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  1. Computers

    What are the particular hardware elements that have a direct memory access device?
  2. Math

    Write two different numbers that when rounded to the nearest tenth will give you 18.3
  3. Chemistry

    A 250 g sample of water with an initial temperature of 98.8 c loses 7,500 joules of heat. What is the final temperature of the water ?
  4. Math

    Surface area of each solid .round to THE nearest tenth if necesaria. 6cm 5.2cm 7cm 6c
  5. math fractions

    Rogelio has 3 one-dollar bills, 5 quarters, 4 dimes, 2 nickels, and 9 pennies. What fraction of the coins are quarters?
  6. 3rd grade math

    Justin took photographs during a trip to the mountains. He used one roll of color film and one roll of black-and-white film. He took 1/3 of the pictures in color during a picnic with his family. If he took 36 pictures in all, how many color pictures did he
  7. 3rd grade math

    A parking lot near the sports field holds a total of 52 vehicles. There are 42 cars parked there now. Half of these cars are red, 10 are blue, and the rest are silver. What fraction of the cars are silver?
  8. 3rd grade math

    A pile of index cards has a mixture of white, pink, yellow, red, and blue cards. Some cards are lined, and some are unlined. The total number of cards is 150. 2/5 of the cards are blue, 10 cards are white, and 10 cards are red. Half of the remaining cards
  9. MAth

    Two thirds of the musicians in a 16-piece band are girls. the 16 musicians include 12 brass players. what fraction of the band plays brass instrument?
  10. 3rd grade math

    Two thirds of the musicians in a 16-piece band are girls. the 16 musicians include 12 brass players. what fraction of the band plays brass instrument?
  11. Math

    Familling new carpet and wants to know how much carpert they need , but they olso know that carpet is sold by the square yard. 23feetx9feetx6feet x 3feetx10 feetx19feet
  12. science

    Solar energy is mainly caused due to a) Burning of hydrogen in the oxygen b) Fission of uranium present in the sun c) Fusion of protons during synthesis of heavier elements d) Gravitational contraction
  13. science

    Hydraulic press is based on a) Archimedes principled b) Bernoulli’s solution c) Pascal/s law d) Reynold’s law
  14. science

    The heaviest naturally occurring element is a) Uranium b) Iron c) Silica d) Aluminum
  15. science

    The most malleable metal is a) Sodium b) Lead c) Steel d) Gold
  16. science

    A boat of mass 40 kg is at rest; A dog of mass 4 kg moves in the boat with a velocity of 10 m/s. what is the velocity of boat? a) 4 m/s b) 2 m/s c) 8 m/s d) 1 m/s
  17. science

    Silvering of mirror is done by a) AgNO3 b) Ag2O3 c) Fe2O3 d) Al2O3
  18. science

    4.4 g of CO2 contains how many liters of CO2 at STP ? a) 2.4 litre b) 2.24 litre c) 44 Litre d) 22.4 litre
  19. geometry

    Shalonda notices that when she stands next to the flagpole, she casts a shadow that is 8 feet long and that the flagpole casts a shadow that is 28 feet long. Little Shalonda is 4 feet tall. How tall, to the nearest foot, is the flagpole?
  20. reading

    Renee has a research paper due in three days. She has set aside two hours to complete this task. What is wrong with this study goal? A. It is not significant and can’t be rewarded. B. The goal is not concrete and specific. C. The time she has allotted is
  21. Chemistry

    One reaction of iron with hydrochloric acid is represented by the following thermochemical equation. Fe(s) + 2HCl(aq) ? FeCl2(aq) + H2(g); (Delta)H°= –87.9 kJ How much heat is liberated at constant pressure if 0.215 g of iron reacts with 40.4 mL of
  22. Chemistry

    2M +6HCl–>2MCl+3H2 Delta H= -638.0 Kj HClg—>HCl aq= Delta H -74.8 Kj H2+Cl2–>2HCl Delta H -1845.0 Kj MCl3s–> MCl3 aq Delta H -249.0 Kj Use the information above to determine the enthalpy of the following reaction. 2M +3Cl2–>2MCl3 Delta H =???
  23. Chemistry

    At constant volume the heat of combustion of a particular compound is -3378.0 kj/mol.When 1.563 g of this compound ( molar mass of 126.88 g/mol )was burned temp rose 6.991 C. What's the heat capacity of the calorimeter(calorimeter is constant)?
  24. Chemistry

    A 0.464 gram sample of a metal, M, reacts completely with sulfuric acid according to: M(s) +H2SO4(aq)=MSO4(aq)+H2(g) A volume of 211 mL of hydrogen is collected over water; the water level in the collecting vessel is the same as the outside level.
  25. Calculus

    At what value of x does the graph of y=9x^(1/3)+x^2 have a point of inflection?
  26. Calculus

    The position of a particle moving on a horizontal line is given by s(t)=2t^3-15t^2+24t-5, where s is measured in feet and t in seconds. a: What is the initial position of the particle? b: What is the average velocity of the particle on the interval
  27. chemistry

    what minimum mass of copper ii nitrate must be added to 70 ml of a .0594 M phosphate solution in order to completely precipitate all the phosphate as solid copper ii phosphate. 2PO4^-3+3Cu(NO3)2-->Cu3(PO4)2+6NO3^-1 I can not come up with the correct answer
  28. history

    how did the navajo code-talkers aid marines in battle?
  29. history

    1.who was the commander of the u.s. navy in the pacific? 2.where did the japanese strike after pearl harbor?
  30. history

    what do you think contributed to the jump in productivity among american workers during world war 2?
  31. history

    why did the national debt rise so quickly during world war 2?
  32. science

    1. Identify the phase or phases of matter (solids, liquids, and gases) that apply to each statement. More than one phase of matter may apply to each statement. a. Molecules do not move around, but vibrate in place b. Has volume but no particular shape c.
  33. science

    how much work was accomplished by the fall?
  34. algebra 2

    solve each system by substitution 1. 6x-3y=-33 2xty=-1 2. 2x-y=7 3x-2y=10 3. 4x=8y 2x+5y=27
  35. algebra 2

    solve each system by substitution 1. y=xt1 2x+y=7 2. x=y-2 3x-y=6 3. y=2xt3 5x-y=-3
  36. history

    what conditions were present in the united states after world war 1?
  37. history

    who was the republican candidate who won the election of 1920?
  38. us government

    how is compromise and majority rule a part of congressional politics?
  39. complete subject and complete predicate

    this gold ring once belonged to my grandmother
  40. chemistry

    How many grams of oxygen are collected in a reaction where 245 mL of oxygen gas is collected over water at a temperature of 25 ^\circ {\rm C} and a total pressure of 688 torr
  41. Intermediate Algebra

    Hi another question I have please. Find the midpoint of F A B? A(6,10) B(-20,14)
  42. Intermediate Algebra

    The average cab ride cost per mile(x) is given by f(x)=2x+3.50, where x is miles and f(x) is money. A. Find the cost of a 5 mile ride. B. Find the cost of a 3/4 mile ride. C. How many miles can you go in $50?
  43. Geometry

    wats the areas of a rectangle... base of : 5m high of: (4a+b)m
  44. math

    use mental math to find each value cost of 8 items at $12.98 each
  45. Math

    Describe in your own words how to solve a linear equation or inequality
  46. Chemistry

    which is more concentrated a 1 liter solution containing 30 g of NaCl or a 1 liter solution containing 30g of KCl
  47. science

    the length of the string is 9.984cm.What is the length of the string to the nearest tenth of a centimeter
  48. algebra

    what does x equal in the equation 3x-35=9x-59
  49. Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer

    A steam pipe is 75 mm external diameter and is 80 m long. It conveys steam at a rate of 1000 kg/h at a pressure of 2 Mpa. The steam enters the pipe with a dryness fraction of 0.98 and is to leave the pipe with a dryness of not less than 0.96. The pipe must
  50. physics

    A current I = 16 A is directed along the positive x-axis and perpendicular to a magnetic field. A magnetic force per unit length of 0.15 N/m acts on the conductor in the negative y-direction. Calculate the magnitude and direction of the magnetic field in
  51. philosophy

    write a 350-700 word response describing how Socrates’, Plato’s, and Aristotle’s philosophies relate to each other
  52. Us History

    The Lousiana Purchase removed a major point of contention between the United States and a European power but left many others. Which areas of possible conflict remained, and what were the sources of these potential conflicts?
  53. I donth Get it !...US History

    Did the differing circumstances of Maryland and Virginia's founding affect the course of their respective development? If so, how?
  54. Us History

    What problems dogged the early settlements of the Chesapeake region?
  55. hystory

    Why did Europeans press westward during this period, instead of concentrating in the more easily defended coastal towns?
  56. algebra

    how do i graph this quadratic funtion y=x(squared) + 4x - 4
  57. Maths

    solve the equation: 4cos2*theta + 3cos*theta + 3 = 0 for values between 0 and 180 degrees If that is cosine squared in the first term, you have a quadratic equation. Normally cosine squared would be written in ASCII as cos^2 Theta.