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  1. math

    The local reader’s club has a set of 36 hardback books and a set of 30 paperbacks. Each set can be divided equally among the club members. What is the greatest possible number of club members? A. 5 B. 6 C. 30 D. 180
  2. chemistry

    A fictitious element X is composed of 70.0 percent of the isotope X^45, 20.0 percent of the isotope X^ 46, and 10.0 percent of the isotope X^47. Calculate the weighted atomic mass of element X to the nearest tenth. pls show all work
  3. Algebra

    In a football game, a running back ran for 5 and 7 yards on his last two runs. His total yardage for the whole game is 78 yards. Which expression shows how many yards the running back had before those two runs?\ PLEASE HELP I REALLY NEED THE ANSWER
  4. Biology

    Which of the following lists structures from smallest to largest? A. Chromosome, supercoil, coil, nucleosome, double helix B. Chromosome, coil, double helix, nucleosome, supercoil C. Double helix, nucleosome, coil, super coil, chromosome D. Nucleosome,
  5. Math

    What does it mean when a number is in brackets like these? | | example|-10|
  6. SS

    American Indiana made sure that very little food went to waste by: A: eating as much as they could during dinner B: cultivating crops in separate plots of land C: inventing ways to store and preserve food D: using food in rituals and gatherings
  7. history

    Why is the South Texas plains region of Texas an area rich in Tejano culture A. its border with Mexico . B. its rich French history. C. the overwhelming amount of agriculture in the area. D. its connection to the American Indian population. I think it is D
  8. Biology

    An animal cell that is surrounded by fresh water will burst because osmotic pressure causes... A. water to move into the cell B. water to move out of the cell C. solutes to move into the cell D. solutes to move out of the cell
  9. Social study

    Which resource best helped create South Carolina’s tourism industry A: coastlines and beaches B: sweet grass used for baskets C: fish and wildlife D: kaolin used for pottery
  10. math

    11^0 = 1 11^2/11^2 = 1 explain how these are the same for me please? (how you got it)
  11. math

    Write the equation of a line that is perpendicular to the given line and that passes through the given point. y - 4 = 5/2 (x + 3); (-7, 8)
  12. Physics

    The electron-volt is _____ than the SI unit for the same physical quantity. a. smaller b. greater
  13. MATH

    A collar of Styrofoam is made to insulate a pipe. Find its volume . The large R is to the outer rim. The small radius r is to the edge of the insulation. Use 3.14 for pi. r = 5 in. R = 6 in. h = 19 in. Round to two decimal places. It says to subtract
  14. College Algebra

    The growth of stray cat population, n(t) in a small town can be modeled as n(t) = no e 0.15 t where t is time in years. Given that in year 1995, the town had 20 stray cats. a) Find the projected population after 10 years b) Find the number of years
  15. College Algebra

    A dish of lasagna baked at 375°F is taken out of the oven into a kitchen that is 70°F. After 6 minutes, the temperature of the lasagna is 317.5°F. What will its temperature be 30 minutes after it was taken out of the oven?
  16. College Algebra

    Adam wants to invest $40,000 in a pension plan. One investment offers 7% compounded quarterly. Another offers 6.5% compounded continuously. Which investment will earn more interest in 10 years?
  17. Science

    If you scratch a penny with an steel file, will the copper of the penny rub off on the file, or the steel (iron) of the file rub off on the penny? 12. What can we determine from the above experiment about the relative hardness of copper and steel. 13. What
  18. Chemistry

    I don’t know how to do this because I was sick when this was thought. If someone could please explain how to do or set up the first problem. A. Measure out 0.130 moles of salt (NaCl) into a blue, dry cup. You need to convert to mass in grams. Show work:
  19. Math

    A pool in the shape of a rectangular prism has a width of 8 1 2 feet (ft), a length of 12 ft, and a depth of 8 ft. What is the volume of the pool? A 102 ft3 B 532 ft3 C 816 ft3 D 1,728 ft
  20. Algebra

    1. What is the shape of the bases for the following polyhedron? A. Triangle B. Square C.rectangle D. Circle 2. What is the best name for the given solid figure? A. Rectangular pyramid B.rectangular cone C. Rectangular prism D. Rectangle 3. How many lateral
  21. Math

    Find the length of a line segment --- CD with endpoint C at (-3, 1) ad endpoint D at (5, 6). round your answer to the nearest tenth, if necessary. A. 9.4 B. 5.4 C. 3.6 ] D. 11.7 Find the midpoint of a segment FG with point F at (-6, 4) and midpoint G at
  22. MATH

    15. Write a function rule that represents y is 5 less than the product of 4 and x. 16. Write a function rule that represents 7 less than three fifths of b is a. 17. Write a function rule that represents the almond extract a remaining in an 8 oz bottle
  23. Math

    1: Classify the quadrilateral using the name that best describes it I tried posting it but it didn't work 2: which statement is a true statement 3: which statement is a true statement 4: Which property is not a characteristic of a polygon 5: Which figure
  24. English

    Marxism is both a theory and a social and political movement rooted in the idea that "society is the history of class struggles". Can someone please explain what it means by this, especially the phrase in the quotations
  25. Business

    Soi had to find out what inventory valuation method Cineplex uses for an assignment, but I searched their annual reports continuously and I cannot find an answer, does anyone know?
  26. Math

    I am terrible at ellipse The base of an auditorium is in the form of an ellipse 200ft long and 100 ft wide. A pin dropped near one focus can clearly be heard at the other focus. Determine the distance between the foci to the nearest tenth of a foot. Show
  27. Economics

    What does Canadian parliament do when it comes to registration? Can someone please explain to me briefly so I understand, thanks in advance.
  28. help 8th grade social studies

    Explain how transportation innovations of the time period affected migration patterns in the United States. if anyone has anything to help that would be nice thank you
  29. Language arts

    7 .Which of the following is an important detail in the selection 1 The Park Road leads to Gila National Forest. 2 When sand and other forces school did the rocks. 3 The Rocks were created when volcanoes erupted. 4 The rocks are amazing colomns of stone.
  30. MATH

    Fast Rental Services and Red Rent Services provide rental cars. Fast Rental Services charges a flat fee of $4.50, plus $0.75 for every mile traveled. On the other hand, Red Rent Services charges a flat fee of $7.50, plus $0.65 for every mile traveled.
  31. MATH

    Sally is evaluating some test papers. There are 80 multiple choice questions in the test. Students get two points for every correct answer and for every wrong answer or any question left blank, one point is deducted from the total score. Mick got 115
  32. Math

    I'm so confused on distance formula, I know how to calculate it, but getting the final simplified answer is so confusing. Like so on some equations the final answer is just a regular whole number, others is a number with a square root like 3 -/2, or a
  33. Geometry

    I'm so confused on distance formula, I know how to calculate it, but getting the final simplified answer is so confusing. Like so on some equations the final answer is just a regular whole number, others is a number with a square root like 3 -/2, or a
  34. math

    what does coefficient mean?
  35. Please help

    When I am transforming square root of X in to Y= -3 (square root of x+9) -3 Do i turn the x in to negatives because its a reflection?
  36. Please help needed urgent

    N2 (g) + 3H2 (g) → 2NH3(g) ΔH = -92.2 kJ What mass of ammonia is theoretically produced if the above reaction released 168 kJ of heat?
  37. college chem

    When the following reaction reaches equilibrium, the concentrations are 2.26 M A, 0.50 M B, and 2.00 M C. Calculate the equilibrium constant. A+2B3C
  38. chemistry

    Which of the answer choices correctly predicts the charge that would be present on a magnesium (Mg) ion, as shown in the periodic table? 2+ 1+ 1- 2- is it a?
  39. chemistry

    Which of the answer choices correctly describes an action that will increase the solubility of a solid solute in water? cool the solution increase the pressure heat the solution decrease the pressure Examine the statement. The energy required to break the
  40. chemistry

    Examine the information. Isotope B has a half-life of 3 days. A scientist measures out 100 grams of this substance. After 6 days has passed, the scientist reexamines the sample. How much of Isotope B will remain in the sample? 100 grams 63 grams 94 grams
  41. my success

    Which options best describe examples of items that may be used to reduce the amount of your taxable income? (Select all that may apply). tax credits tax deduction interest income exemption Is it a and b
  42. my success

    Which filing status option(s) may be appropriate for someone who was divorced on the last day of the year and has no dependents? single married filling separately qualifying widow(er) with dependent child head of household is it a?
  43. my success

    When you are creating a savings account, how much is recommended that you set aside for your savings? 25% 10% 12% 15% is it b
  44. chemistry

    Which of the solvents will be most effective at dissolving a nonpolar gas like methane? water, a polar solvent solid mercury hexane, a nonpolar solvent solid copper is it a?
  45. chemistry

    Examine the statement.  Substances dissolve through three processes: I. ionization II. dissociation III. dispersion  Which of the answer choices correctly lists the dissolving processes that change the identity of a substance? I and II II and III I,II
  46. chemistry

    Examine the false statement. Weak acids always have a high pH. Select the rewording that makes the statement true strong acids always have a high pH weak acids always partially dissociate strong acids always have a low pH weak acids always fully dissociate
  47. chemistry

    Read the scenario. Hydrogen chloride (HCl) and potassium hydroxide (NaOH) react. What products are formed from this reaction?
  48. my success

    Which of the following best describes an overdraft fee?  removing money from an account, typically for payment percentage charged for the use of borrowed money the amount of money a consumer is allowed to spend on their credit card a fee charged when an
  49. my success

    Of the following options, which best describes what can be found on the back of a credit card? date the account was opened magnet strip expiration date card holders name is it a?
  50. chemistry

    How does the saturation of a solution affect crystal formation?
  51. chemistry

    What types of compounds are involved in solutions that are used to grow crystals?
  52. chemistry

    Which of the following solvents would most effectively dissolve a nonpolar gas like methane? a polar solvent at 10°C a polar solvent at 35°C a nonpolar solvent at 35°C a nonpolar solvent at 10°C is it a?
  53. chemistry

    Read the scenario. A scientist needs to dissolve a solid in a liquid as quickly and efficiently as possible. Which two methods should she use to get the desired result? heat the solution and use larger chunks of the substance heat and stir the solution
  54. chemistry

    Which answer choice correctly explains the role of the kinetic theory of matter in the process of solutes being dissolved into solvents? The continuous motion of the particles in the solvent and solute cause them to collide with one another, which results
  55. chemistry

    Which way of dissolving does NOT change the chemical identity of the solute? disintegration dissociation ionization dispersion is it a?
  56. chemistry

    Where does radioactivity come from? physical changes in atoms the nuclei of unstable isotopes chemical reaction the breaking of chemical bonds please help
  57. chemistry

    When you mix baking soda with vinegar is the reaction endothermic or exothermic?
  58. chemistry

    what is a chemical property of calcium chloride?
  59. chemistry

    What is a chemical property of dihydrogen monoxide? please help
  60. chemistry

    CaCl2(aq) + 2NaHCO3(aq) = CO2(g) + CaCO3(aq) + 2NaCl(aq) + H2O(l) what kind of chemical reaction is this? Please help me
  61. chemistry

    CaCl2(aq)+ NaHCO3(aq) =CO2(g)+ CaCO3(aq)+ NaCl(aq) +H2O(l) could some one explain to me how to balance the equation? please
  62. chemistry

    Is it important for archaeological sites to be protected from development once they are discovered?
  63. chemistry

    Examine the scenario. Chemical Reaction A and Chemical Reaction B involve the same two reactants. Chemical Reaction A is performed in a hot container, while Chemical Reaction B is performed in a cold container. Which of the answer choices correctly
  64. chemistry

    Which of the answer choices correctly defines reaction rate? the amount of reactants used in a specific type of reaction the amount of products produced in a specific type of reaction the speed at which reactants change to products over a given time the
  65. chemistry

    how many valence electrons are shared, gained, or lost in nitrogen?
  66. chemistry

    Lists how many valence electrons are shared, gained, or lost by each atom of the 6 compounds?       N2           CCl4             SiO2           AlCl3             CaCl2        
  67. chemistry

    Examine the scenario. A magnesium (Mg) atom gives one electron to two atoms of another element, and takes on a 2+ charge. The two atoms of the other element each form a 1− charge. As a result, the magnesium ion and the two ions of the other element
  68. chemistry

    how is iodine bad for human health
  69. chemistry

    Read the description. shiny; ductile; solid at room temperature Which of the elements best fits the description? Helium (He) Carbon (C) Magnesium (Mg) Sulfur (S)
  70. chemistry

    Which of the statements correctly describes the reactivity of noble gases, according to the octet rule? They have eight electrons in their valence shell, so noble gases are very unreactive. They have eight electrons in their valence shell, so noble gases
  71. chemistry

    Which statement best describes how the periodic table has benefitted society and scientists? It has evolved as new information about the elements has been discovered. It includes a lot of detailed information about the elements in a small space. It allows
  72. social studies

    What are examples of ownership investments? Select all that apply. A. Stocks B. Bonds C. Savings account D. Fine art collection
  73. Trig

    Find the derivative. {sqrt(x+8)}*(x^2+20x) (x+8)^1/2(2x+20) minus (1/2)(x+8)^-1/2(x^2+20x) I'm not feeling confident I am on the right track and I have a quiz tomorrow over this.
  74. Language Arts

    Thoreau’s ideas had a profound effect on a man named Gandhi. Gandhi, was a leader in India who worked to end British rule. He led India to independence and inspired many to non-violent forms of protest and resistance. He fought to end poverty, worked to
  75. Language Arts

    civil Disobedience Part 2: Thoreau’s ideas had a profound effect on a man named Gandhi. Gandhi, was a leader in India who worked to end British rule. He led India to independence and inspired many to non-violent forms of protest and resistance. He fought
  76. social studies

    What is a reason that market prices are not always the same as equilibrium prices? A) Market prices are often set by buyers rather than by sellers. B) Supply and demand are not well-understood by business owners. C) The equilibrium is not always the most
  77. Social studies

    Which of the following primarily accounts for the spike in cuban immigration in the 60 A ongoing civil war in Cuba b changes in U.S immigration laws c communism takeover of the cuban government d rapid growth in cuban wealth and mobility I believe it's B
  78. Social studies

    Why did the soviet union want to prevent a united West Berlin. A It would allow west Germans to enter freely in east germany. B It would be considered a threat to the Soviet Union C It would draw valuable natural resources D It would make West Berlin
  79. Social Studies

    9. What led Jane Addams to open hull house? -She believed that someone needed to help the clinically insane assimilate into society. -She believed in helping the urban poor, especially immigrants. -She believed that the public needed to know what the
  80. math

    A triangle has an angle that measures 40°. The other two angles are in a ratio of 11:17. What are the measures of those two angles?
  81. Algebra

    What is an equation for the line with slope 2/3 and y-intercept 9? A. Y=2/3x B. y=9x C. Y=2/3x+9 D. y= 9x+2/3 Q2. Suppose Y varies directly with X, and Y=24 when x=8. what is the value of Y when x =10. A. 10 B. 30 C. 80 D. 240 .
  82. science

    The work of which scientist(s) helped to explain light's ability to propagate through a vacuum? A. Maxwell ==B. Davisson and Germer C. Fresnel, Fraunhofer, and Arago D. Newton An object that has a height of 0.4 meter is placed at a distance of 0.7 meter
  83. Physics

    Could you please check these? The work of which scientist(s) helped to explain light's ability to propagate through a vacuum? ++A. Maxwell B. Davisson and Germer C. Fresnel, Fraunhofer, and Arago D. Newton An object that has a height of 0.4 meter is placed
  84. math

    1.solve for the given variable: x + 1/2 = 1 1/2 3/4 1*** 2 3 2. solve for the given variable: 10/13n = -30/39 -20/13 0 100/169 -1*** 3. solve for the given variable: k-3/4 = 10 43 5.5*** 37 52 PLEASE HELP ME WITH MY MATH!!!!
  85. Math

    I don't understand this. on a blueprint, the length of a wall is 5 centimeters. if the actual length of the wall is 15 feet, what is the scale of the blueprint?
  86. Maths

    In 1994 Tony Abbott received 54% of votes in his seat for Warringah. If the electorate had 78496 how many people voted for Tony Abbott?
  87. Math

    Randy travels north on a road 1029 miles long and Marco is travelling south on the same road. Randy-45m/hr marco- 53m/hr. How many hours will it take for them to pass?
  88. science

    i just some science questions but there not for school. 1. five volcanic eruptions and what are the locations of these eruptions. Did they occur in the middle of a plate or near a plate boundary? What were the effects of these eruptions on the surrounding
  89. Geography

    Which of the following are true of Barcelona? (more than one answer) Catalán is spoken there.*** It is one of the major ports of Europe.*** It is noted for its famous artists.*** It has the best Renfe station in Spain. Am I right? Thanks!
  90. Geometry

    Theorem: A line parallel to one side of a triangle divides the other two proportionately. In the figure below, segment DE is parallel to segment BC and segment EF is parallel to AB: The figure shows triangle ABC with segments DE and DF. Point D is on side
  91. English

    Read the following sentence: We should probably call the neighbors about that barking dog running through their yard. Which of the following correctly describes the verbal and its function in this sentence? Barking is a present participle describing the
  92. Algebra!

    Can you please assist with this question: At a school production, adult tickets cost $7.00 each and student tickets costs $4. The Johnson family is going to the 7:30PM show and will purchase half as many adult tickets as student tickets. If the Johnsons
  93. english

    Which of the following sentences contain a linking verb? Sammy made lunch for us yesterday. +++ Would this be correct?
  94. english

    Which of the following sentences contains an action verb? 1)Brad looks upset today. 2)Brad drove to the zoo with us.+++ 3)The animals seem very active today. 4)Our friend appeals happy now. I think it is number 2?
  95. Maths

    Around a circle i place 64 equally spaced points, so that there are 64x63 divided by2=2016 possible chords between these points. I draw some of these chords, but each chord cannot cut across more than one other chord. What is the maximum number of chords I
  96. physics

    An airplane is flying above the Earth's surface at a height of 9.30 km. The centripetal acceleration of the plane is 18.2 m/s2. What is the angular velocity of the plane moving in uniform circular motion? Take the radius of the earth to be 6400 km.
  97. math

    the sides of a square are increased by a scale factor of 6. the perimeter of the smaller square is 10 ft . what is the perimeter of the larger square. a 2.5 ft b 10 ft c 60 ft d 120 ft
  98. Maths

    A divided by B = 12 … 4, if A and B reduce 10 times at the same time, find the value of new quotient and remainder of the equation.
  99. Physics

    a pendulum of length (L) = 1m swings through an angle 20 deg. What is the length (d) of the path traveled by the pendulum mass?
  100. Chemistry

    Define the law of the conservation of mass. Using this definition: if you have the reaction of 40 g of water decomposing into hydrogen and oxygen what would be the total mass of your products?


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