m/s (b) A nozzle is now attached to the end of the hose. If the nozzle diameter is
  39. Physics

    Water flowing through a garden hose of diameter 2.77 cm fills a 25.0-L bucket in 1.40 min. (a) What is the speed of the water leaving the end of the hose? Answer in m/s (b) A nozzle is now attached to the end of the hose. If the nozzle diameter is
  40. Physics

    Water flowing through a garden hose of diameter 2.77 cm fills a 25.0-L bucket in 1.40 min. (a) What is the speed of the water leaving the end of the hose? Answer in m/s (b) A nozzle is now attached to the end of the hose. If the nozzle diameter is
  41. Chemistry

    Gold can be recovered from sea water by re- acting the water with zinc, which is refined from zinc oxide. 2 ZnO(s) + C(s) −→ 2 Zn(s) + CO2(g) 2 Au3+(aq) + 3 Zn(s) −→3 Zn2+(aq) + 2 Au(s) The zinc displaces the gold in the water. What mass of gold
  42. psychology

    which of the following is not a motive for pro social behavior? egoism, collectivism, idealism, Principlism
  43. Math

    10. A coin is loaded so that the probability of heads is 0.55 and the probability of tails is 0.45, Suppose the coin is tossed twice and the results of tosses are independent. a.What is the probability of obtaining exactly two heads? b.What is the
  44. physics

    A submarine is at a depth of 96.0 m under the ocean surface. The inside of the submarine is kept at atmospheric pressure. What is the net force being exerted on a circular window of the submarine that has a radius of 35 cm? The density of the ocean water
  45. math 540

    suppose it takes a college student an average of 5 minutes to find a parking space on the schools parking lot. Assume also that this time is normally distributed with a standard deviation of 2 minutes. What time is exceeded by approximately 75% of the
  46. math

    Ms. Ross has 24 students, 2/3 of the students have brown hair and the rest have blond hair. How many students have brown hair?
  47. Argosy University

    What non-quantitative factors should the management consider when making the decision to buy facility for $800,000 or lease for 10,000 a month
  48. liberal arts

    how to convert the number 15,257 to base 13 and the answer
  49. religion

    What is an example of a time when two people were competing for honor.
  50. Math

    Can someone help me please with this question? Why might an organization enter into a leasing arrangement?
  51. Math

    A tax-exempt bond was recently issued at an annual 12 percent coupon rate and matures 20 years from today. The par value of the bond is $1,000. a. If a required market rates are 12 percent, what is the market price of the bond? b. If required market rates
  52. business

    What suggestions would you offer a new employee to help them effectively communicate in your workplace when meeting face-to-face, sending an e-mail, and during a meeting?
  53. Physics

    If a 60.0 kg person slides down an incline angled 25˚ below the horizontal and friction IS present with a coefficient of kinetic friction equal to k = 0.450. What is the person's acceleration as they slide down the slide.
  54. Physics

    A 2.0X10^4 N car is stopped on a 30 degree hill. If friction is negligible, what is the force of the car pushing into the hill?

    How is man shaped by the times in which they live. An example of Hitler, Mlk or LBJ, or any leader that was shaped by the times in which they lived.
  56. Statistics

    In a study on caffeine and stress, college students indicated how many cups of coffee they drink per day and their current stress level on a scale of 1 to 10. Obtain the appropriate correlation coefficents.

    If you were going to compare & contrast FDR and LBJ what aspects of their lives would you compare what aspects would you contrast. I am writing a paper on them and what to get some ideas and see what other people think is important, in the end I will
  58. Physics

    One of the concrete pillars that support a house is 2.1 m tall and has a radius of 0.35 m. The density of concrete is about 2.2 103 kg/m3. Find the weight of this pillar in pounds (1 N = 0.2248 lb).
  59. genetics

    can some one help me understand punnet squares. a woman claims that a certain man is the father of her daughter however the man denies this claim the daughter is colorblind but neither the mother nor the alleged father is colorblind who is telling the
  60. 7th grade math

    There are 150 students in 7th grade. After signing up for electives for next year, the counselor posted the following data: Art - 65 students Band - 70 students Theatre - 50 students Not all students signed up for an elective. Display this data using Venn
  61. math

    sonya spent 2/5 of her money and then had $18 left. how much money did she originally have?
  62. research

    I am doing a Psychology research paper. I wrote the sources I used but my teacher says I need 3 primary sources. Im not sure what he means. Please help me understand
  63. grammar

    So I am writing my paper and I am confused I know you use fewer when you have something countable like items. and less when its not a countable things. For my example would I say that 5% concentration of coffee had less of an effect of fewer effects than a
  64. algebra

    find the domain of each rational expression each polunomial must be fully factored and that you can only cancel factors you can not cancel terms. x^2-49 over 2x-1 and x^2-14+49 over 1-2x
  65. APA

    I am writing a report in apa and I was not sure if it is okay to ask a rhetorical question in the introduction?
  66. Economics

    The following is a cost function for clinic visits in a small inner city clinic: a.Determine the marginal cost for each level of output. b.If the price per visit is given to be $25, at what level of visits will the maximum profit position be? What are the
  67. Algebra

    Can you please give me some real life examples of using variables and solving equations. These are 6th grade students and I need to show real-life experiences. Thanks!
  68. biology

    what is a full citation guide of an article?
  69. geometry

    Suppose the cordinate of P is 2, PQ = 8, and PR = 12. What are the possible cordinates of the midpoint of the given segment? PQ PR QR
  70. Math - missing fraction

    Please advise how it is I go about finding the missing fraction. I get so confused. The problem is: N-3/5=1/4 I know the LCD would be 20 but from there, I am lost. Thank you.
  71. education

    Even though the education profession continues to be a lower paying profession than other career opportunities, why do people continue to become teachers? discuss
  72. Finance Accounting

    Blankenship Company estimated that its warranty expense would be $4,250 for the current year. During the year Blankenship paid $920 to repair merchandise that was returned by customers. a) What is the amount of warranty expense for the current year? b) If
  73. Finance

    Michigan Corporation purchased a new truck on January 1, 2013 for $55,000 cash. Michigan estimated salvage value of $10,000 at the end of the useful life of 5 years. On January 1, 2015 Michigan had to replace the engine of the truck paying $4,500 cash. Due
  74. MATH

    6. A computer company has two manufacturing plants, one in Rochester and one in Queens. Transporting a computer from Rochester to the retail outlet takes 15 hours and costs $15, while transporting a computer from Queens to the retail outlet takes 20 hours
  75. Physics

    Two billard balls move toward one another.The balls have identical masses, and the collision is perfectly elastic. The initial velocity of the balls are +30 cm/s and -20 cm/s, what is the velocity of each ball after the collision?
  76. Finance

    Rancher Rick purchased an additional 80 acres of hay ground to produce hay for his Angus herd. He paid $700/acre. He paid $20,000 down and took out a 10 year loan with interest calculated using add-on interest for the rest of the cost of the land. Assume
  77. Chemistry

    The most common source of copper (Cu) is the mineral chalcopyrite (CuFeS2). How many kilograms of chalcopyrite must be mined to obtain 315 of pure ?
  78. math

    The quantity demanded each month of the Sicard wristwatch is related to the unit price given by the equation below, where p is measured in dollars and x is measured in units of a thousand. To yield a maximum revenue, how many watches must be sold? (Round
  79. Math

    If exactly 198 people sign up for a charter flight, Leisure World Travel Agency charges $308/person. However, if more than 198 people sign up for the flight (assume this is the case), then each fare is reduced by $1 for each additional person. Hint: Let x
  80. forensic psychology

    explain how and why the ADA is relevant to forensic psychology professionals working in the police subspecialty in the screening and selection of police officers
  81. Math

    Find the absolute maximum value and the absolute minimum value, if any, of the function. g(x)=1/8x^2-4ã(x)on [0,49] maximum ? minimum ?
  82. math

    Determine where the function is concave upward and where it is concave downward. Concave upward: A. (-/infty,0) B.(-1,1) C.(0, infinity) D. (- infinity,infinity) E. (no interval) Concave downward: A.(-/infty,0) B.(-1,1) C.(0, infinity) D.(-
  83. Math

    Let f(x)=x^4-4x^3+10 Find the first derivative of the function. Find the critical values of the first derivative.
  84. physics

    A small sphere of mass m = 7.50 g and charge q1 = 32.0 nC is attached to the end of a string and hangs vertically as shown in the figure. A second charge of equal mass and charge q2 = –58.0 nC is located a distance d = 2.00 cm below the first charge. (a)
  85. math

    Suppose the total cost function for manufacturing a certain product C(x) is given by the function below, where C (x) is measured in dollars and x represents the number of units produced. Find the level of production that will minimize the average cost.
  86. Math

    A mower can cover 7.2 acres per hour. A newer model can cover 8.1 acres per hour. What percent more can the newer model cover?
  87. Math (Finance)

    You have a note in the amount of $10,000 at 9.5% interest running from january 5. to april 16 a. calculate the ordinary intrest. b. calculate the exact interest.
  88. Loan

    Borrower Brown borrowed $8,000 from the bank. He will pay 6% simple interest on the remaining balance of the loan in semi-annual equal PRINCIPAL payments for four years. How much total interest will Borrower Brown pay over the life of his loan?
  89. Chemistry

    If the density of gasoline is 0.66 g/ml , how many kilocalories of energy are obtained from 2.7gal of gasoline? note:When 1.0g of gasoline burns, 11,500 kcal of energy are given off.
  90. perimeters

    What are 5 different rectangle drawings with a perimeter of 20 units
  91. algebra

    mike's automall has 130 cars on clearance all either red blue or green. there are four times as many red as green, and twice as many blue as red. how many of each color do they have
  92. math

    The total weekly cost (in dollars) incurred by Lincoln Records in pressing x compact discs is given by the following function. C(x) = 2000 + 2x - 0.0001x^2 (0≤x≤6000) (a) What is the actual cost incurred in producing the 1071st and the 1891st disc?
  93. math

    The total weekly cost (in dollars) incurred by Lincoln Records in pressing x compact discs is given by the following function. C(x) = 2000 + 2x - 0.0001x^2 (0≤x≤6000) (a) What is the actual cost incurred in producing the 1071st and the 1891st disc?
  94. Language Arts

    Is this a simple sentence. Graphic artists can choose a percentage of red,blue,or yellow.
  95. Chemistry 101

    25 ml tartaric solution is tritrated with 31 ml ammonium equation rearranged for normality of ammonium: starting with N1V1=N2V2 N1= V1= v2= final answer N2=
  96. Chemistry 101

    75.0 G tartaric acid in 1 liter is what Molarity (moles/liter)? mw=150.087 g/mol
  97. phi

    Karl Popper advocates, as a more efficient way to examine a scientific hypothesis, which of the following?
  98. critical t hinking

    Reporter: A new campaign finance reform bill being considered by Congress would limit the amount of campaign contributions that political candidates can receive. However, a survey of candidates running for mayor, governor, and senate seats shows that not
  99. Theatre history

    What are the possible orgins of Electra subject matter, are there any plays using the same subject matter, if so how do they differ ?

    Can someone Help me find good sourses for an analogy of euripides Electra? Ineed both information and ideas to write my paper thanks.


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