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  1. physics

    Now, three masses (m1 = 3.1 kg, m2 = 9.3 kg and m3 = 6.2) hang from three identical springs in a motionless elevator. The springs all have the same spring constant given above. Now the elevator is moving downward with a velocity of v = -2.9 m/s but
  2. Algebra

    Square root of 31 to the nearest hundredth
  3. Math

    It's suppose to be a rug is shaped like a rectangle who's perimeter is192 ft. The length is five times as long as the width. Find the length and width
  4. English

    Write an article for publication in a national newspaper discussing at least two reasons why students should cultivate the habit of reading.
  5. English

    there are never enough discipline on the playground;someone always is getting hurt
  6. math

    A bottle of juice concentrate gives the mixing ratio of concentrate to water as 1:5. How much water should be mixed with 2 cups of concentrate?
  7. Algebra

    On Saturday barkers bake sale sold 8 cakes and 12 pies, making a total of $164. On Sunday they sold 10 cakes and 4 pies, earning $128. What is the price of cake? What is the price of pie?
  8. chemistry

    illustrate how to prepare a 1:3 solution of 0.5 hydrochloric acid
  9. Math

    The outdoor temperature yesterday reached a low of -4.5 •f between what two integers was the temperature
  10. Science

    What is the ph scale used for?
  11. Math

    Guest at a party drank 1.5 gallons of fruit punch if one serving was 8 ounces how many servings of fruit punch did the guest drink in all
  12. Math

    How many more yellow and red lollipops than blue and green lollipops were pulled out of the bag?
  13. Maths

    Mr A filled his car with fuel every fourteenth day. Mr B fills his car every eighth day. They both filled their car today. How many days will it be until they next fill their tanks again?
  14. probability

    An employer wishes to hire three people from a group of 15 applicants 8 men and 7 women, all of which are equally qualified to fill the position . if the three are selected at a random. what is the probability, a) All will be men? b) at least one will be a
  15. Can someone check this

    A salesperson earns $200 a week plus a 4% commission on her sales. Which equation models the relationship between her sales in a given week, s, and her weekly earnings, e? Is it e=200s+4?
  16. please check my answers

    To make sure its correct before I turn it in Q.If f(x) is a linear function, which statement must be true? A.f(x) has no x2-term. Q2.The graph of a function must be linear if it has what characteristic? A2.It has a constant slope. Q3.If f(x) is a linear
  17. I need help again

    A car enters a turnpike 22 miles north of a town. The car travels north at an average speed of 64 miles per hour. How far is the car from the town after 4 hours? How do you solve the linear function then solve the problem? If you could help me understand

    Get–Around Cab Company charges $2.50 upon entry and $2 per mile. Write the function that represents the cost C of a ride of m miles.
  19. Algebra 2

    Get–Around Cab Company charges $2.50 upon entry and $2 per mile. Write the function that represents the cost C of a ride of m miles. I don't know what the formula is?
  20. probability

    an employer wishes to hire three people from a group of 15 applicants. 8 men and 7 women, all qualified to fill the position. if he selects the three at random. what is the probability. a) all will be men? b) one will be a women?

    2. Which of the following describes the genotype and phenotype of parents whose child will definitely have a recessive trait? A. Both parents have a homozygous for the recessive allele and have that trait** B. Both parents have a homozygous for the
  22. Science

    2. Which of the following describes the genotype and phenotype of parents whose child will definitely have a recessive trait? A. Both parents have a homozygous for the recessive allele and have that trait** B. Both parents have a homozygous for the
  23. Marh

    what is the nearest square mile for 59,424.02?
  24. Language Arts

    what kind of essay is the selection? A. Persuasive ***** B. Reflective C. Expository D. Descriptive
  25. Science

    victoria discovered a new way to keep her hands warm on a cold day. what scientific attitude is this an example A. Creativity ********* B. skepticism C. Honesty D. Good ethics Please help thanks :)
  26. Math

    A manufacturing company is thinking of launching a new product. The company expects to sell $950,000 of the new product in the first year and $1,500,000 each year thereafter. Direct costs including labor and materials will be 45% of sales. Indirect
  27. Chemistry

    Ethanol is the active ingredient of alcoholic beverages. It is also s a possible replacement for gasoline. The complete combustion of ethanol forms carbon dioxide and water. CH3CH2OH + O2 => CO2 + H2O Balance the equation. What mass of carbon dioxide is
  28. MATH PLEASE HELP THIS IS A TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Which events are NOT independent? Landing on heads after tossing a coin and rolling a 3 on a 6- sided number cube Choosing a marble from a jar and landing on tails after tossing a coin Choosing a 5 from a deck of cards replacing it and then choosing an ace

    A single, standard number cube is tossed. What is the probability of getting a number other than 6? A. 1 B. 1÷3 C. 5÷6 D. 1÷6 A standard number cube with the numbers 1 through 6 is rolled. Find the probability of rolling a number less than 4 A. 1 ÷ 4
  30. Vacation

    what should I pack to the grand canyon? why is the grand canyon a trip? please answer these are an essay to complete & if I don't pass I cant go to 7th grade thanks
  31. Math

    You and a friend go to the movies and split the cost of the movie tickets and snacks. You pay the bill. You tell your friend he owes only $9 because you owed him $4 from the last time you went to the movies. How much was the total bill? Let b represent the
  32. MATH

    1.) solve the equation 2 x - 3 = 15 A. x=6 B. x=9 C. x=24 D. x = 36 2.) Solve the equation r - 4 = 11 --- 3 r = 45 r = 35 r= 33 r = 28 3.) solve the equation 7+ 3 m = 28 m = 18 m = 11 2 divide by 3 m = 9 m = 7 PLEASE HELP MS. SUE
  33. Geography

    I have one question what's money sense Ms. Sue please help me
  34. Math

    The cost of a student ticket to the school play is $7. Write an equation that correctly relates the cost, c, for a particular number of student tickets, s, purchased. Identify the independent and dependent variables.
  35. Math

    Which of the following is a true statement? A. -9 > -4 B. | -10 | > |2| C. | -3| < |1| D. 6< - 12 Compare using , or = -2 ----- -4 A. < B.> C. = Compare using , or = -| 2-5| ----- (8 – 11) A. < B. > C = PLEASE HELP!!!
  36. Science

    "Earth's energy sources include both renewable and nonrenewable resources. Name at least three sources of energy that could be used in your house. Then describe the ideal source of energy for generating most of your home's electricity, and explain why you
  37. Science

    Every individual, including young people, can make decisions to use resources wisely. Use the terms reduce, reuse, and recycle to explain how the students in the image can help minimize solid waste. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
  38. Science

    why is it important biodiversity? A. preservation of biodiversity prevents the extinction of species B. preservation of biodiversity increases the amount of fossil fuels formed in a shorter period of time. c. preservation of biodiversity disturbs the
  39. Science

    I need help with these question please. 1. how can you renewable heating & cooling? 2. how can you renewable hot water? 3. how can you renewable electricity?
  40. Science

    Problem How could renewable energy sources be used in a house? Devise a Plan 1. Consider what you learned about renewable energy sources. Use what you learned to design a house that operates entirely on renewable energy sources. Focus on three major needs:
  41. History

    Which city was located in the Persian Empire? A. Baghdad B. Jerusalem C. Alexandria D. Makkah Which of the following was located northeast of the Arabian Peninsula? A. Persian Empire B. Byzantine Empire C. Roman Empire D. Sahara What does Islam mean? A.
  42. History

    Muslims must A. pray eight times a day B. save all their money C. fulfill the five pillars of Islam D. live in Makah PLEASE HELP........
  43. chemistry

    what are the favored geometrical arrangements for ABn molecules for which the A atom has 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 pairs of electrons in in its valence shell?'
  44. math

    The Least Common Multiple of two numbers is 60, and one of the numbers is 7 less than the other number. What are the numbers? Justify your answer.
  45. Math

    You have a wireless phone plan that costs $25 per month. You must also pay $.10 per minute for each minute over 500 min. you phone bill was more than $30 last month. Write an inequality to represent the number of minutes m you spent on the phone last
  46. Math

    The Cupcake Cafe makes 4 1/2 times as much revenue on doughnuts as muffins. If the total sales was $44,000 for May, what dollar amount of each was sold?
  47. microeconomics

    The basis of the argument favoring government intervention to correct informational and rationality problems is that:
  48. trig

    A barge is pulled by two tugboats. The first tugboat is traveling at a speed of 12 knots with heading 140°, and the second tugboat is traveling at a speed of 17 knots with heading 200°. Find the resulting speed and direction of the barge. (Round your
  49. hastings

    In a heating curve, when is the temperature constant?
  50. Physics

    If the gas in a container absorbs 203 J of heat, has 100 J of work done on it, then does 59 J of work, what is the increase in the internal energy of the gas? Answer in units of J
  51. Physics

    A rock dropped into a pond produces a wave that takes 14.6 s to reach the opposite shore,21.1 m away. The distance between consecutive crests of the wave is 5.3 m. What is the frequency of the wave?
  52. Physics

    Consider a force F = 815 N pulling 3 blocks of masses m1 = 7.94 kg, m2 = 15.3 kg, and m3 = 32.4 kg along a frictionless horizontal surface. Find the acceleration a of the blocks. Answer in units of m/s2.
  53. Geometry

    Find the value of each variable and ST if S is between R and T. Draw a picture and solve each. RS=12, ST=2x, RT=34
  54. Physics

    A pelican flying along a horizontal path drops a fish from a height of 4.2 m. The fish travels 9.1 m horizontally before it hits the water below. What was the pelican’s initial speed? The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s2.
  55. Literacy

    Which of the following ways of incorporating an idea from a journal article into your research paper is considered best for expressing that entire idea in your own words? A. quote B. Paraphrase C. Copy and paste D. Summarize
  56. Reimbursement Methodologies Final Exam

    Can anyone please help me with Part A with the 1st question: You're the new director of a hospital health information management department. The chief financial officer has hired you for your experties in health care reimbursement and needs to know how
  57. English

    A more creative or straightforward expressions for The tried and true methods quite often can't be beat.
  58. business

    What are the advantages of having an ethics office or officer report to a company’s chief executive officer, the legal department, human resources, or audit? What are the disadvantages?
  59. Math

    Lisa can shovel snow from her driveway in 45 minutes. Bill can do the same job in 65 minutes. How long would it take Lisa and Bill to shovel the driveway if they worked together?
  60. Physical Science

    What is a nine letter word for the size of a measurement.. and the last letter of the word ends in "E".. Thanks, Priscilla
  61. physics

    What is the angular speed in rev/min of the Earth as it orbits around the sun? I'm confused with this problem. I know we have to convert from rad/s to rev/rad to s/min in order to get the units as rev/min. But I don't know what to use for rad/s
  62. Calculus I

    Find the derivative ** (sq root) y = (square root) x + (2nd sq root) x + (3rd sq root) x ** All the x's is under three sq roots y' = 1/2(sq rt) x + 1/(sq rt) x + 3/2(sq rt) x Is this right?
  63. chemistry - synthesis of aspirin

    This is an experiment for a synthesis of aspirin lab mass of salicylic acid = 2.005 g mass of acetic acid = ? moles of acetic acid = ? volume of acetic anhydride = 4 ml mass of acetic anhydride (Use 1.08 g/ml for the liquid density) = (1.08 g/ml) (4 ml) =
  64. chemistry - synthesis of aspirin

    wanted to calculate the theoretical and actual yield of aspirin. mass of salicylic acid = 2.005 g But isn't salicylic acid differ. from acetic acid? If so, how do we find the mass of acetic acid in this experiment volume of acetic anhydride = 4 ml mass of
  65. chemistry - synthesis of aspirin

    I wanted to calculate the theoretical and actual yield of aspirin. mass of salicylic acid = 2.005 g But isn't salicylic acid differ. from acetic acid? If so, how do we find the mass of acetic acid in this experiment volume of acetic anhydride = 4 ml mass
  66. Chemistry

    Calculate the level from which the electron fell, n2, for the hydrogen line you observed. wavelength (lambda) = 400 nm n1 = 2 RH = 2.18 x 10^-18 I keep having trouble with finding n2. Is the above given right to plug in for 1/(lambda) = RH (1/n1^2 - n2^2)
  67. Calculus I

    Find the derivative of f(x) = sin^2 (e^sin^2 x) I wonder if I'm right F'(x) = 2cos(e^sin^2 x) (sin^2 x e^sin^2 x -1)
  68. Physics

    Two blocks are connected by a string, The smooth inclined surface makes an angle of 35 degrees with the horizontal, and the block on the incline has a mass of 5.7kg. The mass of the hanging block is m=3.2kg. Find the direction and magnitude of the hanging
  69. Chemistry

    I wanted to calculate the average equivalent weight of an unknown acid for an acid-base titration experiment. The mass of the unknown that I had to obtain is 0.2 g and the equivalents of the acid is .001046 L x N. But is this equation right? Does the
  70. Chemistry

    I wanted to calculate the normality of the acid and base solutions for a lab. But I'm extremely confused. I know normality is number of equivalents divided by volume in liters. But are we suppose to be given the number of equivalents of HCl and NaOH? Or
  71. Physics

    The mass of the thread was neglected in the experiment. If this mass were 0.2 gram, estimate the largest error in the acceleration that it might have caused. Could this account for your observed errors?
  72. Physics

    The speed of sound is about 340 m/s. Assume that when the motion detector emits an ultrasonic pulse, it must detect the reflected pulse before it can emit its next pulse. Assuming that the length of the air track is about 2 meters, what is the maximum
  73. Physics

    In a game of basketball, a forward makes a bounce pass to the center. The ball is thrown with an initial speed of 4.3 m/s at an angle of 15 degrees below the horizontal. It is released 0.80m above the floor. What horizontal distance does the ball cover
  74. Physics

    1. While riding on an elevator descending with a constant speed of 1.5 m/s, you accidentally drop a book form under your arm. (a) How long does it take for the book to reach the elevator floor, 1.2 m below your arm? (b) What is your book's speed relative
  75. math

    the probability that jim will make 0,1,2,3,4,5 or 6 shots out of six attempted field goals is shown below. what is the probability he will make 5 shots? r= 0,1,2,3,4,5,6 P(r)=.016, .094, .234, .312, .234, .094, .016 possible answers: .094, .312, .234
  76. Math

    K. =9 3.3 And 2.3= n 4.1
  77. chemistry

    What is the molarity of OH- in an aqueous solution that is 0.31 M HNO3?
  78. physics

    the image you see in a plane mirror appears to be at what distance?
  79. physical science

    all of the following are true about water except that it:
  80. Chemictry

    A calorimeter contains 32.0 of water at 11.5. When 1.70 of (a substance with a molar mass of 74.0 ) is added, it dissolves via the reaction and the temperature of the solution increases to 26.5. Calculate the enthalpy change, , for this reaction per mole
  81. social science

    compare the believe systems of the khoikhoi with the early african farmers focus on the moon, singing and dancing, musical instruments and story telling
  82. Physics

    What is the path of satellite called?
  83. Physics

    What is the path of satellite called?
  84. calculus

    How do I integrate [1/(x^2+1)] Thx
  85. text structure

    People have used various methods to measure the depth of the ocean. Long ago sailors lowered a rope over the side of the ship. When the rope touched the bottom,they knew how deep the water was. Today scientists measure the depth of the water with an echo
  86. pre-cal

    Solve (x+2)/(x+1) -2 < 0 I know the LCD is x + 1. (x+2-2x-2)/(x+1) < 0 (-x )/(x+1) < 0 But somehow, I got the wrong answer. The answer is (4, 7]. But I don't know where I went wrong.
  87. AP US history

    Describe various levels of development and complexity in Native American Cultures around 1500
  88. English (Writeacher/Ms Sue/bobpursley plz help)

    May someone who has read/watched both romeo and juliet and west side story help me check the following questions please? 1.Which situation is a similarity between Juliet and Maria, the main female characters in Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story? A. A
  89. English (Writeacher, Please help)

    I would like someone to check the following questions for me. Thanks in advance. 1. What issue was a problem for Tony in West Side Story? A. Maria did not return his love B. His job was not a good one C. His parents did not approve of the friends he hung
  90. English (West Side Story)

    I would like someone to check the following questions for me. Thanks in advance. 1. What issue was a problem for Tony in West Side Story? A. Maria did not return his love B. His job was not a good one C. His parents did not approve of the friends he hung
  91. English

    What is the theme of West Side Story? A. The prejudice is evil. B. All is fair in love and war C. Any friends you have are okay D. Get revenge for everything E. None of the above I think C and D are just wrong and B is not true at all. I would say it's A
  92. english

    Have any of you read or watch the movie of West Side Story? If so, please help me with the question below, Thanks in advance. What characteristic best described Tony? A. intellectual B. idealist C. stupid D. angry E. None of the above I would say it's
  93. Algebra

    On a standardized test, the distribution of scores is normal, the mean of the scores is 75, and the standard deviation is 5.8. If a student scored 83, the student's score ranks 1. below the 75th percentile 2. above the 97th percentile 3. between the 75th
  94. chem

    what are the bond angles and extraction and purification of cinnamaldehyde
  95. Physics

    A vibrating 1000-hertz tuning fork produces sound waves that travel at 340 meters per second in air. Points A and B are some distance from the tuning fork. Point P is 20. meters from the tuning fork. 1. If the waves are in phase at point A and B, what is
  96. help ms.sue

    whats one opinion about leukemia.i all ready wrote a fact but i baerly know anything about it so i can not write a opinion please.this is just home work ? please help me ms.sue from, priscilla perez
  97. help ms.sue

    i need a rymeing chart
  98. practice book

    get rid of the double negatives you never wanted to be no miner your sure its too hard a life?
  99. 4 grade math

    what are two addition problems with the answer of -30
  100. homework try this

    i need to wright 3 sentences about my family and use irregular verbs can u give me an example please


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