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  1. Black

    The First Name and School Subject are now blacked out on my computer. What is happening? How can I remedy it?
  2. psychology

    I searched Google under the key words "Watson Pavlov" to get these possible sources:
  3. physical science

    The answer to this can be found more quickly by consulting either an online or hardcopy dictionary. Here is an online dictionary definition. Main Entry: ge·ol·o·gy Pronunciation: jE-'ä-l&-jE Function: noun Inflected Form(s): plural
  4. society

    I searched Google under the key words "middle ages culture" to get these possible sources: (Broken Link Removed)
  5. society

    Please only post your questions once. Repeating posts will not get a quicker response. In addition, it wastes our time looking over reposts that have already been answered in your later post. Thanks. How people lived in the middle ages?


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  1. Career guidance

  2. Bio

    It would help if you proofread your questions before you posted them.
  3. Bio

    Wedding? Who is getting married? Typo?
  4. math

    You have many possibilities. Examples: 55 - a = 54.57 100 - b = 54.57 Cannot draw here.
  5. Algebra tiles

    We cannot see the boxes, and your explanation is not clear enough to give a response.