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  1. Math

    Samantha rides her bicycle 5 miles in 2 fifths of a hour at this rate how many miles could she ride in 2 hours
  2. Algebra Homework, HELP!

    1) A rectangle has an area of 297 square inches and a width which is three inches less than four times the length. Find the length and the width of the rectangle. 2) Let x represent the length of the shorter leg in a right triangle. If the longer leg is 1
  3. algebra I

    Would like the best way to explain two variable equations to 9th grader.
  4. algebra

    You pull out the plug from the bathtub. After 40 seconds, there are 13 gallons of water left in the tub. One minute after you pull the plug, there are 10 gallons left. Assume that the number of gallons varies linearly with the time since the plug was
  5. Physics

    A particle undergoes three displacements. The first has a magnitude of 15 m and makes an angle of 30 degrees with the positive x axis. The second has a magnitude of 8.6 m and makes an angle of 149 degrees with the positive x axis. After the third


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  1. math

  2. Math

    Gerald can complete a math assignment in 2 hours and a physics assignment in 1 hour. If he has 8 hours to complete a set of assignments, how many math assignments can he complete if he decides to leave the science assignments for the next day? This
  3. 5th grade

    salt and coride. WASSUP
  4. abnormal psychology

  5. Calculus

    Yes that is how it is. sorry i am not good at typing them out