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  1. english

    my last query is unanswered. please .. can i use non creative as an antonym for creative . thank you.
  2. english

    please clarify : 1. could i use MOST in the following sentence : this is the most perfect dress . 2. correction : look, the sun is rising over the hills . could i use continuous form here 3. can i use non creative as antonym for creative ?
  3. english

    pl correct : She has a cold or She has had a cold
  4. english

    pl correct the sentence : He asked her what she thinks or He asked her what she thought 2. there has not been any fish. question tag has there ? or has it ?
  5. english

    pl clarify : english book or an english book
  6. english

    She _______ (take) her lunch what type of verb form or tense can be used here ? When we use complements such as now look listen yesterday every day daily tomorrow forsure just now next week just by the end of next month lt is constructed grammatically.
  7. english

    Could you pl tell me parts of speech for : right
  8. english

    1. could you explain me how to use less and fewer in comparison grammatically 2. correction : he does not care for her . is it care for or care about ?
  9. english

    please clarify : write the correct verb form : 1.girl _______ (speak) cleverly . 2.our course_________(complete) by the month of March 2016 thank you
  10. english

    please correct : 1. what no of son you are to your parents ? 2. how manyeth son you are ? 3. what no of president is abdul kalam in list of order / presidents.
  11. english

    could you please grammatically clarify the following : 1. i would rather went by a train 2. stop talking. 3. the shop remains closed. 4 get lost . 5. police has or have .6. none of the followed by is or was.
  12. english

    show me the right website for learning prepositions
  13. english

    please clarify : 1. i am suffering from high fever 2.i am suffering with high fever
  14. english

    1.He gets killed 2. I will get it done 3 gas gets over. could i know the grammatical aspect here ? I mean get/gets followed by a participle .what form of a sentence construction etc.
  15. english

    could you please tell me the parts of speech for the given sentence : Council took a look round the court for a moment took-look-round-for-moment
  16. english

    how could TO BE ABLE and BEEN ABLE BE USED grammatically
  17. english

    Does the noun musician take accent on penultimate syllable or ante penultimate syllable ? any word ending with - ian should take stress on ante penultimate syllable . but in dictionaries the stress is given on the penultimate syllable z please clarify
  18. english

    1. How do your son study ? or How does your son study ? tell me which one is the correct question form .
  19. english

    why some sentences begin with ....1. to my surprise 2. to be able to do it ......what grammatical aspect is it
  20. english

    why stress is marked on e for the verb emulate
  21. english

    could u explain the rhyming scheme aa bb cc
  22. english

    could you pl tell me the theme in edgar albert guest's equipment poem
  23. english

    i have been asked to correct the sentence would you please assist : 1.when will you eat are you not hungry
  24. english

    which one is the actual noun form : aborigines/aborigine/aboriginality please let me know clearly
  25. english

    My kids ______ with joy when they got their marks (squealed/exclaimed)which is the correct one
  26. english

    can PROD rhyme with LORD in phonetics
  27. english

    I will call you before i leave for station.Leave only after i call. ans : If I do not ... ... .... .... ... .... . will you please write the correct form ?
  28. english

    can you tell me how to begin a sentence with BECAUSE :eg. My sister fell down and thought she had broken her leg.she went to the doctor .ans: Because... ... ... ... ... ... ...
  29. science

    could you pl tell me the correct name for a person who sells an animal skin
  30. social studies

    could you pl let me know the distinction between galaxy and milkyway in solar system
  31. english

    pl let me know the parts of speech for OVER in the given text : She spread a cloth OVER the table
  32. english

    could you please tell me how to use and identify the position of an adverb in a sentence
  33. health

    if rheumatoid factor 1gM under ELISA process shows around 320.6 RU/mL and thyroid stimulating hormone TSH at 13.37 and ESR at 60mm/hour ra factor : non reactive 1:2 anti nuclear anti bodies ANA 0.39 (n) pl tell me what would happen to the patient and what
  34. english

    can you pl answer the following : 1.Please send all applications by post change into passive voice 2."Dont you want to start before it gets too dark ? into reported speech 3.i was scolded for little mistakes when i was a boy I hated it. answer:I hated ....
  35. english

    could you pl explain how the perfect infinitive is effectively used in english
  36. english

    pl help me to write better english 1.The poor man used to carry his heavy load to the market every day : ans ; THE HEAVY LOAD USED TO BE CARRIED TO THE MARKET PLACE EVERY DAY which expression is better
  37. english

    can you you please answer this : 1.It seems that the match is postponed ans. The match seems to be postponed tell me the grammatical aspects in the above sentences both are in passive form only. 2.It is likely that sherry will be awarded the prize
  38. english

    thank you Ms Sue for your quick response but i was told that do and did forms would not appear in the reported speech could you pl clarify and how about this one : he enquired me why i was not vaccinated
  39. english

    could you pl change the sentence in indirect speech : He said,'why don't you get vaccinated ?
  40. english

    will you pl tell me the parts of speech for all the words in the following sentence : we would no longer run or walk but growl
  41. english

    the poor man used to carry his heavy load to the market everyday can you pl change the above sentence into passive voice
  42. english

    'why don't you get intoxicated', he said will you please change the above sentence into reported speech
  43. english

    i needto learn something on art of questening could you pl help me
  44. english

  45. english

    she spoke to me as if i were a stranger here I is followed by were instead of was could you pl explain it
  46. physicaleducation

    in lawn tennis how many serves are given to the server some times though the net is touched by ball the server is allowed to serve as i have no idea pl explain clearly
  47. english

    how this sentence could be transformed into positive degree and superlative degree : prevention is better than cure
  48. english

    in one particular lesson something happens in the hotel but the name of the lesson is titled THE NIGHT AT THE HOTEL my point is when something happens inside the hotel during night time why the preposition IN is not used rather than AT will you please
  49. englishhow

    how the given sentence could be transformed into passive voice : whom the police held guilty of forgery ?
  50. english

    would you pl explain conditional sentences and simple compound and complex sentences and their importance in eng language
  51. health

    could you pl tell me the symptoms and diagnosis of bone cancer
  52. english

    it is sad that she could not arrive. could you pl explain the position and parts of speech of 'IT' in the given sentence
  53. english

    could you explain how to use perfect infinitive correctly in eng language
  54. english

    could u pl arrange the given scrambled sentences into a meaningful paragraph a.the opossum sometimes escapes its enemies by pretending to be dead b. when the predator loses interest and leaves the opossum calmly gets up and walks away c. most predatory
  55. english

    c an you pl explain the word employability correct spelling parts of speech etc
  56. chemistry

    as i need to perform a project on " chemical reactions on metals " could you please suggest me some useful material along with an experiment to perform
  57. english

    can i construct the sentence in this way by using two continunses along with while : while i am playing my sis is cooking
  58. english

    could you please tell me how to make use of will be in language use eg i will be there she will be a unique woman
  59. english

    could you pl explain how to make use of so long as,as long as, provided,on condition imagine, suppose , what if , i wonder .
  60. englishcan

    can you pl correct the following : is this the person which you are talking about him ?
  61. english

    can you pl rewrite the following sentence 1.the glass broke because you were careless if you _________________________________
  62. gastro

    could you pl explain in detail the following ailment or diagnosis called METAPLASIA how it could be cured and all
  63. c b n

    can you pl explain the impacts precautions once you are affected by cervico brachial neuralgia
  64. english

    could you pl correct the following sentence : nobody is understanding what is the problem our teacher has just explained
  65. english

    could you please let me know the parts of speech separatly each word for the following sentence : all that glitters is not gold
  66. english

    could you please correct the sentence: i stopped to smoke last year
  67. science

    can u pl answer the following 1. _______ used in air craft to measure altitudes . 2.The metal that burns in oxygen with a dazzling light is _________ . 3. the gas liberated on heating copper corbonate is _________ . 4 .what is king of chemicals ? 5. what
  68. science

    can u pl tell me the weight of human brain
  69. socialstudies

    can you please tell me the busiest airport in the USA
  70. english

    would you please tell me a few lines on the topic ' survival of english language'
  71. english

    would anyone please explain simple compound and complex sentences
  72. english

    could you please let me know the distintion between compound words and collocations ...
  73. english

    can you please correct the following sentence : i have no information on the subject
  74. english

    could anyone please clarify my query : why there is no passive formation for the following sentences though they have transitive verbs which take an object ? 1. she goes to school 2. she crosses the bridge
  75. english

    could any one please explain the grammatical term : ERGATIVE verb
  76. english

    could you please explain me how to use the following verb forms effectively along with constructions : 1. to be 2. to be able 3. have been able
  77. social studies

    VIII standard could you please suggest a few steps to check child marriages : Sherry edlapadu ap india
  78. english

    could you mind answering the following sentences and tell me which expression is grammatically proved to be correct or both in comparison: 1.Sherry is cleverer than Sterry 2.Sterry is more clever than Sherry